Baby registry items you don't need!


When you’re a first-time mama, you go and register for all the cute things you think you need for your baby! The aisles are packed with adorable and expensive baby registry items that seem to help you in your first few months with your newborn!

Believe me, we all need help with our newborns for the first few months!

It is such an exhausting time for us moms and who has the time and money to waste on baby registry items they DON’T need?

Not this mama!!

I’ve now had three babies and have gone through tons of baby products! I’m here to tell you what baby items were a waste of money so you can leave them off of your baby registry checklist!

Yes, there are a few items on here that may have worked for some moms but if you need to save money and some space, these are the baby registry items you’ll want to skip on! I also include what items to get instead of these to help make your first few months with your newborn wonderful!

For a great baby registry checklist and the top baby must-haves items you should buy along with a free printable baby registry, click here or the photo below! πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Top baby must haves with baby registry checklist


Changing table

Yea, you don’t need this.

Yes, it looks cute and matches the beautiful crib but trust me, go with the regular dresser if your baby doesn’t have a dresser in their room.

Get yourself a changing pad, and place it on top of the dresser! This works just as well!

The only safety factor is that you need to stay with your baby at all times when changing them because the sides aren’t closed in. To fix this problem, just use the straps on the changing pad to hold them there if you need to grab something or turn your head for a minute!

One of these will work much better! πŸ‘‡

Then add one of these changing pads on top! πŸ‘‡



By getting a regular dresser with a mirror attached, your baby can grow with this! They can store their clothes underneath without having to buy them a separate dresser when they no longer need the changing table!

This saves you time and money!!

Not to mention my babies all LOVED these mirrors! They would smile when they turned their heads and could see their pretty faces and their mama changing them! I also loved this and it was so sweet!

I remember my cousin telling me not to get a changing table and I couldn’t understand why at first?! Now I’m so glad I listened to her advice and never got one!

Honestly, you’ll change that baby just about anywhere once you get the hang of it! Also, if their bedroom is upstairs and you plan on having more kids, you’re not going to run up and down the steps nonstop just to change a diaper! You’ll have a changing pad/station downstairs as well so don’t go spend the money when your child will outgrow a changing table and need a regular dresser one day!

Wipe Warmer

I remember one of my friends said she had this on her registry, got one and never used it. I listened to her and I didn’t put it on my registry and guess what?

I never thought once to myself after three babies, “Damn, I really could use a wipe warmer right now!”

Nope, you won’t need this!

When your baby has blowouts or is just a hot mess, you won’t have time to warm up her/his wipes! You won’t even be thinking about it!!

Skip this one if you can!

Just get some regular wipes from Target or Amazon or make your own homemade wipes which are even better and all natural! No worries if they are warm or not! Usually, the wipes are fine as long as you don’t keep them in the refrigerator! LOL

Here are some great brands of baby wipes you can get on Amazon below.


A Huge High Chair

Trust me, you don’t need this!

Those huge high chairs are unnecessary!

Not only are these heavy to move around but they also take up way too much space when it’s something you only use for the first year.

Do yourself a favor and get one of these space saver chairs instead! πŸ‘‡



I was lucky to get one of these as a gift before I even had a chance to add it to my registry. I loved this because we had a smaller house back then and we just placed this on top of one of our kitchen table chairs.

It’s perfect because it’s not too big and doesn’t take up too much space, plus it’s awesome to travel with! So easy to throw in the back of your car and simple to clean!

My parents actually had a high chair at their house which my babies would use when we went there to visit. It was so heavy and leaned back too far for my babies that I always had to add pillows for them to sit upright and be comfortable.

Not to mention, my babies hated the fact that they weren’t eating at the same table with us, they were still there but up higher than where our dinner table was. Half the time I couldn’t get them in the high chair and when I did they usually hated it!


An Expensive Baby Monitor

Let me start by saying I do believe having a baby monitor is a necessity for your baby!

In fact, I was so worried about SIDS with my first baby that I literally couldn’t sleep at night! This constant worry was actually the reason why I ended up co-sleeping with my babies.

Even if you do co-sleep, there are times when they nap during the day and you need to get things done and they are asleep upstairs. The thought of running up and down the steps is crazy so having a video monitor is a must-have!

If your baby does sleep in their own room, then a monitor is even more important!

But guess what???

You don’t have to spend $100’s of dollars on those baby monitors at the store!

Trust me when I tell you how awesome using Cloud Baby Monitor – VIGI Limited  iPhone Cloud Baby monitor is!! 

All you have to do is download it to your laptop for $6.99 to use as a video or an iPad for $3.99 and then download the app again on your phone to use as the monitor for another $3.99 and there you’ll have your baby right on your phone to watch as they sleep!

Honestly, it’s amazing and only costs you between $4-$11.00 TOTAL!!!

This was so great for me, especially with my third baby!! I would be outside with my other two kids and she’d be asleep inside or upstairs and I hated not being able to keep an eye on her. With the iPhone Baby Cloud Monitor, I could just keep my phone in my pocket and check on her whenever I needed to! This was possible without spending a ton of money or buying some crazy video set up!

It even has a nighttime view so you can still watch your baby while they sleep!


