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Essential Oils

My love for essential oils grows deep. Now, I know what you’re thinking…oh no…not another hippie mom who pushes the oils again!

HA! Yes- I’ve heard that phrase before and I’m not really a hippie mom. (I was more of a skater punk back in my day, but many of my friends were hippies so I do love the hippie crowd! We blended well together! 😜 )

Anyway, I don’t think being a hippie mom has anything to do with it when it comes to the health of your children. I honestly wasn’t much of a healthy person until I got pregnant for the first time. Once I was pregnant I read everything I could about eating healthy and what was best for my baby.

My parents were pretty big on never taking medications unless it’s absolutely necessary. My mom told me she never took any medications when she was pregnant and it really made me think about things.

As it turns out, my oldest daughter has a rare blood immune deficiency and many times she wasn’t able to have any antibiotics to treat her and we had to resort to natural remedies and a lot of vitamins! That’s when I learned all about essential oils. Essential oils have SO many uses and are such a blessing for our family!

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So what are essential oils and why do I love them?

Essential oils are the organic compound of plants. They are the pure juice and aromatic liquid that is carefully extracted from plants, flowers, herbs, trees, fruit, roots, and shrubs.

Every plant has a different chemical make up and can be used for numerous things! I use my oils for cleaning, digestive & immune support for my whole family, beauty products, and of course to diffuse and clean the air in my home or uplift my spirits!

Diffusing oils are so much better and safer for your home than burning candles with harsh chemicals. Honestly, there are SO many uses for essential oils that you would be amazed! My absolute favorite uses so far are my natural foam soapI make, diffusing them, adding them to our detox baths, and using them for immunity support. You would be amazed at how much your family can benefit from essential oils. My husband even loves them!

essential oils


How Does My Family Use Them To Stay Healthy?

This is the biggest question I get! I am in love with Thieves and there are so many uses for it to help keep us healthy. Read here about immune boosters for kids and natural remedies for more information!  

Immune system boosters for kids

I also make my own DIY Vapor rub and a germ-fighting hand soap that you can read more about here:

           All natural vapor rub for kids            

Why use Young Living?

I know what you’re thinking because I’ve totally been there! Why the heck would I spend $30 on one little bottle of oil when I can get it cheaper from my local department store or Amazon?

Okay, so here is the deal…I’ve done what you are thinking and totally purchased them through Amazon years ago or bought a few from my local store thinking what’s the difference?

Well, trust me, if you’ve had the pure stuff from Young Living and then bought the cheap stuff, you’ll notice right away. They aren’t as strong and won’t work as well. One drop from YL oils can go a long way compared to the knock offs.

Young Living oils are 100% organic therapeutic grade and are actually beyond organic. They have a Seed to Seal commitment which makes their oils different from any other company out there. Once you see the Seed to Seal label, that is their promise of giving you the most purest oil available. To read more about their Seed to Seal promise, click here. 

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Essential Oils Starter Kit

Your best bet is to get the starter kit because it will save you a ton of money and you will get all the information needed on how you can use your oils! The starter kit also includes a free diffuser as well! A huge deal!

In order to get the starter kit, you will have to sign up as a member. This is THE ONLY WAY to get the deals, otherwise you’ll be paying a lot more for each oil.

I know what you’re thinking, that you don’t want to commit…honestly, there is nothing to commit to! You sign up as a member and are able to purchase one of their starter kits and then order all year-long and get their oils at a discounted rate! That’s it! You get so much in one starter kit that will last you months!

The starter kit provides a lot of information about the oils and how you can use them for your family. You will be so thankful you became a member! It’s totally worth it! Below is a photo of their basic starter kit which runs $160 but trust me, this will last you a very long time! The kit in the picture below is the most popular and the one that I started with. I loved it because it came with the oils that I really needed most like Thieves, lemon, RC, lavender, peppermint, and so many more!! It also gives you some sample sizes to give to your friends to try!

Essential oil starter kit

Sign Up & Join!

So now I’ve got you interested and you want to sign up! If you do sign up using my link and membership number, I will get a small commission from the sale. I am part of a great team who can offer you any advice or answer any questions you might have about the oils! Here is a step by step guide to walk you through the sign up process and get you started with your Young Living Kit right away!

young living oils sign up page

Step By Step On How To Sign Up

1.Click my link which will send you right to the sign up page.

2. It should already be checked to sign up as a Member which will save you money. You do not want to sign up as a retail customer. Of course you can, but you’ll be paying much more and I wouldn’t recommend it!

3. It will ask you “Who introduced you to Young Living?” and should automatically have my member number there which is 3408832 if it’s not there already.

4. Fill the rest of it out and remember to write down your password because you will need it to sign in again.

5. The next page which is below will take you to the fun part which is picking your starter kit! The most popular Premium Starter Kit comes up right away as you can see below. You can either choose the free diffuser that comes with it, or order a bigger one of your choice.

Starter Kit Young Living diffuser

If you would like to check out other starter kits they have to offer, then it will take you to this page below. There are so many options! I love the Thieves Premium Starter Kit as well!!

Young Living Starter Kits

6. Once you pick your starter kit, it will take you down to the essential rewards stuff. This is an amazing option and you can always add it later, but for now, you can skip it.

7. Confirm your order & that’s it!

Those of you that know me personally, know that I am not a sales pusher at all, it’s just not my thing! But if something really works for me or my family, then I want to share it with the world and help others as much as possible! Hope you love your oils as much as I do! And please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have! For more information, check out Young Living’s website here!

Here are even more ways that I use my essential oils on my family!👇


Colic baby remedies Baby teething remedies tick repellent for kids   Stomach flu remedies and prevention


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How Essential Oils Keep My Family Healthy

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