Ergo Baby Carrier Review

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Ergo Baby Carrier Review

If anyone ever asks me what was the BEST item I got on my baby registry, I’d have to say this carrier.

This wasn’t on my first registry and I SO wish it was but it was on my second. If you only have one baby, it is still awesome, but if this is your second, third, or more pregnancy, then this baby carrier is a MUST HAVE!!

This is an honest review on the Ergo Baby Carrier and why this is the best carrier around! There are so many different baby carriers out there to chose from that it makes it difficult trying to figure out which one is best for you and your child.

Some mothers love strollers instead of carriers but if there is any advice I can give to a mom, it would be to invest in a very good carrier! This is so important especially if you have more than one child!! A good carrier will make your life so much easier than just using a stroller. There are some places that you cannot take a stroller and there are times when you will need both of your hands free. This is why searching for a great carrier is very important.

I have tried a few different kinds of carriers. I had the sling when my daughter was a newborn which was cute but it was just too much work for me at the time. I also had a Bjorn baby carrier which I used with my first child often. It has been said that this type of carrier may not be good for a baby because of the way their legs hang and can be uncomfortable for them. My first daughter never seemed to have any problems and she did love facing forward in the Baby Bjorn carrier, but I often worried about her hips/legs and if she was okay. The biggest issue I had with the Bjorn was that this type of carrier KILLED my neck, shoulders, and back. The older my children got and the more weight they gained, the harder it was on my back. I thought maybe it was just me but even my husband (who is 6 feet tall and weighs about 260 pounds) was sore after just ten minutes. So I thought to myself, I really need to invest in a carrier that fits larger children and has some more back and shoulder support! I also tried the Infantino Sash Mei Tai carrier. It was very inexpensive compared to some other carriers. I brought it home and put my daughter in it who was only 10 months at the time. It seemed more supportive than the Bjorn, however, I knew I wouldn’t last more than 20 minutes before my neck and back hurt again. I also needed something I could throw on quickly and not worry about tieing these long straps around my waist. So, I did more researching, returned the Mei Tai and decided to spend a little more money and get the Ergo. Boy, what a difference! Ergo Baby carrier was so much better than any of the other ones I have tried!!

Why choose Ergo Baby carrier?


Weight Limit

ERGO Baby carrier can carry a child from infancy (using a special infant insert) up to 45 pounds!! When I discovered this I was amazed because I wished I had known about this carrier years ago and just bought this one instead of having to invest in two different carriers due to weight limit. The Bjorn carrier that I own can only hold a baby up to 20lbs. And as I had mentioned earlier, my daughter was only about 12lbs when I was having such bad shoulder and back pain. So to save time and money I would definitely recommend buying an ERGO baby carrier.

Three different carrying positions

The ERGO can comfortably carry your infant to a toddler in three different positions!

No need to purchase two carriers anymore when this one can do it all. You can carry your baby facing you (in a sort of adorable hugging position), on your back, or on one of your hips. I have found that the front hugging position has been a god send when your toddler falls asleep in your car and you don’t want to wake them, once you wrap their little legs around their waist and they are nestled close to you, they stay asleep. I have also used the hip position when my daughter is awake and I need both hands if I have to run into the store quick with her and her sister. The back position is also a plus for long walks or longer periods of time. As long as your straps are adjusted correctly, there should not be any back pain, even for longer periods of time.

 **UPDATE 3/2017- Ergo Baby came out with a  4 position carrier which is even better!

Very easy to wear

I have also tried one of those Moby wraps and I have to say that it was just too much work for my active life. I loved how cute it looked and how close my daughter was to me but all of the fabric was just so inconvenient for me, especially if you are very active and have more than one child. I cannot tell you how many times I run in and out of my car and stores and can easily throw on the ERGO carrier within seconds. It takes much longer with those wraps to put it all together. Once you get the hang of this carrier, it will take you seconds to put it on, without needing any help from your husband or friend.


The ERGO carrier has the extra waist belt that a Bjorn carrier does not have and it really helps carry the baby better and takes pressure off of your shoulders, neck, and back. I have had people ask me all the time if my back hurts from carrying my toddler asleep so long in the ERGO and it really does not. If your straps are adjusted correctly, especially the waist strap, you should not be uncomfortable.

It is not only comfortable for mom’s and dad’s but also for the baby. My daughter will often fall asleep in our car and all I have to do is pick her up and put her in a hugging position on me and strap the ERGO around her and she stays asleep for long periods of time. This is great because she doesn’t miss a nap while I am running around doing errands or taking my other daughter to play dates or gymnastics.

Great For Newborns!

This was my one of my favorite things about the Ergo! Most other baby carriers aren’t made for newborns except some slings. Ergo has a newborn insert that fits perfectly for your newborn and is easy to wash as well! My girls loved this carrier as a newborn and slept better in this carrier than anywhere else at times!


It was actually pretty hard to find anything negative to say about this carrier!

The only con that I could find is that I couldn’t face my daughter forward with the 3 position Ergo that they had. However, Ergo has come out with the new 4 position 360 Ergo Carrier which makes it possible for your little one to face forward safely and comfortably! I wish this was available years ago but I’m so happy for others who get to try this! The 3 position one that I have, I was able to put her on my back and she could face forward this way. She loved being on my back but in most cases, I needed assistance getting her up there. I eventually got the hang of it without any help from others but it takes a lot of practice. Most busy mom’s don’t have time for that!

Overall, I rate the ERGO Baby carrier 5 stars because it has been a lifesaver for me and I would recommend this carrier to all moms! For more information, click on the photos below! 😊

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