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I have four children which have given me the opportunity to experience as many baby products as you can possibly think of over the past 8 years!

I’ve tried everything that’s out there to make my life easier for caring for my babies. There is stuff I put on my registry for my first daughter that I never used and returned! You can read about that here!

There is SO much baby gear out there today that you can get completely overwhelmed!

Before you make your registry and walk into your favorite baby store to check things out, read this first and decide what you really need!

There are many baby products that might look cool but you’ll never actually use! Here are the top baby products I used and couldn’t live without!

I have used every single one of these products, this is my honest opinion and I hope to help out other new moms to get the top baby products you really need!

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Also, if you aren’t sure where to register, I suggest Target or Amazon. Amazon is running a special right now which gets you $100 in free diapers and wipes just for registering with them!!!  Don’t forget to check out my free printable baby registry checklist at the end of the post!

Baby carrier

I couldn’t live without my baby carrier! This is especially true once I had more than one child! I still used the carrier a ton with my first baby because she was just so much happier being next to me while I cooked and ran errands rather than being by herself. However, there are moms that didn’t feel they needed this with only one baby at home. Every baby is different but I will tell you, if you breastfeed your baby, they will absolutely love being in a baby carrier or sling close to you at all times rather than a stroller.

Plus, there are certain places that you just can’t drag in a stroller, so a baby carrier makes life way easier!

My favorite baby carrier is Ergo and you can read all about my review for the Ergo here.

I’ve tried others and even though I love the baby wrap styles, with two or three kids, it was too time-consuming for me to put on. The Ergo lasted the longest and went from the newborn stage through age 3-4!

It was perfect and you will certainly get your money’s worth from it!! (If you are interested in checking any of these products out, just click on their photos below!)


Some of my friends really love a baby sling/wrap that’s much easier to nurse your baby in! Here are two of my favorites below! Both are great for breastfeeding but the Native sling at the bottom is more comfortable if you have back issues problems! 


Diaper bag

Let’s face it, your diaper bag will be your new purse, your best friend, your everything! So pick something that is comfortable, fits your needs and your baby’s, and is cute!

Here are a few diaper bags that I love! I love the kind that doubles as a backpack and can carry all your pumping/bottle necessities. One of my best friends got me one of these for my fourth baby and I can’t thank her enough! It is so cute and easy to carry along with me with my four kiddos! 



Baby bouncy seat/rocker swing

Baby swings are very cute, but honestly, they are big and take up a TON OF ROOM. Babies usually only use them for about the first 4-6 months depending on how big your baby is and when they start rolling over. Your best bet is to invest in an awesome bouncy seat.

Bouncy seats are great because you can move them around from room to room. They aren’t as expensive and don’t take up as much space.

They also do basically the same thing as a swing because some seats can swing or vibrate which babies love. You can save a lot of money and space by just getting a bouncy seat like the ones below.

If you are still interested in a swing but don’t want the big design of it, here is a great option of a bouncy seat plus a swing that’s still compact enough to carry around and meet all your baby’s needs!

Click on the photos for more info or the link above 😊



This is a must if you are breastfeeding all night long!

I wanted something that my newborn could sleep in without my husband possibly rolling over on her throughout the night. Yet, I still wanted her close to me so I could nurse her easily. Since I had c-sections, this co-sleeper bassinet made life so much easier!

I used the Graco cosleeper because it doubled as a pack-n-play. This was perfect for me and was so great to travel with! It was the best combination of a cosleeper/bassinet/pack-n-play all in one!

I’ve heard great things about the Doc A Tot as well but never had a chance to use it and felt that it would only be used for just a few months until the baby could roll over so it wasn’t worth the expense to me.

Cosleepers are wonderful if you sleep with your baby because they can be right next to you, yet they still have their own safe place to sleep. This was super helpful when I had to nurse every 2 hours!

Honestly, we used this up until our babies were 2 and a half because it was a great pack-n-play! I’d roll this bassinet into the bathroom when I needed to shower and my babies just sat inside and played with their toys.

