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Best Disposable diaper Brand Target diaper Review

Target Diaper Review

There are so many kinds of diapers on the market for parents to chose from. As a new mother, you can feel a little overwhelmed at first! We usually buy the normal Pampers that you are given in the hospital and assume this is the right kind of diaper for your baby. After doing some research, you may decide to cloth diaper your baby instead or you may choose a disposable diaper that has little or no toxins in it is best for you and your baby. If you do decide that cloth diapers aren’t for you and are trying to be as frugal as possible with your diaper purchases, I recommend checking out Target’s Up & Up diapers. And let’s be honest…diapers are EXPENSIVE!! I will give you a quick run down of the pros and cons of purchasing these diapers in this Target Diaper Review. These diapers are a best kept secret of many mothers that I know!


1-PRICE You can not beat the price for the quality that you get! Usually you get what you pay for, but I swear with Target’s Up & Up brand that is not true. They really give you a great quality diaper for an amazing price. On average, a 96 count box of diapers will run you anywhere between $13-$15.00! If they are having a sale, I’ve even picked a box up for $12.00 at some Target stores!

Here is a comparison of prices online for diapers:

Up & Up diapers, size 4 (156 count) are $24.69

Huggies Cruisers diapers, size 4 (160) count are $47.19

You pay $22.00 more for only 4 MORE diapers! Are Huggies really that much better? I don’t think so!

2-QUALITY Up & Up brand were much stronger and thicker than Pampers or any other diaper my kids tried. There was no need to buy “nighttime” diapers because these were thick enough to last all night long for my kids.

3-SELECTION Up & Up makes all sizes and they even make a training pants (pull up) version which was great when my daughter was being potty trained. The training pants are also much more affordable than your average pull ups price.


1-SIZES FOR NB Up & Up does make a newborn size but for some reason, neither of my girls were able to fit this size very well and some of my friends also had this complaint. However, once my children were in a size 1 they fit the Up & Up brand without any problems. The Newborn size does not seem to cover evenly over areas and seems a bit uncomfortable for the baby. The Newborn size also did not seem to handle a blow out (explosion/messy) diaper very well either.

2-MAY CONTAIN SOME TOXINS If you are looking for a disposable diaper that is safe for the environment and completely toxic free for your baby, then this diaper is not for you. The Honest Company and Seventh Generation make great diapers that are free of any toxins and safe for the environment if you are looking to go in that direction.


If you decide to use regular disposable diapers and are a family on a budget, Target’s Up & Up brand can truly save you money. This is a good quality diaper that can last a whole night without having to spend more money on a thicker diaper for night time. You can also go on Target’s website and print out coupons for their diapers, they often have $1 off diaper coupons available. I not only use the coupons online but I also have the Cartwheel app which saves me tons of money every time I shop. The more you use this app, it automatically saves what you normally shop for at Target and lets you know when there is a discount available. It’s so easy to use and even has a scanner so you can scan a product and see if there’s a coupon for it. I also have the Target Debit card which saves me another 5% off my whole purchase every time I shop. The Red card also lets you make purchases online and all shipping is free! Hopefully this Target Diaper Review will help a family on a budget save some time and money when shopping for diapers!

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Target brand Up & Up Diaper Review

Target’s Up & Up Diaper Review

Best disposable diapers for your budget
Best Disposable diapers for your budget