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Morning Sickness Remedies

If you are reading this then you are in a desperate attempt to feel normal again!! Oh mama, I feel your pain! I really do!

There are those moms you will meet that enjoy every second of pregnancy, they have this beautiful glow, and have no idea what morning sickness feels like.

I was NOT one of those mothers and I hated them! LOL 

I’m kidding…but I’m sure you get what I mean! 

I was the mom putting my kid on the bus in the morning and dragging my 2-year-old with me behind a bush so I didn’t throw up in front of the school bus so all the kids could see! 

Yes, that was ME! 

And here I am AGAIN, currently pregnant with my fourth baby and in my first trimester. So yes, I am struggling with the dreaded extreme morning sickness. Lucky for me, it goes away in the afternoon and then comes back like an angry mobster at night! Literally returns right after I eat dinner.

Morning sickness is literally one of the reasons why I dreaded being pregnant again!! I was so sick for all three of my other pregnancies and it was such a struggle! 

I am here to tell you that I have literally tried so any morning sickness and nausea products on the market over the past 9 years. Some definitely do help and some didn’t do a thing for me and were a waste of time and money.

Here is what helps me survive my first trimester and the terrible morning (and night) sickness! I have zero time to be nauseous with work and 3 other kids to take care of! I just can’t lay on the couch and rest at the end of the day like I was able to with my first pregnancy!

I’m way too needed and busy now!

So, if you’re like me and desperately trying to find morning sickness cures that work, then keep on reading!!

I hope this helps out some of you during your first trimester get through morning sickness because I know how tough it can be!

When Does Morning Sickness Start and End?

Morning sickness (or all day or night sickness during pregnancy) can start as early as 6 weeks pregnant and can last until 12-15 weeks pregnant.

My doctor told me that the peak of morning sickness is normal between 8-12 weeks. So, if you are prone to morning/day sickness, try not to make any major plans during weeks 8-12 because trust me, you’ll regret it later!

Some women can experience morning sickness all throughout their 9 months of pregnancy! If your sickness is causing you to lose weight and prevent you from eating or drinking, you need to tell your doctor as soon as possible. This may be a sign of hyperemesis gravidarum.

Hyperemesis gravidarum is a severe form of morning sickness that makes a pregnant woman vomit frequently. Studies show that less than 3% of women experience this condition and are unable to go about their daily activities. Be sure to talk to your doctor if you believe you have this condition.


Find something you CAN eat and keep eating it!

Depending on how sick you are and what you can tolerate at the moment, finding something to eat that doesn’t make you want to gag can be difficult. For some reason with this pregnancy and also my first, I’m only able to eat small amounts of pasta with plain butter, salt, and pepper.

I can handle a few other things but I’ve noticed that is the only thing that doesn’t make me sick. If I continue to have small bites of it throughout the day, I’m okay. I told my doctor and she said as long as I am eating, that’s better than nothing. It’s always better to keep something down than nothing at all, that’s when you run into other problems.

I know some moms that could only drink chocolate milk, eat french fries, or plain toast. Yes, not the healthiest thing but it is what it is.

If you find something that works for you, then keep eating eat! It’s important to keep on the weight and not lose any!


What Foods Are Good For Morning Sickness? 

Some women are able to eat small amounts and feel some relief, others aren’t able to eat anything at all. With my first pregnancy, eating small amounts of food didn’t do much for me but my other three it did help.

Here are some foods that can help with morning sickness. These foods helped me tremendously with my night sickness as well. 

  • English muffins/toast- for some reason, English muffins were my favorite and only breakfast I could handle for a while!
  • Crackers
  • Pretzels
  • Carrots- I loved eating raw carrots and would carry a bag around wherever I went! It helped so much!
  • Apples
  • Pasta
  • Yogurt
  • Protein bars
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Popsicles
  • Herbal teas
  • Lemon or ginger drops or Preggie Pops

Of all of the things I ate that helped me above, below are my go-to’s that were truly game changers for me!

Herbal Tea

This morning sickness tea below worked wonders for me! I drank it first thing in the morning and then again later on when I wasn’t feeling so well. I’m honestly sad I didn’t know about this tea with my other pregnancies because it helped me tremendously. 