Check out the photos below for more information:

Bedside Sleeper



So, if you’re looking to save space and money, this Graco bassinet is perfect because it doubles as a pack-n-play and you will be able to use it for at least 2 years!


Those big high chairs are a pain in the butt!

My babies never liked them. Maybe it was the one my parents had at their house because it leaned back too far and was big and uncomfortable for them. The chair was always in the way and it just never worked out.

We got a space saver that a friend bought for me. Honestly, this was the best darn high chair I could ever ask for! It saved us space, especially when we needed it in our older home.

Not only did it save us space but it also saved us money!

This high chair space saver doubles as a booster seat so you can use it until they are 3 years of age or when they no longer need the extra height! Compact enough to easily travel anywhere you go and the little tray comes off easily so it can be cleaned anywhere!



Halo Sleepsack-

I loved these Halo swaddle sleepsacks for my babies! I was horrible at swaddling!

Halo makes the best sleep sacks and swaddles available!

I had a bunch of these which made it so great especially when it was cold out and your baby always kicked off the covers. I always felt my babies slept so much better when they were swaddled or in a sleep sack! I tell every new mom if their baby is having trouble sleeping, get a swaddle blanket! They help so much!!


Cloud Baby Monitor – VIGI Limited app-

I couldn’t live without this thing!!

With my first baby, I had that monitor that detects their heartbeat and it would go off randomly scaring the sh*% out of me all the time! This thing would go off over minor things and I thought it detected the baby wasn’t breathing so I’d lose my mind every time it went off and it always woke up the baby and scared me!

Also, it was damn expensive! Honestly, waste of my money!!

I think I spent a total of $11 on this awesome Cloud Baby Monitor app! So WELL worth every penny!!

Don’t fall for all those monitors you see at the baby stores, this one is the best and will save you tons of money!

They didn’t have this app available when my first baby was born but they do now and it’s amazing and way cheaper! You download their app on one of your devices, iPad or laptop, and point it at your baby, then you download the app on your phone and you can watch your baby from anywhere.

You’ll never have to worry about hearing them or if they are safe because you can easily see and hear them through the screen of your phone. It’s genius and was so awesome for me! I was able to put my baby down for a nap and go down and work in my office with my phone right in front of me never missing a thing.

For more info on the Cloud Baby Monitor, you can click here Cloud Baby Monitor – VIGI Limited or the photo below!

Cloud Monitor


NoseFrida nasal aspirator-

Okay so I will be the first to admit…this thing is gross…it really is!

So don’t say I didn’t warn you!!

However, if your baby gets sick and stuffy which he or she will, this thing kicks a$$! I promise you it will save you from your baby getting bronchitis or any other respiratory infection.

When your baby gets all stuffy and is unable to blow their nose, that’s when the respiratory infections happen because you are unable to get all that snot out and it has nowhere else to go but down!

I have your basic nasal aspirator which helps a little but for serious infections and snot everywhere…this NoseFrida is the BEST product out there. You basically suck out the snot.

Like I said, yes it’s pretty gross, but it works and when you have a sick baby, you’ll do anything to help relieve their pain and help them sleep better.

I promise you, this NoseFrida and some saline solution will help your baby dramatically when they have a cold! I couldn’t live without both of them!


Saline solution-

Like I said above, your baby will have colds and get sick and you will need to suck out all that snot. Saline solution is a must-have to help loosen all the mucous so you can get it out of there and your baby can breathe easier.

Any kind of saline solution will work. I always used the Little Remedies brand but any kind works fine!

Just squirt some saline solution up their little noses first, then wait a few minutes and use the NoseFrida to remove all the mucous. Your baby may not enjoy it, but they’ll be able to breathe, and sleep, and it will prevent them from getting more sick than they already are!

Do you have a sick baby at home? Make sure to stock up on these 17 Medicine Cabinet essentials to treat your sick baby!  All moms need these!

Sick baby medicine must haves

Gripe Water

Trust me when I tell you to buy this and keep this with you in your diaper bag at all times! I learned this the hard way with my first daughter.

