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Back to school immune boosting vitamin sick survival kit for kids


Immune Boosting Vitamins For Kids- Sick Survival Kit

The worst thing in the world is seeing your child sick and if you’re anything like me, you’ll do whatever it takes to keep them healthy!

I am not a doctor and I’m not a nurse so please follow your own doctor’s instructions or do your own research!

I am just a mom that has 3 children  (about to have a fourth) and one of my children happen to have a rare blood immune deficiency which has made her immune system very weak.

I battled for years trying to find answers for her and we finally discovered what works and how to keep her and her sisters healthy naturally!

I’m here to share with you what actually works and what has been a miracle for us.

Again, I am not a doctor, just a mom who has read a lot, met with a million doctors/specialists over the last 10 years, and will do whatever it takes to keep my kids healthy. 

We are so blessed to have all 3 girls healthy and have learned a lot along the way!

Below is a list of amazing immune boosting vitamins for kids. Here is what I use, some of it on a daily basis and some when needed. My two daughters that do not have an immune deficiency are hardly ever sick and I believe it is due to this list of vitamins and how healthy they eat.

Stock up on these immune boosting vitamins now, you’ll thank me later when school starts and you’ll need this sick survival kit!

Yes, these supplements can get pricy but it’s worth it!


Immune Boosting Vitamin C

Yes, we’ve all been told about vitamin C being good for us but do you know how much you should be taking?

Most of us and our children aren’t taking enough vitamin C a day to help protect us and keep us healthy!

My older daughter can swallow the tablets so I just give her those. My younger ones, I put vitamin C powder into their juice every morning and they don’t even realize it’s there.

The photos below are the ones that I personally use. If one of them do come down with a cold, I add more to their juice. Most children’s multi vitamins do not provide enough of vitamin C .

The best source of vitamin C is from fruits and vegetables but if you have picky children, then you’ll want to get a great vitamin C supplement like the one below.

I give my girls 1/4 a teaspoon of the vitamin C powder in their juice daily and when illness hits the home, I add more. Below is the vitamin C we use, you can click on the photos for more information.

Pure Radiance is the best vitamin C powder available but it is more expensive than other brands. We have also used NOW Vitamin C and it is a bit cheaper but not as pure.

This vitamin C below made from Core Med Science is one of the best vitamin C supplements on the market. I normally save this for when one of my kids really get sick or use on me or my husband. This is a liquid and the problem with this brand is that my kids don’t like the taste! If you can mix it in a smoothie, they will usually take it. 



I don’t know what I would do without these.

There are moms that haven’t tried probiotics yet and that shocks me because it’s saved my family from serious illnesses or stomach issues!

There are so many different probiotics to choose from and some can get very expensive so I understand if it’s not a purchase you can always make.

However, if you can only purchase one or two things on this list, I recommend this being one of them.

If you didn’t know already, probiotics help keep you healthy and kill the bad bacteria in your gut. Every illness begins in your gut so this is so important take to stay healthy. It especially protects your kids from stomach bugs which we all know are the worst type of illnesses for both kids and adults!

To find out all of the benefits of probiotics, click here!

My children take one a day and I can honestly say that it really keeps them healthy, especially my two that don’t have an immune deficiency.

Below are the brands that my kids are currently taking. There are many great brands out there and their doctor has recommended Florastor for my oldest daughter to take with her medicine to help boost her immunity.

Like I said before, read and do your own research. Some children don’t like the taste of certain vitamins and then you end up wasting your money because they won’t take them. Naturewise are very small and although the taste isn’t bad, they aren’t like candy so they don’t love taking them but they don’t mind them because they are little.

Florastor is one of the best brands and offers a powder that I mix into my toddler’s yogurt or juice and she’ll eat it right up and never notice the difference. Bio-Kult is another favorite and great quality as well!

If you can’t afford to give your children these on a daily basis, then keep them in reserve and use them as soon as someone in your family gets sick!

     Garden of Life is another great brand that my children don’t mind taking! 


Did your child come down with the stomach flu? Read this post and found out how we cure the stomach flu fast in our home!  

