Secret Pinning Strategy That Will Double Your Traffic!

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The Secret Pinning Strategy That Will Double Your Traffic!

I launched this blog a little over 6 months ago. I read like crazy about how to monetize my blog, I pinned like a mad woman, and promoted my butt off. I learned what worked and what didn’t. I thought I wasn’t doing very well because I was only making a few bucks here and there and pretty much investing every little bit back into my site.  My ultimate goal was to learn as much as I could so I can one day work for myself! And this is what happened….

I tested things…..

I read things…… A LOT of things……

I followed advice from people that knew what they were doing and some that were just guessing. Sometimes I didn’t know where to turn or who to believe since there’s so much information out there. There is still so much more to learn and I will continue to educate myself on SEO and social media. Algorithms will always change and keep us guessing.

A few things happened over this past month and I did some serious testing that actually gave me incredible answers!

Here is what worked:

Focusing on one social media platform at a time.

I set up business accounts on just a few social media platforms. Now, I’m a consultant part time for a social media/advertising company so I knew a thing or two about social media to begin with. However, I honestly didn’t know how huge Pinterest would be for a blog/business. Having said that, it should be one of a blogger’s/website owner’s most important platforms to promote. You can slowly add all the others one at a time. Try not to get too overwhelmed in the beginning and just focus on the ones you’re good at! Learn as much as you can about them so you can excel at promoting your work! Each social media platform has a specific way that it works best. If you’re serious about making it in this business, then get serious about social media!

Manual pinning

Yes, this might seem like a pain, and no I don’t have all day to do this either, but it’s worth it! That’s the thing….you see, I got over 20,000 views my fifth month blogging! I didn’t think it was that big of a deal since I’m reaching for much more! However, I learned quickly that some bloggers only get a few hundred after months of hard work! I even wrote about it here: How I got a viral pin as a new blogger. I also talk about Carly from Mommy on Purpose’s method and how the manual pinning method helped me!

However, I did something dumb and decided that maybe I needed to try a different strategy and only use manual pinning on occasion. I wanted to test this strategy……

After reading TONS of articles about using only Boardbooster and Tailwind instead of manual pinning, I thought I’d give it a shot. I was spending a lot of my time pinning and felt I needed to use my time somewhere else so I listened to ALL the bloggers and did a test. I used the looping feature on Boardbooster and the campaigns and I stopped most of my manual pinning.

So what happened???? I’ll show you…..

My numbers dropped! Now- I will tell you in the midst of all this I also switched my site from http to https and that was a bit of a hassle, but it was only for one day. I also left 3 Pinterest Boards that were just sitting on my profile and no one pinned anything to them and they were literally taking up room assuming that hurt my numbers. I can’t tell you how quickly my Pinterest numbers dropped! I was averaging 600-700,000 monthly viewers and within a month it all dropped to 300,000! That’s a lot and awful for a new blogger to see! My daily blog views went from an average of 700-1000 views a day down to 300-400! That’s a huge difference!

What did I do to fix it??

I checked everything I could, I tried to go back and see if it was something SEO or Google related. I couldn’t figure it out? Nothing was different! I thought maybe it was because I left 3 boards but it didn’t make sense since those 3 boards had hardly any followers or contributors!

I was just about to buy a year’s membership to Tailwind since everything everyone wrote about said this is the answer to it all! (Although, I do believe Tailwind is great for scheduling, tribes, and checking all of your stats) Then it HIT ME…..what was the ONE thing I did different in the last month? I stopped the MANUAL PINNING method!!!! I mean I did repin to keep my group boards happy but I set almost everything to automate on Boardbooster campaigns and figured I needed to focus more of my time on posts. However, this wasn’t working and I mean not AT ALL! And let me tell you, I tried everything to get my numbers back to where they were, I participated in so many Facebook threads and did countless things that I never did the previous months before and nothing worked.

I decided before I go and invest in Tailwind, I wanted to see what would happen if I went back to the manual pinning method I learned from Carly at Mommy on Purpose .

Pinning strategy graphs

Guess what happened????

Within days….yes…I said DAYS, my Pinterest monthly viewers started to climb! And you know what that means? So did my daily views on my site! I spent one day, maybe 3 times during that day, doing the manual pinning method I used before and from noon until 5pm, my numbers went up 6,000 on Pinterest! That’s huge! What does this tell me? Those other methods don’t do a damn thing compared to this one!

Secret Pinning method

Pinning stats

As of right now, I’m going to continue with Carly’s Pinning Strategy because quite honestly, don’t fix something that isn’t broke (which I did for some dumb reason)! I may implement Tailwind down the road once I have many more pins to handle but right now I’m sticking with scheduling new pins on Boardbooster, looping some pins on occasion with Boardbooster, and manual pinning.

Blogging Resources

Pinteresting Strategies

Honestly, as a new blogger who sees tons of courses and ebooks full of information, this method is not only the most affordable but it’s also the best info out there! Seriously though, you can’t get pinning courses and secrets today for less than $50! This is a steal and if you don’t believe me, then check for yourself! Soon enough you’ll be back to buy her ebook! I’d get it now before the price increases! It’s worth soooo much more than $32!

Traffic Transformation

I just started this e-book and so far it’s been really helpful and packed full of information! I will update more once I finish it. This is also a very affordable e-book for all that’s included!

Core Affiliate Strategy

I purchased The Busy Budgeter’s Core Affiliate Strategy guide pretty early in my blogging career and I’m so glad I did! Rosemarie really knows her stuff and with the help of her affiliate strategy, I was able to make $100 in my second month with my blog! Crazy, right? And it’s just grown from there! You can read more about it here:

How I made my first $100 Blogging


Bluehost has been terrific for me so far and I had one minor hiccup on my blog and they helped me right away and it turned out being something on my computer anyway. Right now Bluehost is running a special price for my readers for $3.95 for 36 months! Bluehost comes with a free domain name and is the easiest and most affordable hosting site to use available today! This is an amazing deal and if you’ve been thinking about starting your own blog, this is 60% off their original price so take advantage of this deal now! For a more step-by-step guide on starting a money making blog, click here!

Start A Money Making Blog


I needed a more professional feel to my theme so I bought one from Bluchic. I researched high and low the different types of themes available and I fell in love with all of Bluchic’s feminine themes. You can check them out here! I choose the Adelle Pro theme because I loved the slider look and just felt it fit my taste perfectly. Bluchic has so many others to choose from! Again, you don’t have to pay for a theme at all, and most beginners start with a free theme and eventually move on to a paid theme. A paid theme is easier if you don’t know much about coding because you can get the look that you want and not spend hours trying to figure out how to do it!

Love my Adelle theme! Bluchic feminine themes


You might ask….Why am I even sharing this pinning secret? Because I was where you once were, starting out and having only a few views a day. Blogging or running your own website is one heck of a learning process. I’m always testing new things out and learning what works and what doesn’t! Hope I was able to help some of you!

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