Pinterest Group Boards for Mom Bloggers
List Of Pinterest Group Boards For Moms

Pinterest Group Boards For Moms

I am sort-of a new blogger.

Well… I am a new blogger as far as it comes to hosting my own site and monetizing it. Other than that, I have blogged before and have been freelance writing for years.

Since starting this blog and hoping to help other moms, I’ve learned a TON in the process so I’d like to share that info with you new bloggers out there doing the same thing!

I started with one social media platform at a time and felt that out of all platforms, Pinterest was the most important one to tackle first. I wasn’t sure how to get a lot of people to see my posts but I listened to other experienced bloggers out there and read as much as I could. I discovered how important Rich Pins and Keywords on my pins were which also helped grow my numbers.

But….do you want to know what helped me the most? Pinterest Group Boards!!! These things are AMAZING and you are able to get your blog posts out to thousands of readers even as a new blogger with little followers. 

Enough of the small talk because that’s not what you want to read! Here is my amazing list of 26 Pinterest Group Boards for Moms I was able to join to help me get more followers and gain TONS of TRAFFIC to my website!

Just be sure to follow all the rules of the boards. These boards are mostly geared toward Moms but some are for all niche categories as well. In most cases, you just need to follow the board owners/leaders and the board itself and shoot them an email asking to join their group. Also, make sure you have enough pins so you aren’t spamming the boards! No board owners like this and you can easily get kicked off of a board for pinning too much of the same pin. Just follow the board rules and shoot them an email. Easy Peasy! Give it a try! 

26 Pinterest Group Boards For Mom Bloggers

~Blogger Moms That Rock  ~This is my group board and it’s open to contributors! All you have to do is follow my Pinterest account italianpolishmomma and email me at with your email address that goes with your Pinterest account and your Pinterest profile url and I will add you! Please be patient because I get a lot of requests but I will get back to you as soon as I can! 😉

Blogger Moms That Rock Pinterest Group Board


**Update 6/30/18: I want to add that I’ve heard from many of you saying that it’s been difficult getting responses from board owners adding you to their boards. I know I personally get many requests and I try to go through my requests once a month. One important thing that board owners look for is that you are pinning your own personal pins that you created yourself, not just pinning other 3rd party pins. We like to see what your own website/Pinterest profile has to offer our board to make it better. For instance, if I get a request and I’ll check out their Pinterest profile and they only have maybe 2-3 pins of their own that leads back to their website, then I’ll wait to add them until they have at least ten or more. Board owners won’t add you with just a few pins of your own, it won’t help their board at all and may look spammy. If your Pinterest profile is new, wait a few months and add at least 10-15 pins that lead back to at least 10-15 posts so you have plenty to work with and board owners will add you! I hope this helps some of you!

~Steady Mommin’

~Parenting Survival Guide

~!!Mummy Blogger Posts!!

~Make Money Online

~The Best of Pinterest Pals

~Mama Love

~Inspired Women Bloggers

~Bottles & Swaddles

~Best Pins For Moms

~ Fab Motherhood

~Managing Mommies

~Best Mommy Bloggers

~Life With Toddler

~The Bump & Beyond

~All about Mom

~Mommy & Wife Life

~Marvelous Mom Tribe

~Art of Mom Life

~Promote Your Blog~

~Family Life

~Mommy Bloggers

~The Parent Section

~Best of Mommy Bloggers

~Blog-Woo Babes

~The Mom Boss Blogging Network

~Mommy Blogger Love Group


Here are a few more groups boards added! If anyone else would like me to add their board to the list, just comment below with your board name and url! 


#29 Momtastic Ideas

#30 The Mommy Guidebook Group Board

#31 First Time Mom

#32 Working Mommy Bloggers

It is incredible how much Pinterest can help your blog or brand and bring new traffic to your site every day. Take advantage of these 26 Pinterest Group Boards if you can. I personally send out a nice email about myself asking if I could contribute to their group. This may take up some time but it’s totally worth it! Hope this helps out some new bloggers or Moms trying to gain more traffic to their blogs! If anyone has any other groups they want me to add, just let me know! 😎

Update 6/30/18: After a year of blogging part-time, I am so thankful to be making between $800-$1000 each month! It took a lot of hard work and waking up early and going to bed late between my other job and my 3 kids but it’s paid off! I will soon be able to blog full-time within a few months! If you are looking to work from home and love to write then this is the best opportunity for you! Want to know how I did it? Read this! Or click the photos below for more information about the blogging resources I used and my blog income report! 👇

            Blogging Resources   Blog income report/ How I made $800 from my blog     How I got 1 Million Pinterest monthly viewers

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