Stomach Flu remedies for kids



Vitamin D3

As mentioned above, my oldest has a rare immune deficiency, this makes her Vitamin D levels lower than normal children. It has been advised by her doctor for her to take high doses of vitamin D3. I have my other daughters taking vitamin D3 as well but not nearly as much as my oldest.

Years ago children literally played outside all day long, I still try to encourage that with my kids but sometimes it’s just not possible. Our schedules might keep us indoors some days but during the summer months I literally kick my kids outside and try to do outside activities with them as much as I can.

And ya know what happens to kids in the summer? They are hardly ever sick!

This is also due to the fact that they aren’t cooped up in classrooms with other coughing and sneezing kids as well but the extra natural vitamin D they get from the sun really protects them and boosts their immunity.

The sun can be the best source of vitamin D we can get! It can cure so many ailments and is needed to stay healthy year round. To learn more about the importance of vitamin D in children, click here

Taking a daily supplement of vitamin D3 isn’t as good as the sun but will help keep your child healthy and keep them protected from germs surrounding them. Some children can be deficient in vitamin D and your doctor can easily do a blood test to check his/her levels.

The Carlson for kids bottle below is the kind I use for my younger daughters daily in the winter months when they aren’t outside in the sun. I always add more than the recommended amount if they are sick.

The Naturewise bottle in the middle has 1,000 iu which is what my oldest daughter takes daily and the Carlson bottle is 2,000 which is what I take and what my oldest daughter takes when she is ill.

You can get a multi-vitamin with some vitamin D3 in it but there usually isn’t enough and it normally isn’t as pure so I always supplement with these.

For children 1-3 years:

 For kids age 4+

 For ages 8+:

Fish/cod Oil/Omega 3’s

Oh fish oil…..I have a love/hate relationship with this one.

I hate it because I don’t like seafood or anything that’s fishy so I definitely need fish oil in my diet! However, my love for fish oil grows deep!

Fish oil or omega 3’s has so many benefits and keeps kids healthy and helps with their concentration as well. The best brands of cod oil are the market will probably be impossible to get your little ones to take so I won’t even go there!

I have found a brand that I add to their juice that they will take and another kind my oldest will swallow.

Please read up on all the benefits of fish oil, you will be surprised! My children’s doctor advised my girls to take this daily to boost their immune system!

A Good Multivitamin

If you are having trouble getting your kids to take some of the vitamins above or they aren’t eating healthy enough, then you’ll want to look into a great multi-vitamin.

I honestly don’t give my kids this daily unless I don’t have time to give them the other supplements. Most of your child’s vitamins should come from their food. However, we all know that can’t always go as planned and you might have a picky eater that won’t touch a piece of fruit!

That’s when you’ll want to find a great multi-vitamin that doesn’t have any crap in it like so many brands on the market today.

Do your own research but below are some of our favorites.

**My picky daughter gets the Animal Parade Gold because there are probiotics in them so I don’t have to fight with her on taking both the probiotic and the multi-vitamin.

Update- my children tried this brand below that also includes a probiotic and love the taste of them!

Elderberry Syrup

You can make this homemade which is SO much better for you than store bought and cheaper as well. However, if you don’t have time, you can purchase this at your drugstore or Target.

They also make Elderberry chews as well. They are on the sweet side so I normally give this to my children during flu/winter season daily or if one of them is sick, then I make sure my other two are taking this so they don’t get sick.

They love Elderberry syrup and chews so it’s easy to get them to take it. Elderberry syrup or chews are a must have during flu season!! My husband and I take the adult version.

There are many brands out there that have more ingredients than Elderberries, please read the ingredients and do your own research and remember- the best kind of elderberry syrup is homemade!


Epsom Salt

Adding epsom salt or magnesium flakes to your child’s bath time routine is an excellent way to add magnesium to their body and them get rid of any toxins in their bodies!

I add epsom salt every time I give my kids a bath if they are sick or not. I add a 1/2 cup of epsom salt to their bath and not only is it great for them but it also helps them sleep better!

Detox baths

If you haven’t heard about these, then this is something you need to know! Giving your child a magnesium detox bath when they are sick will help them so much!