I had the lemon ginger kind so I can’t say what the other flavors are like. I’m not a huge fan of ginger but the lemon added to it really helped with the taste for me. I heard the peppermint and blood orange taste great as well but since this one worked I was too scared to switch things up!

Secrets Of Tea No To Morning Sickness Tea Bundle- Natural USDA Organic Caffeine-Free Tea - Ginger & Blood Orange Flavor Pregnancy Tea- 20 Count(2 Pack)


No to Morning Sickness Bundle of Peppermint And Lemon Ginger Pregnancy Tea- USDA Organic - 40 Count(2Pack)

Lemon Drops

Lemon drops or Preggie pops were also able to help me through my pregnancies. However, if you aren’t able to handle anything too sweet, then you’ll want to pass on these.

I will say that the Vitamin B6 in the Preggie Pops helped me tremendously with my first 3 pregnancies but I couldn’t tolerate how sweet they were this time around so I wasn’t able to eat them! 

Remember, every pregnancy is different, so find what works for you!

Preggie Pop Drops Plus | 21 Drops | Vitamin B6 for Morning Sickness & Nausea Relief during pregnancy | Safe for pregnant Mom & Baby | Gluten Free | Two Flavors: Lemon & RaspberryUpSpring Stomach Settle Nausea Relief Drops - Fast-Acting Pregnancy Nausea Relief & Morning Sickness Relief with Ginger, Lemon, Spearmint, Honey & B6, Spearmint Flavor, 28 Drops


Chewing gum or carrying peppermints also helped me when I was driving in the car or running errands! I also had the worst taste in my mouth with this pregnancy. No matter how many times I brushed my teeth or what I eat, this terrible taste won’t go away. Chewing gum or eating mints has been the only thing to help!

Simply Gum | Ginger | Pack of Six (90 Pieces Total) | Synthetic Free + Aspartame Free + non GMO


Spry Fresh Natural Xylitol Chewing Gum Dental Defense System Aspartame-Free Sugar Free Gum (Cinnamon, 100 Count - Pack of 1)Popsicles

Popsicles were lifesavers for me in my first trimester for ALL 4 pregnancies! When I was unable to eat, popsicles helped soothe my stomach and kept me hydrated when water wasn’t very appealing at the moment!

Lime popsicles for some reason were my go-to with my first 3 pregnancies! I literally couldn’t eat enough of them! My husband still talks about my obsession with them! 😂

GOODPOP Organic Assorted Freezer Pops 20 Count, 30 FZ

Ginger Ale for morning sickness

My husband always goes out and gets me some ginger ale so I can sip on it throughout the day. This has helped me a great deal over the years but the funny thing with my fourth pregnancy is that I was SICK of ginger ale!

So, what do you do when you’re sick of ginger ale?

He bought me this case of San Pellegrino Orange soda and it was the best thing I’ve had in a long time! I took a can with me everywhere when I couldn’t drink my water and it wasn’t too sweet and it helped soothe my stomach!

It comes in a bunch of flavors but so far the blood orange has been a lifesaver for me!

 Sanpellegrino Italian Sparkling Drink Melograno and Arancia, Sparkling Orange and Pomegranate Beverage, 24 Pack of 11.15 Fl Oz Cans


Sea-Band Bracelet for Nausea

I know a few moms that rave over their sea band bracelets. I got a pair and it did help me a little bit but nothing took away my intense morning sickness so don’t expect that to disappear completely from these. My sea bands did offer a little bit of comfort and I noticed when I took them off I felt worse.

Sea-Band uses acupressure to gently restore balance to your body. It’s safe to use and all-natural!

Sea-Band Mama! Anti-Nausea Acupressure Wristband for Morning Sickness, Colors May Vary, 2 Count (Pack of 1) 


Essential Oils for morning sickness

I love my essential oils and have used them for so many things! You can read how they help boost my family’s immune system here!

Lemon and peppermint essential oil are great for nausea during pregnancy. They are safe to use if handled properly and can help calm your stomach and nerves.

