12 All Natural Teething remedies for babies

12 All Natural Teething Remedies That Will Save Your Sanity!

Oh you poor mom or dad! If you’re reading this then you’ve been up all night with a little teether and have been researching everything you can find to help your baby feel better!

I’ve been there, many times! I know how difficult and exhausting this can be. You finally get past the newborn nursing/feeding-all-night stage and think you’re FINALLY going to get some sleep and then BAM!

The teething starts! 😩

At first, you’re thinking your child might be sick?

Bad dreams, maybe?

You have no idea what’s going on but you know they’re miserable and all they want to do is be cuddled or nursed (depending on their age).

Every baby is different when it comes to teething pain. Some babies can teeth as early as 3-4 months! Some might not get their fist set of teeth until their 8 months and some even longer. It all depends on genetics and their pain tolerance.

So because of this, there’s no one treatment to fix all the teethers out there!

Teething Symptoms

Teething symptoms can range from a low fever, drooling, pulling on ears, swollen gums, chewing or biting everything, rashes, fussiness, irritability at night, and a decrease in appetite.

If your baby has a fever and you aren’t sure if it’s their teeth or something worse, always check with your doctor first.

Since there’s not one teething treatment to magically help your baby, I’m going to give you a few different teething remedies focusing on what works great during the day and what helps those nighttime teethers!

Some of these natural teething remedies have worked like magic for my girls and some worked great for my friend’s kids.

All natural teething remedies for daytime relief

Amber teething necklace:

I used one of these for my second daughter and it was okay. Her teething pain mostly happened at night and she wasn’t a fan of sleeping with her teething necklace so it didn’t help us when we needed it the most! I even wrapped it around her ankle but she wasn’t having it.

However, I have friends who swore by it and their babies loved it and wore them all night without any issues. It’s definitely worth trying!

Also, be sure to check you are getting a real amber teething necklace. There are plenty of knock offs out there that don’t do anything at all! Click the photos below for more info πŸ‘‡



Cucumbers or celery for teething!

Cucumbers or celery you might ask?

Yes, these two veggies actually work! You can remove the skin and seeds on the cucumbers first, then cut them up into one inch thick rings for baby to suck on. You can also just remove the skin and let them gnaw on the cucumber and hold it without cutting it.

My daughter loved this! It’s also a bit safer because they can’t choke on any pieces when they hold the entire cucumber. I added a little salt and my girls went crazy over them!

My dad actually gave my oldest daughter a piece of celery to teeth on when she was a baby and that works like magic as well!

He added a little salt and all three of my girls really enjoyed it! Celery can get a little stringy sometimes depending on how much teeth they have. If your baby doesn’t have many teeth, then celery is an awesome teething remedy! Just be sure to keep an eye on them no matter what you give them depending on how many teeth they have and how much they are able to chew.

Cold celery or cucumbers feel so good and taste great which will calm them down in no time! Trying these natural teething remedies also helps them learn to love these veggies and will always enjoy them as a kid!

Teething Rings:

I had a bunch of these and put some in the freezer. Some days they would work, some days they wouldn’t.

My daughters were always in the most pain at night so this wasn’t easily accessible to grab at night. Plus, this was more of a play toy for them. However, these are great to have on hand because your little one will teeth during the days as well.

Keep a bunch in the freezer and toss them in a freezer bag and bring them in your diaper bag with you. They’ll help during shopping trips and car rides. Always good to have on hand but I never felt they helped me at night when I truly needed it most!

Here are some my girls loved!

Hopefully you got a bunch of these πŸ‘†from your baby shower, but if you didn’t, the ones above are great options! These will help your baby and keep them busy while you get shopping or a million things done you need to do!

Fresh food teething feeders:

Here is another awesome teething remedy! Again, this can only be used during the day and I will warn you, it can get a bit messy.

However, my girls loved these!

You pop a strawberry or banana in there and they will teeth away on these bad boys! Not only does it feel great on their gums but it tastes so good too!

Like I said, this might get messy depending on what you put inside. The mesh surrounding really soothes the teething pain they have! There are so many brands but my girls all loved Elmo so Elmo was a winner in our house!



Baby fruit pacifier teethers:

If your teether is on the younger side, you might want to try a pacifier feeder first!

These are similar to the fruit mesh feeders but not as messy and perfect for those little ones ages 3-4 months.


Freeze your BREAST MILK into ice cube trays:

Breastmilk has the power to cure so many things!

It’s some amazing stuff! If you have any extra, pour some into an ice-cube tray, crush or break up the cubes, and your baby will devour them!

If your baby is too young for a big cube, you can put one into the teethers or pacifiers above. Both will work and your baby will be in heaven!



If you can find a great popsicle that doesn’t have too much sugar, your baby will love it! It will quickly soothe their pain and they’ll be happy as a clam!

The only problem with this is that it’s more of a day time remedy.

However, you can make your own popsicles and mix fruit with chamomile tea. The combination of the chamomile tea and cold will soothe their pain and the tea should make them sleepy.