There are so many recipes for detox baths you can try. This also involves epsom salt!

My favorite detox bath for my kids when they are sick includes: 1 cup of epsom salt, 1/2 cup of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, and a few drops of Thieves or lavender essential oil.

My girls love these and even ask for them when they aren’t feeling well.

Read more about Magnesium Detox Baths here:

Detox baths for kids



Regular soap and water

Hand washing is sooooo important!

Haven’t we been told that for years? However, this trend of antibacterial sanitizer isn’t going to do the trick, we need good old-fashioned soap and water!

I love love love Dr. Bronner’s soap! I use it for so many things and the second my kids get home from school, the park, the store, or anywhere, they know I’ll make them wash their hands. Yes, I’m that mom, but honestly, I have had to be to keep my oldest from getting sick.

I took an old soap pump dispenser and added any kind of Dr. Bronner’s soap to the bottom, a few drops of either Thieves (during the winter months) or orange/purification oil, and water and that’s it!

For my super easy recipe I use to make my own germ-fighting foaming hand soap, click here. Best soap you can get and you save tons of money because one bottle of Dr. Bronner’s soap can last you so long!

There are so many other things you can do and clean with this all natural soap! For more information, click on the photos below!

DIY germ-fighting foaming hand soap


RC oil or Vapor Rub

The Honest Co’s Breathe Easy which is all natural and safe for babies works wonders for coughs and colds. I also diffuse RC oil and it’s like magic in the air and smells amazing.

If you do have essential oils at home, then try this awesome DIY All Natural Vapor Rub for kids!

It’s so easy to make yourself and I have a kid’s recipe and an adult recipe included!

All natural vapor rub for kids

Garlic oil

Garlic oil is a godsend for ear infections in both children and adults. Garlic oil has been used by grandmothers for years and it even more effective than some antibiotics and much gentler on the gut.

I always have garlic on hand because I love to cook and cook daily so this is easy for me to make. However, if you are short on time or never have garlic at your house, you can purchase this garlic oil below.

Always be sure to check with your doctor and never add garlic oil to an ear that’s ruptured. When your child is in so much ear pain and it breaks your heart, this will help them tremendously and quickly.

Pain reliever/fever reducer

If you’re going to have any type of pain killers on hand and must give your child one of them, then I recommend ibuprofen over Tylenol.

Tylenol never did much for me to begin with and there’s a lot of controversy with Tylenol today. Same goes for ibuprofen. Honestly, I believe too much of anything isn’t good for you.

If your child has a very high fever and you’ve tried just about everything and nothing is bringing their fever down, that’s when I reach for the ibuprofen. Fevers are actually the body’s way of fighting off an infection so by giving them a pain reliever like this, you’re really masking the problem just for it to come back once the Advil wears off.

However, if my child’s fever is too high and they are uncomfortable, then I give them Advil because I don’t want them to suffer. I’ll also offer them ibuprofen before they go to bed so they are able to get a full night of sleep.

Sleep is SO important for children, especially when a child is sick. Again, I am not a doctor, just a mom who’s been through a lot and listened to our doctor’s advice.

You can also use apple cider vinegar to reduce a fever naturally. Keep reading below to learn how to use ACV to reduce a fever!


Thankfully, I’ve never had to use this. I’ve always kept it on hand just in case of an emergency.

When your children are little they can get into so many things and have new experiences every day. This is something my mom has always kept in our house just in case someone got stung by a bee or ate something that they were allergic to and not aware of.

It’s always a good idea to have Benadryl in your sick survival kit just to be safe!


Humidifiers are amazing and can really help a child breathe easier when they are congested. It’s important to have one running during the winter months especially when the heat in your home makes the air incredibly dry and difficult to breathe.

***Tip– if your child has been incredibly ill and was either vomiting or coughing a great deal, it’s always a good idea to use a diffuser to kill any germs in the room.

If you don’t have any oils or a diffuser, then add hydrogen peroxide to your cool mist humidifier and it will clean out the germs, bacteria, and air in your home! Hydrogen peroxide is completely safe and will help you breathe easier when you are all stuffed up!

