How To Get Rid of Molluscum Contagiosum

Does your child have a molluscum contagiosum?

Let me guess, you’ve probably tried everything under the sun to treat this skin infection? Yes, this was me too and it wasn’t fun!

After spending so much money on creams, medication, natural remedies, and oils not knowing which one worked and which one didn’t, I finally found the perfect combination to get rid of molluscum contagiosum!

Not only does this molluscum remedy work but it also stops the spread of the virus!!

This is huge and if you’re reading this then you probably know why! If you’re one of those lucky parents dealing with this skin infection then you know ALL too well that once your one kid gets it, the other children in your family will soon have it as well!

So, let’s get down to it!

What exactly is molluscum contagiosum?

Molluscum contagious is small, raised, skin-colored or pink lesions found on the body. The CDC says that they are caused by the poxvirus and are a mild skin disease.  You can read more about that here.

These skin lesions can appear anywhere on the body but are rarely found on the feet or palms of hands. This disease is commonly found at daycares and swimming pools. 

Molluscum is more common in children between the ages of 1 and 10 years old. The biggest problem with molluscum contagious is how long it can take to disappear!

Molluscum contagiosum


How long will it take to go away once treated?

Typically, molluscum contagious can take anywhere between 6-12 months to go away. In some cases, even up to 4 years! 

Now come on, who has time for that?

And let’s be honest here, if your child has this on parts of their body that can be seen to the world, it can be very embarrassing for them. As a parent, you don’t want to wait for months or even years for these lesions to disappear! 

Treatments for molluscum contagiosum

There are many creams and “treatments” out there on the market and trust me when I tell you, I’ve tried THEM ALL! 

Treatments include expensive creams, apple cider vinegar, prescription meds, and even laser therapy! Our doctor told us to just wait it out! Yes, this was his answer and I was shocked! He said there’s not much you can do for them and he was right…until I found an answer!

How to treat molluscum naturally

Disclaimer: Remember, I am not a doctor, just a mom who has an immunocompromised daughter and we have battled every infection under the sun!. I can’t prevent, cure, or diagnose any illness. Always be sure to ask your doctor for more information and what they recommend!

Like I said earlier, I tried it all on my little girl. We were lucky that it was only on her lower stomach/side area and not her face. If your child has this disease on their facial area, I would ask your doctor first. Essential oils are not good to use near the eyes, especially hot oils like Oregano so, please use caution. 

My daughter was suffering from molluscum contagiosum for almost 6 months! We tried every cream on Amazon, everything I could think of! And she eventually passed her lovely disease on to her sister! 

That’s when I had enough! 

I read in a forum about lemongrass oil treating molluscum contagious and tried a few drops but it didn’t seem to do the trick. Then I read about the combination of oregano oil mixed with lemongrass and how this can kill warts and viral infections! Tada! I found the perfect combination!

Recipe for Molluscum contagious treatment

After much trial and error, here is the recipe I used on my daughter that kicked her molluscum to the curb:

Mix this up in a small container and apply it to the area with a q-tip. This should not hurt your child if it is mixed properly with the carrier oil! The oregano is a hot oil so always be sure to keep this oil away from your child’s hands or face. Always use caution when using hot oils like oregano and keep stored away from children.

Cover it with their clothing or a small bandage of it’s in an area that you don’t want them to rub the mixture off. Do this at least once a day but twice is even better!

**This mixture will work! However, the lesions will get red and almost look like they will pop before they get better. Be patient because once they get like this, they will go away! This means the oils are working and doing their job! When the lesions are red and blister-like, they are contagious so remember to keep them covered at all times with clothing or a bandage.

After using this treatment on my daughter, all of her lesions went away after a few weeks, and guess what the best part is??

They didn’t spread or return anywhere else!!

That was the biggest issue I had using those expensive creams they sell on the market. It took them forever to work, and once they did work, the creams didn’t stop them from spreading to a new location! 

What oils can you use?

I used Young Living Essential oils. These oils are 100% pure. You must use Lemongrass, NOT plain Lemon! There is a difference and it’s huge so don’t make this mistake! I tried using a lemongrass cream and that wasn’t strong enough. You need the 100% lemongrass essential oil. You can find these here if you’re interested in using YLiving.

essential oils

If you’re interested in other oils, here are a few others I recommend that you can buy on Amazon. However, I will say, do not go cheap! The oils you use need to be pure or they just won’t be strong enough and you’ll waste more money. 

Trust me on this one, been there, done that!

This brand below is a decent brand of essential oils. I also like Revive oils as well.

 Here are the carrier oils I used:



How to prevent molluscum contagiosum from spreading

This is difficult for parents, especially if you have more than one child. My biggest recommendation is if one child has this, be sure to use this treatment immediately, and DO NOT bathe your children together!!

Children sharing the same wet towels or bathtub can spread this lovely infection and that’s the last thing you want! 

Have the child that has the virus take showers if they are old enough or bathe them alone. Once they are done in the tub, be sure to clean the tub thoroughly. 

This skin infection is a major pain in the butt! It’s up there with head lice! However, I always tell myself things can always be worse and this is a minor skin infection that isn’t harmful and can be treated so I was thankful for that! 🙂

If you have any questions or comments, please do so below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! Maybe some of you have tried this and it worked or have other recommendations.

I know many people mention using tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar. Don’t waste your time, I’ve tried both!

ACV took forever to use, burned my daughter’s skin, and made her cry. Tea tree oil was okay but not strong enough. This combination of lemongrass and oregano with the carrier oil does the trick! There’s no scarring on my daughter, in fact, you can’t even tell she had them for so long!

I hope this molluscum contagiosum remedy works as good for your family as it has for mine!


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