My daughter had awful gas from my breastmilk and the dairy I was eating. I had no idea at the time what was causing the gas! She couldn’t sleep and was in so much pain and I didn’t know how to help her until I discovered it was the dairy I was eating.

If I had some gripe water on me, it would’ve helped relieve her pain tremendously!

This is especially important to keep on hand if you plan on breastfeeding your little one but even if you don’t, some brands of formula can cause gas pains and colic in babies, and gripe water can help a great deal! It’s all-natural and completely safe for your baby!

When they are so small and cry in pain and you can’t figure out what it is, it’s most likely gas and this will surely help them!


If you have a baby with colic and desperately need some help, read this post below!

How To Calm a baby with Colic


Hopefully, you’ll have this on your baby registry, if you don’t, then go out and get one!

When your baby is sick, they will make it impossible for you to take their temperature unless you are holding them down. Make sure you get yourself a great forehead thermometer.

Yes, they are pricey, but worth every penny and you will thank yourself for getting it later! Trying to shove a thermometer in a baby’s mouth or worse…their butt can be impossible when they don’t feel well. That’s the last thing you’ll want to do!


For help with baby teething remedies, you won’t want to miss this!👇

Teething baby remedies


I’ll be honest here, this wasn’t on my registry and when I got this at my baby shower I didn’t think I’d use it at all. Luckily, an experienced mom friend of mine bought it for me and we used it constantly!

A play mat is great for tummy time and just active play for your baby to enjoy in the early stages. Even my older girls loved laying with their baby sister on this mat and enjoyed looking at the mirror and just laying side by side with their baby sister.

You will use this constantly during the first few months of life and your baby will love it! 


All natural bubble bath

I didn’t want to put all kinds of chemicals and crap on my baby. You never know what they can be allergic to and their skin is so sensitive so I used California Baby Bubble bath and Honest brand’s lavender bath for my girls and I loved the Tired & Cranky kind they have!

It smells great and kept their skin soft and was super gentle.

As they got older, I started buying Target’s brand of lavender bubble bath.

Target makes the same kind Johnson & Johnson makes with that amazing smell but they took out all the harsh chemicals and it’s even cheaper than Johnson & Johnson so it’s still safe to use on your little ones, smells amazing, and is inexpensive too!



Sound machine-

Here is another product I didn’t think I would need but I’m so glad I got it because I’ve used this thing for years and to this day I couldn’t live without it!

A sound machine is helpful for blocking out noise when your baby is sleeping! It’s also very helpful in creating that white noise to help newborns sleep better because it reminds them of still being in your womb!

This is a necessity for not only families with one baby but especially for families with more than one child in the home! The sound machine blocks out other noises in your home (like children crying, screaming, playing, or loud noises outside) so your baby can sleep better.

This was awesome to have during those much-needed nap times!!!

This sound machine also doubles as a star projector! My girls still use this in their rooms to sleep better and my oldest one is almost 8 and still loves it, so you will definitely get your money’s worth!




Baby tub

You will need to get a baby tub and there are many brands out there available. With my first baby, I received a cute little whale tub at my shower. This worked fine but I felt that it got dirty often around the stickers they had on the tub. I was constantly cleaning it and it grossed me out that I couldn’t keep it as clean as I wanted.

Also, those little cute whale tubs only last your baby for a short period of time. By the time I had my third baby, I invested in a bigger tub that would last my baby longer and she’d have more room to enjoy her bath.

We used the Primo tub here which lasted us longer than those other smaller tubs and just placed a bath sponge or pillow inside for a newborn:

If you are looking for something smaller and feel the one above is too big for the space you have, here is an excellent small tub for newborns.

You can click the photo below or learn more about the AngelCare tub here:



There are two things that I recommend here when it comes to diapers and this is just for disposable since I never tried cloth diapering but wish I had! Anyway, I recommend signing up for Amazon’s diapers when you first have your baby.

If you sign up for Amazon, they will give you the best priced diapers and you’ll get them fast with your Amazon Prime shipping. Pampers and Huggies make the best newborn disposable diapers. Plus, if you sign up for Amazon’s Baby Registry – $100 credit towards diapers and wipes, you’ll get $100 worth of free diapers and wipes! Huge deal for a new mom!!