Apple cider vinegar and Raw honey

Oh apple cider vinegar is one of my favorites and always so great to have on hand for so many reasons!! ACV can kill just about anything, my dad says! However, it isn’t very pleasant to taste!

When one of us come down with a terrible sore throat, that’s when I reach for the ACV!

I make a tea that works wonders and really helps kill any bad bacteria going on in your system. I can’t get my little ones to drink this tea but once they are 5+ it can be easier to get them to drink it.

I get a lemon teabag, hot water, about a teaspoon (or more for your preference) of organic raw honey, a teaspoon of ACV, fresh lemon, (I also add a drop or two of Thieves essential oil and Lemon essential oil if you have it on hand) and this tea is like magic! I’ll drink it once or twice a day if I’m really run down and it normally does the trick!

My oldest daughter will drink it because of the mix of lemon and honey that she can’t always taste the ACV. Adjust the ingredients to your liking but as long as you have a little ACV in there and raw honey, it will help whatever illness you have!

Please don’t use on babies, honey is not recommended, this is only for older children that are willing to try!

You can also use apple cider vinegar to naturally reduce a fever.


Soak a wash cloth in one part vinegar and two parts water and place on your child’s forehead or wrap around the bottom of their feet. This is an old trick that some swear by. You can even add some to your detox baths to help reduce the fever!


Essential Oils

Again, I am not a doctor, but I will tell you what has worked incredibly well for my family that I won’t live without and essential oils happen to be on that list!

You may see oils being sold at your local Target or drugstore, these oils are most likely not 100% pure so they won’t give you the same benefits pure grade oils can give you. Some things are really worth the money so usually the cheaper the oil is, the less pure it is.

You can buy the oils individually on Amazon but you’ll be spending way more money buying one at a time rather than buying a whole kit. I am a member of Young Living Oils and if you’d like to become a member and get their special pricing and a starter kit, read this first or you can use my link here.

If you use my member number, I would get a small commission from the sale. For more information, you can read all about the disclosure statement here.

I would never recommend something that I wouldn’t personally use. Oils that I can’t live without are Thieves, RC, DiGize, Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint. There are so many others that I use but for the most part, these have helped my family a great deal! I also add them into their detox baths, diffuse them into the air, use them for natural cleaning throughout my home, and so many other uses!

Yes, they can be expensive when buying them one at a time, that is why your best bet is to get the starter kit which will help you save money and last you a while!

For more information about YL oils, click here! Please remember to read all the instructions and some are not meant to be used on small babies, also you must keep them away from children and dilute when using them!

Essential Oils for beginners

No milk/dairy!

What? No milk???

You probably think I’m nuts now….but trust me, if your little one is sick, don’t give them any cow’s milk. That’s a whole other subject I won’t get into at the moment but all I’ll say is keep it away at least until they feel better.

Milk isn’t good for any illness, especially congestion and stomach symptoms. Water is better to drink than any juice or any other beverage for your children! If you offer your children water at an early age, they will always ask for it rather than the other drinks.

Give them plenty of water, green tea even, or other juices, just stay away from the milk. Breastmilk is different, however, so if you still nurse and are able to provide them your milk then do it as much as you can for as long as you can!

Your milk is like gold and will boost their immunity!!

Healthy foods & sleep!

Finally, the most important piece of advice I can give is to make sure your kids eat healthy foods and lots of fruits and vegetables!

These are vital in keeping your kids healthy! Too much dairy or meat isn’t good for anyone. I know many young kids are picky eaters and only want the chicken nuggets and french fries but try your best to get them to eat a vegetable or fruit every day.

Let’s be honest, sometimes you have to pick and choose your battles and if they only like apples, then let them eat apples everyday!

The very BEST source of vitamins is NOT through supplements but through healthy fruits and vegetables!

Sleep is also so important! I always notice my kids will come down with something after a long busy weekend when they haven’t had enough sleep. Sleep is so important for keeping kids healthy!

Again, I am not a doctor, so please ask your family doctor if you have any questions or concerns. This is my immune boosting vitamin kit for kids and what has helped my family stay healthy and has prevented the flu in our home.


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