For more information, click here Cloud Baby Monitor – VIGI Limited!




Baby Shoes

Yes, baby shoes are super adorable! They really are!

But, will you actually use them? Nope….probably not!

Ya want to know why? Well, first off, your baby can’t walk and secondly, it takes some serious time putting those things on your baby!

Not even kidding here.

With my first baby, I got a bunch of baby shoes as gifts and I even bought a few pairs because I loved sneakers and thought it was the cutest thing ever!!

Did my first baby ever wear them?

No, hardly at all. I honestly think I put baby shoes on my first born only for Christmas photos to match her dress and that was it!

Do you want to know why? Because for one, they can’t walk and the second reason is they almost always kick them off! Not to mention for some reason it takes an insane amount of time dressing a baby with their arms flying everywhere and them resisting to put clothes on, to begin with!

Let’s face it, getting a baby dressed is a process and once you have them all ready, the last thing you want to do is put on their shoes that they eventually kick them off anyway!

It’s better to invest in a lot of onesies with feet, PJs, or just super cute socks!

It will save both mom and baby the headache and grief!

What should you put on your baby’s feet instead???

Slipper socks! πŸ‘‡



Your baby may even kick off these socks as well but at least you can use them for the first year. Once they do start to crawl and try to walk, these will come in handy because they won’t be slippery or a pain to put on their feet!

So save your money and get your baby a bunch of slipper socks or footed PJs! They’ll do the job!


Baby Bullet or Baby Food Making machines

You don’t need all of this stuff to make baby food.

Find yourself a small food processor and stick that on your baby registry!

One of the best gifts I ever got was from my cousin and it was a small food processor. At the time I wasn’t sure if I’d need it or ever use it but boy was I wrong!

I used that little food processor all the time once my baby could eat pureed foods.

You don’t need all those bottles or gadgets that come with the baby bullet processors, you really don’t.

Make life simple for yourself and minimize the stuff by getting one of these πŸ‘‡πŸ»

That πŸ‘†πŸ»is the exact one I had and used for all 3 of my babies to puree foods and it worked like magic and cost under $20.00!

Here are a few others below that are great too! NO need to spend $50 on a baby bullet with all their food storage! Save your money and space with one of these! πŸ‘‡πŸ»



Baby Blankets

Yes, baby blankets are adorable and you will need these but DON’T put them on your registry. You will get these no matter what!

I kid you not, I think I received ten baby blankets after my first shower! I didn’t know what the heck to do with all of them.

I really only needed about two, one for upstairs and one for downstairs.

Don’t waste your baby registry space for these, trust me, someone will get you them no matter what!


Baby Powder

I don’t think I ever used this once on my babies!

I got a bunch of bottles for my baby shower with my first baby and ya know what I did use it for????

My HAIR!!!! Yes, I kid you not! It was the best dry shampoo ever for those days you can’t get a shower with your little one!

But I honestly never used this on any of my baby’s butts!

Instead of baby powder, we just patted them dry with a towel and if they had a diaper rash I usually used Organic Coconut Oil or Earth Mama Organic Diaper Balm works awesome too!



A Diaper Genie

Are they still selling these things??

Yes, I suppose they are.

Okay so here’s the thing, I actually got one of these years ago and I did use it because I had the bags and everything for it.

However, after the first two or three times filling that thing up and then removing it, it really grossed me out!

Not to mention you had to keep buying the special bags for it.

I get that it’s useful for when you’re upstairs with the baby and maybe can’t get rid of the garbage right away then this genie keeps the bad odors at bay. However, you have to empty that thing eventually and it’s pretty gross when you do!

What you can do instead is just change your baby’s diaper and use a Target plastic bag or any plastic bag on hand to throw it inside and it will hide the odors for you. Those plastic garbage bags are free and we normally get them from wherever we shop!

Save your money on these diaper genies because they are gross and aren’t needed!


A Crib

For co-sleeping parents only!

Now, this one is last on my list because I feel like it’s different for everyone depending on your situation.

If you are a co-sleeping mama, then don’t waste your money on a crib.

However, if you are a co-sleeping mom that plans on only co-sleeping for a short period and then moving them to their crib then yes, by all means, get this.

For other parents who choose to co-sleep for a while and then transfer their toddler to a toddler bed or big kid bed, buying a crib is unnecessary.

I got a crib for my babies and I kid you not, none of them used it! They would occasionally nap in there in the afternoon but my babies all slept with me so this was a waste of money for us. It looked super pretty in their rooms but like I said, depending on your situation and if you choose to co-sleep, you may want to skip this purchase.

Your best bet if you choose to co-sleep is to get a co-sleeping bassinet next to your bed that doubles as a pack-n-play so you still have the travel crib option there if needed.

We used this one below πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Once my babies were old enough that we didn’t want them in our bed anymore we transferred them to a big kid bed like this πŸ‘‡



And that’s it for my list!

Some moms say they didn’t need a bouncy seat but I loved my bouncy seat! I moved that thing all over the house and even outside at times! Every mom and baby are different but this list is what wasn’t needed for me and my 3 babies!

Hope this helps you decided which baby registry items you can skip on and save you more money for the baby items you really need! πŸ˜‰


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