Here are some great ways to use lemon and peppermint oil for nausea during pregnancy:

  • Add about 3 drops of peppermint oil in some coconut oil and rub some on the bottoms of your feet.
  • Add 3 drops of peppermint oil to your diffuser and the scent with help calm your nausea. If you don’t have peppermint, use lemon or grapefruit essential oil, and these oils can also help and smell wonderful!
  • Add 1-2 drops of Lemon oil in a cup of water and sip on throughout the day

Here are some other great essential oils you can get on Amazon as well:

Lemon Essential Oil by REVIVE Essential Oils - 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade, for Diffuser, Humidifier, Massage, Aromatherapy, Skin & Hair CareRevive Essential Oils Pack of 3-100% Pure Therapeutic Grade, for Diffuser, Humidifier, Massage, Aromatherapy, Skin & Hair Care - Cruelty Free - Unrefined Oils with No Fillers


Check your Magnesium intake!

Magnesium is so important and, amazingly, the lack of it in our bodies can cause so many issues including making morning or all-day sickness so much worse!

I read about using magnesium oil years ago and I make sure my kids take plenty of detox magnesium baths during flu season to help boost their immunity. I also love that magnesium can help you sleep better as well.

But, do you want to know the number one reason why I love it so much?

It helped me tremendously during my pregnancies! If I noticed I was feeling nauseous at some point throughout the day, I’d quickly spray some magnesium oil on the inside of my arms and rub them together. Honestly, within a few minutes, I was feeling better! 

Magnesium spray also helps treat and prevent pregnancy headaches as well! Magnesium is best taken just by simply spraying some on your skin! You can also take a supplement if you’re more comfortable with that but it will be absorbed faster by applying it through a spray. 

Here is the kind is magnesium spray I use below:

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil spray bottle, high concentration topical genuine zechstein magnesium chloride topical magnesium (4fl oz)

And another great magnesium spray by Pink Stork:
Pink Stork Magnesium Mist: Unscented Magnesium Spray for Pregnant Women - Pregnancy Must Haves - No Fillers or Parabens - Women-Owned, 4 oz

Pink Stork Total Magnesium: Magnesium Supplement for Women - Supports Energy Levels, Mood & Relaxation - Nervous System and Cardiovascular Health - Women-Owned, 60 Capsules

If you prefer to add some magnesium or Epsom salts to your daily bath instead, this also works wonders for your body!

Pink Stork Pregnancy Bath Flakes: Unscented Magnesium Bath Salts for Pregnant Women, Pregnancy Must Haves, Fragrance-Free, 2 lbs

Omega 3 Fatty Acid Vitamins to Treat Morning Sickness

Our family doctor told me years ago how important fish oil is during my pregnancy. I have noticed that I have more nausea when I forget to take my omega-3s.

Research shows how important Omega-3 Fatty acid supplements are during pregnancy and you can read all about that here

Omega-3 fatty acids can help lower inflammation which can contribute to hormonal problems and digestive issues. Always be sure to check with your doctor first and also take a look at your prenatal vitamins before you buy some fish oil. Your prenatal vitamins may already contain DHA or fish oil in the vitamin. 

Below are some of my favorite Omega-3s that I have taken throughout pregnancy and while breastfeeding as well. 


Morning Sickness Foods to Avoid

I’m a huge Mexican food-loving fan! However, I don’t recommend eating anything too spicy or any Mexican during those crucial weeks of nausea! I had some guacamole because it tasted like heaven, but later on, in the evening it made me so sick! 

You may not even want anything spicy which is good! With each pregnancy, I was able to eat different things, my first three during my morning sickness stage, I couldn’t go near steak or any meat. I literally could only eat pasta or plain foods. 

Try and avoid anything with a lot of onions and garlic! Yes, this is hard for anyone who eats tons of Italian or Mexican food like me! Here is a list of a few more foods that make morning sickness worse!

  • spicy foods
  • acidic foods
  • caffeine
  • sweets
  • foods with strong odors
  • fatty or greasy foods

In many instances, water was difficult for me to drink. The problem is, water is so important to drink when you’re pregnant but I just couldn’t have too much at one time. I would take small sips and drink coconut water or carbonated drinks when I could which helped so much!


I hope some of these morning sickness cures that work help you all out! Let me know if there’s something I haven’t tried that worked well for you during your pregnancy!

Good luck mama and hang in there!

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Morning Sickness Cures That Work