How to get a viral pin as a new blogger!

How To Get a Viral Pin As A New Blogger!

Let me honest with you before I begin, I am not a new blogger.

I’ve blogged before and I have years of experience freelance writing for different companies and websites online. I don’t want to fool anyone here because I do know a little about the business.

However, I am brand spanking new to monetizing my blog and making it a business, not just a blog.

I call it a business because I feel like a “blog” is more for those who just need a creative outlet, is mostly focused on their personal life and interests, is not monetized, and they are not concerned with their growth in traffic.

I will write some personal things but for the most part, this is my business and my business is to design, write, format, and help other women any way I can.

If you are a brand spanking new blogger/website creator, this may take an extra month for you to learn everything you can, but for the most part it can still happen if you follow these steps!

Okay….enough about me….here are the steps I personally took to make my pins go viral and my blog grow over 13,000 views by my third month!

I busted my ass

Sorry for the language Mom, but it’s the truth.

I work part time from home as a social media/moderator consultant, I have 3 kids, and I also have a husband who works around the clock. But something hit me….I got this rare autoimmune disease (that’s another story for another time) but I realized I needed some passive income.

I wanted to build my own damn empire from the ground up learning as much as I can and ignoring everyone that told me blogs are slowly dying and I wouldn’t make much.

I told myself they were wrong and ya know what happened? I was right….and they WERE WRONG!

However, I literally did bust my ass. Every free second I had away from the kids or the hubby, I was on my laptop or I was learning about SEO and how Pinterest could help grow my blog. All I did was sleep, eat, breathe, and think about building my blogs and what I needed to do next and the crazy thing is I loved every second of it! Who woulda thought that me, the tall skinny skater punk would end up loving web design and become a computer geek? 😜

I learned as much as I could about SEO

If you really love to write and want this to become a passive income of some sort then you need to learn as much as you can about SEO. And if you don’t even know what SEO is then stop right there and start learning NOW! There is a ton info out there available and classes you can take to learn all about it.

I read this info here on Moz which is free and offers so much valuable information. There are also many websites that you can take that offer both paid and free classes to help guide you in the world of gaining google traffic. I advise you to get the YOAST SEO Plugin as soon as possible because it will help you guide your way especially if you’re a new writer. Once you see that green light, you know you’re good to hit that publish button! Also, make sure to check your google site map because this is very important for those google robot crawlers to find your site and crawl it.


One of the most important things you can do to drive traffic to your blog is to promote it. As a beginner on a budget, you may not have enough posts or the money to use a scheduler for all of your platforms. There are so many social media platforms so only focus on a few in the beginning. Being involved in too many will do nothing for you but stress you out!

Also, make sure to have at least 10-15 posts ready to go so you’re not spamming social media platforms and people get annoyed by you! Too many new writers do this and they don’t promote other’s work enough!

Remember, the more you share, the more other people will share your posts as well! Also, join Facebook groups!!! Soooooo important! I’ve met some of the best bloggers and people in general through these groups and I’ve also learned a lot from them.

We are all in this together and Facebook Groups can really help grow traffic to your site. Facebook Groups are incredible especially for the mom blogger or business woman niche! 


This is how I was able to get a viral pin and gain over 13,000 views a month as a new blogger! Not from Facebook, not Twitter, not Google +. Those platforms are helpful but they weren’t my strongest.

I believe it’s important as a new blogger to concentrate on one platform at a time because otherwise you’ll get very overwhelmed….trust me! Pinterest should be one of if not the most important social media platform a blogger concentrates on.

Pinterest is a search engine, a visual search engine and it’s amazing! The best advice I can give anyone is to join as many Pinterest Group boards in your niche as possible. For more information on how to do this and a list of boards to join, you can read my post here.  If you happen to be a Mom Blogger and would like to join my board to help promote your blog posts, please follow my Pinterest account and send me an email at! Or you can click the photo below! 

Blogger Moms That Rock Pinterest Group Board

How I Got My Pin to Go Viral

So finally, this is the part where everyone mentions Tailwind. I did try both Boardbooster and Tailwind and they both absolutely help bring in more traffic to your site. However, I truly believe the manual pinning strategy I learned is what got my pins to go viral and bring in so many daily viewers.

However, I must credit all of my traffic to the manual pinning method I learned from an ebook. I believe this method is the magic in figuring out Pinterest’s algorithm and gaining so much traffic!!

The pinning method I used is from Carly at Mommy on Purpose. Her pinning method is in an ebook called Pinteresting Strategies and not only was it so interesting, but it was affordable and easy to follow! Two things that are very hard to find when learning about blogging and Pinterest!!

I highly recommend anyone starting out blogging and getting their posts noticed to check out her ebook, you won’t regret it! Since I started blogging 4 months ago and using this manual pinning method I’ve had not one but three pins go viral. They literally gain over hundreds of views a day each and I’m only 4 months in. I barely need to repin them as well. 

I have a promo code for $5 off Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies here: PINNING5


Beautiful Pins

I also believe that having beautiful, eye-catching pins that stand out with great keywords also bring in traffic!

Pinterest will grab attention to keywords on your pin, in your pin description, and also in your alt text which is the image’s name on your computer. These are SO important to having your pins be successful as well! I use Canva to design all my pins. Some people like Pic Monkey, but I wasn’t a fan and found Canva easy to use and had beautiful designs to work with! 

How to get a viral pin How to get a viral pin as a new blogger!

***There is an updated version of this post that shows what happened when I stopped Carly’s pinning strategies and how my numbers dropped dramatically and then what happened when I started her pinning method back up again! You can read about it here

Update 8/2018- Using Carly’s pinning method also helped me gain over 60,000 pageviews a month to my blog and make $1,000 a month profit! You can read more about it here! 👇

                                        Make money blogging         Blogging Resources


Hope this info helps some of you out there get a viral pin as a new blogger or even an experienced blogger! If you are just starting out and want to know more about blogging, you can check out my post on How to Make a Money Making Blog in 10 min here!

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If you are interested in what WordPress theme I use, it’s the Bluchic Adelle theme and you can find more information about that here or check out the photos below. 😎

Love my Adelle theme!Bluchic feminine themes

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