How To Get Rid Of The C-Section Pooch

So, you just had a c-section or you’re about to have a c-section and wonder how in the heck you will ever get rid of that dreadful c-section pooch?

Honestly, I didn’t know there was such a thing before I had my first baby!

Then, one night in my early twenties, I was hanging out with my neighbor who had 2 c-section deliveries. She was talking about joining the gym and mentioned getting rid of her belly pooch.

I didn’t know what the heck she meant, then she lifted up her shirt and pulled her tight pants out….and BOOM!

Out came this small flap of belly that hung over her pants!

I didn’t even really know it was there before because she kept it hidden well with constricting pants! That was the day I learned about the c-section pooch!

We both laughed about it at the time but let me tell ya, once I had my first baby through c-section, I wasn’t laughing anymore! I was worried I’d get the same c-section belly!

But, guess what?? It never happened to me!

And now, after having 4 c-section deliveries, I’m here to tell you exactly what you can do to get rid of the c-section pooch!

Medical Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, so please do your own research and consult with your doctor if you have any questions.

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c-section pooch

What Causes the C-section Pooch?

After delivery, your tummy still looks like you are about 6 months pregnant and this is for four different reasons:

1. First of all, your uterus needs to shrink.

It can take up to 6-8 weeks just for your uterus to get back to its original size.

Do you know those terrible after birth cramping pains we have? Yea, that’s your uterus shrinking!

It may feel uncomfortable on top of everything else we have going on but it’s actually a good thing happening! Your uterus goes from 2.5 pounds down to 2 ounces within 6 weeks!

That’s a lot of shrinking going on!

Not only do you have to deal with our uterus shrinking, but you also have to take into consideration your skin and muscles being stretched.

2. With each pregnancy, your belly tends to stretch more.

I know with my fourth pregnancy, my belly stretched the most! He was my biggest baby so it took me longer to get rid of my tummy after my fourth delivery.

The bigger you get, the longer it will take to get your belly back to its original size!

There are many postpartum exercises you can do to help get your stomach back into shape once you get the go-ahead from your doctor.

Keep reading for which postpartum exercises work best!

3. You may have a condition called diastasis recti!

Diastasis recti is an abnormal distance separating the two muscles of the abdominal wall.

The Mayo Clinic says this is caused by the growing uterus during pregnancy. This abnormal separation may cause a noticeable bulge in the middle of your abdomen.

Check out the photo below:

Diastasis Recti

Diastasis recti is more common in women who carry multiples, are over the age of 35, or are carrying a very large baby!

**This is important stuff and has a great impact on getting your belly back to shape…so please read this below about diastasis recti!

Having this condition can also make getting rid of the c-section pooch a bit more difficult but there are ways to fix this!

Remember, if you do have diastasis recti, you will not be able to get your pre-pregnancy belly back UNLESS you fix this!

**This means you have to get your abdominal muscles back together in order to get your belly back in shape!

To find out if you have diastasis recti, watch this video here from Fit Mums Channel!

4. You may be retaining fluid causing edema

Yes, c-section mamas tend to retain much more water after their delivery. This is because we are pumped full of fluids such as medication and received anesthesia during our surgery.

This extra fluid can take much longer to flush out and leave our bodies!

After my first c-section, I retained water in my feet! It was pretty crazy! I was prepared for my stomach to be swollen…but not my feet! 

You can read more about the edema after c-section delivery here.

How I Got Rid Of The C-Section Pooch

Every woman’s body is different and it may take a little longer than others to get rid of their pooch. Here are tips that will help get your belly back that has worked for me 4 times!

As I mentioned above, this last pregnancy, my baby was big! He was 9 pounds so I put on more weight with him than I did with my girls. This also meant it took me a month longer to get my previous body back!

Below are the c-section recovery tips that I did immediately after my delivery that helped boost my energy so then I could concentrate on my stomach once I got the okay from my doctor.

**Doing these postpartum tips immediately after your c-section delivery will help you lose the stomach fat quicker!

Drink TONS of water!

I swear to you, this one tip will help jump start your body into shape more than anything! Your body needs to lose excess water weight and flush any toxins out!

You just went through so much and your body needs the extra hydration!

Every morning, drink some warm water and throw a lemon or some lemon juice in it if you have it on hand! Yes, coffee is needed with a newborn and you can have that after your water, but start your day with a large glass of warm water first!

You may be peeing a lot but that’s a good thing!

Your body needs to get things moving along and the more you drink, the more fluid will leave your body!

Just doing this one simple thing is one of the best ways to help you lose the pregnancy weight and get rid of the c-section pooch!

drinking lots of water after c-section

If you’re sick of drinking water, try some detox tea!

Postpartum teas can work even better at flushing and detoxing fluids out of your body!

**Just be careful which detox teas are right for you if you are breastfeeding. The last thing you want is to drink a detox tea that will decrease your milk supply!

Here are some great detox teas to drink during those postpartum weeks!


Remember, the trick is to hydrate as much as possible! So, keep the fluids coming and it will help move things along and give your body a great jump start!

Breastfeed Your Baby

Breastfeeding is hard in the beginning, especially for first-time mamas! It’s even more difficult breastfeeding after a c-section!

However, if you can breastfeed, it is one of the best things you can do for BOTH you and your baby!