This is an alternative but not the easiest remedy at 3am! 😩



Nighttime relief!

Hyland’s teething tablets:

These have been a miracle for my girls! I’m not even kidding here!

My girls would have the most teething pain and night and nothing would work, not nursing, not any teething toy, nothing! I would give them one tablet and I swear within 2-3 minutes they felt better and usually fell right back asleep.

However, there has been some controversy with these tablets. These natural homeopathic tablets were once recalled but Hyland’s reformulated their ingredients to make it safer. Some parents were giving their babies too much of them. Even though these are small tablets, one or two is plenty for your little one!

Honestly, I believe too much of anything isn’t good for anyone! Don’t give your baby more than what is recommended on the bottle! They only need one or two at most!

Talk to your doctor if you’re concerned about trying these. Our doctor recommended them and they were a godsend to this sleep deprived mama!

If there’s one thing I can recommend to you to try, it would be these! I never even tried the nighttime version that they carry now and I’m sure it works even better than the regular version!

Click the photos for more info:    

Camilia teething relief:

Camilia teething relief is similar to Hyland’s brand and is also homeopathic. Parents have been using this all natural remedy for years and some swear by it.

I have not personally tried this one since Hyland’s was my go to but I’ve heard great things. Always do your own research or talk to your doctor if you have any questions.

Essential Oils for teething

I LOVE my essential oils and they have done so much for my family!

You can read more about that here, if you’re interested!

Essential oils need to be used very carefully, especially on babies. The oils I use are 100% so this not only means they work but it also means they’re strong. Be sure to store them safely away from children.

Here is an essential oil recipe for teething babies that works wonders!

Some people like to use clove oil and say it works great but clove oil is a hot oil and even diluted may irritate little one’s skin. I stick to a safer, more mild oil for my girls when they were babies and it worked great.

Scroll down more for the recipe with clove oil for babies 18 months+.

Remember when using this oil, only apply it on the outside of their cheeks along their jaw line, NEVER inside. Essential oils aren’t something to mess with and are very strong so always use with caution.

Essential oil teething recipe for babies 2 months +

1 drop of Lavender oil

1 drop of German Chamomile oil

1 1/2 tablespoon of coconut oil

Mix together and rub along the jaw line on the outside of the mouth, not the inside. I usually do this at night and it helped my girls sleep better.

Be careful your baby doesn’t rub the oils off or onto their fingers and into their eyes. This is why I never used the clove oil recipe. The clove oil recipe works better but I feel it’s better suited for older babies/children.

You can also diffuse these two oils together in the air and it will smell wonderful and help your baby sleep better!! πŸ‘‡

  Young Living essential oils & diffuser


Stronger teething recipe for older babies age 18 months-2 years+

1 drop of Clove oil

1 drop of Copaiba oil

1 1/2 tablespoon of coconut oil

For more information about how to use oils and the oils I personally use for my family, click the photo belowπŸ‘‡

Essential oils for beginners

Frozen wash cloths:

This one is a no brainer but it works and feels great on their teeth.

I used to throw a few baby wash cloths in the freezer and my daughters loved to chew on them. They feel great on their teeth and can hold them in bed at night to help soothe pain and put them back to sleep.

Whiskey…yes, this is an old one!

Now, don’t go freaking out on me here.

I personally never thought this did much but my Dad and husband tried it out on my girls and all of them hated it and we didn’t see much improvement. They didn’t add enough whiskey to their gums to have much of a numbing impact, so this may be why it didn’t work too good for us.

Some people swear by this and if you have some on hand, it’s worth a try for a little short-term relief! (Of course, don’t use too much!)

Besides, you may not want to waste it because mom or dad may need it more after a night of teething! LOL

Immune system boosters:

Many babies can get a runny nose, diaper rash, and even fevers when they are cutting teeth.

To help battle some of these symptoms, make sure they are eating healthy foods and be sure to add some good supplements to help boost their immunity during this time.

Any extra vitamins they can get will only help them! I like to use a good probiotic, vitamin C, and vitamin D for my kids.

For more information on boosting your child’s immune system, click here!



If all else fales……


Most pediatricians today recommend Tylenol or Ibuprofen for your little teethers.

I’m not a fan of Tylenol and I never thought it helped much anyway. If the natural teething remedies above don’t work and it’s late at night, your child has a fever, and you just want to help them however you can, that’s when I would reach for the Ibuprofen.

No one wants to see their baby suffer, so do what works best for you and your baby!


I hope some of these teething remedies help you and your baby! I know how hard those teething years can be and so many sleepless nights! If someone were to ask me what teething remedies above helped my kids the most at nighttime, I would have to say Hyland’s and essential oils were the best solutions! Of course, I would have massive headaches the following morning after being up all night with my little teether and then I would rub peppermint essential oil all over my forehead to take away my pain and wake me up! 

That helped this mama make it through the day with 3 little ones!

Good luck and I hope you find a teething remedy that works! πŸ˜‰

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