Once you grow out of the newborn or size 1 stage, I then recommend buying your disposable diapers at Target.

I never was a fan of Target’s newborn diapers because of the blowouts and they just never worked for my kids but their sizes 1+ are awesome!

I’ve saved more money on Target brand diapers than any other brand and they are just as good! Target has a Cartwheel app that you can download their coupons from, you can also get their red card which will save you even more money and gets you free shipping.

So many moms I know start off with the Amazon Prime Diaper plan because it’s the easiest at first and then all switch to Target Brand.

It truly is the best and will save you a lot of money in the long run!

Amazon Prime Diapers

Target Red Card/Diapers

For more information, you can check out my Target Diaper Review here: 👇

Best disposable diaper

Boppy pillow-

Every new mom needs a boppy pillow, whether you’re a breastfeeding momma or not, it will still come in handy!

They make so many different brands today but the basic kind that I used worked great for all 4 of my babies. It helped me get comfortable with nursing, especially because I had a c-section, it protected my stomach while I was holding or nursing my baby. It also helped if my husband fed the baby and propped her up.

They just love lounging in them too, so it’s an overall great pillow to have around! You will use it constantly, trust me!

This was the basic kind I used and still use today!

Here is a newer version which seems to help support those moms who had a cesarean a bit more. I haven’t tried this one, but my friends loved it!


Baby backseat mirror

Some parents don’t like this because they view this as a distraction for when they are driving.

I, on the other hand feel that it’s more of a distraction if I don’t have a mirror and I have to turn around all the time to check on my baby! Honestly, I couldn’t imagine driving in the car without one of these.

Maybe I’m just that paranoid momma that loves to check on my baby all the time but I just like to know that they are okay.

I feel like these mirrors are essential to have, especially for long car rides! You need to have your baby rear facing until they are at least 2 years old or longer.

As they get older, they might be snacking back there and you’ll want to make sure they are okay. I honestly can’t imagine going two years without one of these! There are many brands of mirrors, click on the photo below and it will show you different types from Amazon.

They basically all do the same thing so there isn’t one particular kind I recommend.


Baby walker/play station jumper-

My kids LOVED these things and honestly, it was a huge help for me because it kept them busy and they had so much fun!

Some parents just like the jumpers that don’t help them walk which is fine depending on how your house is set up. My kids loved the walker part in them which helped them learn to walk and they just enjoyed it so much!

Your child will get so much use out of this and you’ll see them light up when they learn how to use those little legs of their’s and roll along the floor!

Again, if you aren’t comfortable with them in a walker style, you can just get the jumpers. Both styles work great for little ones!

Walker style:

For the nonwalker style:


Tylenol/Motrin and Essential oils

It is ALWAYS good to have these on hand. I’ve personally never been a fan on Tylenol, so I always kept Advil or Motrin in my bag for emergencies. Having a sick newborn or baby is no joke and can be very scary. Hopefully you won’t have to use it but if you do, I recommend Advil/Motrin over Tylenol.

If you don’t want to use any type of medications at all, then I’d say to look into trying essential oils. Be VERY CAREFUL with essential oils and read as much info as you can before you start using them.

Most oils that are 100% pure should not be used on babies anyway. As my children have gotten older, certain oils were a Godsend for our family and have helped us out so much.

I am not a doctor and I also don’t believe in selling or talking about something that I wouldn’t personally use myself. Please do your own research and decide what works best for you and your family. To learn more about essential oils, click here!
                     How to boost a child's immune system naturally


Stroller & Carseat-

These two are a given and I’m not going to go into which one is best because I truly believe that each parent needs to go and check out the strollers and carseats at the store and see which one works best for them.

I did have the Britax stroller and carseat for my last baby and it worked great. The stroller itself was nice but I wasn’t impressed with the fact I had to buy a seperate tray and cup holder.

The car seat kicked butt though and I really liked it! I did purchase an awesome double jogging stroller for my girls and you can read all about that review here if you’re interested in a double stroller.

Baby Trend Double Jogger Stroller Review

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