First of all, breastfeeding helps shrink your uterus faster! Those strange contractions you feel after delivery?

Yes, that’s your uterus shrinking back to its original shape! You want this! This will help you get rid of the c-section pooch faster!

For more help on breastfeeding your baby, click here or the photos below:

breastfeeding after c section

Breastfeeding survival tips

Wear a Postpartum Belly Wrap

Wearing a postpartum belly wrap was one of the best things I ever did after all 4 of my c-sections! I kid you not, this helped me a TON!

Not only did a postpartum belly wrap help get rid of my c-section pooch, but it also helped my muscles heal faster, and made me feel put back together and just more comfortable overall.

I honestly wish someone told me about it sooner after my first c-section!

I got my postpartum belly wrap about a week or two after my first c-section and it still helped so much but I was so happy I had it immediately after my 2nd-4th c-sections!

The two below are my favorites and worth every penny!! The first one below is a 3 in one wrap and is wonderful! Click the photos for more info:

 This is the c-panty compression underwear is amazing and can double as shapewear:

Both of these postpartum wraps/underwear help shrink your uterus faster, reduce swelling, and get those muscles back to where they belong!

And honestly, they just help you feel more comfortable and supported!

You almost feel like jello after a cesarean section and your stomach needs extra support to hold it up, more or less.

Hard to put into words, but if you’ve had a c-section, then you know exactly what I’m talking about!

For more detailed information about the best postpartum wraps after a c-section, click here!

You can also read more about my c-section recovery tips here and my detailed week-by-week c-section recovery timeline below!

Just click on the photos!

C-section Recovery Tips

C-section Recovery Timeline

Get Moving!

Here is the part that can be difficult at first because moms that had a c-section aren’t able to exercise right away. It is advised by doctors to avoid exercising for at least 6-8 weeks.

So, what the heck CAN you do then?


Yes, take that new stroller out and break it in! Trust me on this one, walk as much as you can every day!

Yes, I know you’ll be exhausted but it will help you so much! Newborn babies love fresh air, so try and get them out even if it’s cold outside! Bundle them up and take them for a walk! This will not only be good for your baby but great for you!

The more you move, the better you will feel and your body will get stronger each day!

Click here for or more Do’s and Don’t after a c-section!

Best Exercise For The C-Section Pooch

First and foremost, before starting any type of exercise, be sure you are healed and your body is ready! Next, make sure you don’t have diastasis recti as I mentioned above!

If you do have diastasis recti, you want to follow an exercise regimen specifically for that first!

Your diastasis recti muscles need to be put back together otherwise you can make yourself look worse and have a boatload more problems!!

There are two things I recommend for postpartum workouts after a c-section.

1. If you want to see what types of exercises are safe and just looking for something to do on your own, then click here to follow this c-section workout plan for busy moms.

This plan was created by an OBGYN who also happens to be a mom and personal trainer! Brittany breaks it down for you exactly which exercises are safe to start after a c-section!

You can start with pelvic floor and breathing exercises and slowly work your way to doing squats once your doctor gives you the go-ahead! Brittany answers all your c-section recovery workout questions you may have and you can pick and choose which exercises you are most comfortable with!

You will see the difference in just a few weeks!

2. The second thing I recommend is if you are the type of mom that NEEDS a postpartum program to tackle that c-section belly that you can follow every day and be part of a group, then the postpartum MUTU System is right for you!

If you don’t have much time and can only commit to just 12 minutes a day for 12 weeks and need the support of other mamas, then this postpartum program is exactly what you need!

Here’s a little information about the MUTU system below:

The MUTU System has an amazing workout for C-section mamas and a focus on Diastasis Recti as well. The best part about this system is if you are hesitant and just want to check it out first before going all in, you can do a free test run!

****Here is a discount code to get 15% off if you are interested!

This way, you’ll know it’s something that will work for you and your schedule! Click here to try the MUTU system out!


Does the C-section Pooch go away?

Yes, I can assure you that it will go away as long as you get active, take care of yourself, and keep yourself hydrated.

I am proof that the c-section pooch goes away! After having 4 c-section deliveries, I no longer have the belly pooch! Here’s me below holding my daughter at the beach!

c-section belly pooch gone


How To Hide The C-Section Pooch

Obviously, your c-section pooch will be there right after you deliver your baby. Women usually look about 6 months pregnant after delivery the first week.

So, how can you hide the c-section tummy the first few weeks or longer?

Wear flowy dresses, cardigans, comfortable nursing shirts, and these awesome pants! Here are just a few images below, click on the photos for more information!

For more clothes to wear after a C-section delivery, click here or the photo below! These are the best clothes to wear after a c-section that will help hide your tummy comfortably and help you look great! Also, find out the best jeans for a c-section pooch that look great as well!

Final Thoughts On Losing Your C-Section Belly

These are my best tips for losing the c-section pooch! I hope this advice helps other mothers out there!

Remember, be patient! Having a c-section delivery is no joke and the recovery process takes much longer than a vaginal delivery.

We all have baby battle scars, so rejoice them and be proud! The most important thing is having a healthy baby, you can focus on your getting your body back once you have more energy again.

Give yourself some time and follow these steps and you will be able to lose that c-section belly! If you also have some success stories you’d like to share, comment below and let us know!

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