Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners
Best Freelance Jobs For New Writers

Best Freelance Jobs For New Writers

For those of you just starting out in the freelance writing world and are not sure where to begin, this post will help you find your way!

There are so many great companies out there to help you gain experience with online writing and get your foot in the door! Some of these companies may not pay so good at first but it will help build your resume and give you the confidence you need for better jobs in the future.

This is how I started out and was soon getting direct clients and writing for much more money! I have written for over 600 blogs and this is a great way to learn all the details of HTML, CSS, and SEO and online writing!

Here is a great list of freelance jobs for new writers trying to make their mark!


This company is a great way to grab some extra side work and see where you stand in the business. They will rate you anywhere between a 2-5 star writer and you will find work depending on your rating. The higher the rating, the better the pay and usually more work available. Most writers start out at a 3 which is average. Having a 3 rating can be frustrating at times because it is hard to find work since so many people are at this level and are grabbing the good articles.

Here’s a tip, wake up really early, like 4-5am and you will have first dibs on articles/projects! You can go back to bed and write it later, but at least you will be able to grab a good article to write. The better you do with Textbroker, the more direct clients you will gain which pays better! This is a great company to start out with when you first start doing freelance work, so give it a try!

Freelance Writing jobs/Textbroker


Writers Access

Here is another good company for beginners. They pay more for your work and also seem to get a lot more clients. On average you get 70% and they receive 30%. They have about 20,000 customers to help you reach your goals and build your client base! You can apply for a writing or editing position with them. They also hire freelance translators and those who handle content strategy. This company has work available for writers, legal writers, medical writers, technical writers, and even storytellers! Any kind of writing job you can imagine! Talent for Writers Access is rated on 2-6 stars. Like Textbroker, your star rating shows your proficiency, level of experience, and skills. You also get 70% of the profit with Writers Access. The higher the rating, the higher price you will get paid for your work. Ratings for both Writers Access and Textbroker are based on an initial screening test as well as your customer reviews.

Freelance writing jobs/WritersAccess


Contentgather is another company that’s perfect for writers who are just starting out. This company is much different from the other two sites. Contentgather allows you to write as much content as you want about whatever your niche may be, post it, and offer your price for it. If Contentgather has clients that are interested in your work then they buy it. The clients can directly speak to the writers and vice versa which is also different from other content writing companies. At Contentgather, you must have your own paypal account and you can receive your money as soon as you get it. NO need to wait until pay out day like the other companies. They also have a star rating scale for their writers which helps determine how much they make and the offers they can receive. Contentgather also has custom jobs that are much like Textbroker and WritersAccess where you are able to accept/find jobs that you are qualified for.

Freelance writing jobs/Contentgather


A Few More Freelance Companies:

Here is a list of more companies that hire content writers and are similar to the ones I mentioned above. Once you feel a bit more comfortable writing, you should check out this list. They have options for both the beginner writer and the experienced writer looking to make some extra cash. Many of these companies also hire beginner editors, indexers, and proofreaders as well. This can help build your resume and get you more experience.

  • CrowdContent
  • EditFast
  • iWriter
  • TheContentAuthority
  • LoveToKnow
  • WordCandy
  • Listverse-This company is different from the rest in that it pays you $100 to write an article that is in a list version. It’s very cool and anyone can submit/apply to write for them. You don’t need to be an expert and if they pick your list and you have your own blog/site, all of their followers will get to see your list and your website gets to be displayed at the bottom of your article which can lead to many more viewers and followers over to your site! That’s a huge bonus, plus the extra $100 you make, right? 😉


You can also find great freelance jobs through iHirePublishing, Flexjobs, Freelancer, and Upwork. These companies are different because they can list more long-term jobs and can sometimes require more commitment. You also have to bid on these jobs, however, you can find some very cool opportunities with these companies. Hope this post helps those of you looking for a way to build your resume and start making some money!

Looking for other jobs you can do from home? Click the photo below for more information! 

work from home jobs for moms

Great way to start writing and make passive income:

Start A Blog!

The absolute best way to gain experience writing and have a platform for your work is to start a blog.

Starting a blog will help you learn everything you need to know about writing online and can also help you make some passive income at the same time!

The world of blogging is amazing and honestly, I had no idea you could earn a full-time income from blogging until this past year! Yes, if you love writing and have great ideas on helping others or want to write about topics such as DIY projects, cooking, cleaning tips, motherhood, or any other niche, then starting a blog is the best thing you can do.

Be patient, it may take time to make any income from your blog, but you CAN make money and in some cases, you can make a lot of money blogging! It is also a great way to make some passive income as well. Starting a blog is easy! It only takes a few minutes and you can start a blog for just $3.95 a month!  That’s one of the cheapest business start up plans around! Using a self-hosted website like Bluehost can help guide you through the process and give you the platform you need to start your own blog and start making money! You must use a self-hosted site in order to make money from blogging. If you choose to blog on Blogger or then you are not able to monetize your blog. This completely confused me years ago.


Blogging is a very inexpensive way to start your own business. The best part is choosing your own theme! You can go with a free theme and customize it any way you like, or pick a Premium theme. At first, I went with the free theme but after looking around, I knew I wanted something different because I really wanted my blog to become my business so I needed more options. I also didn’t know much about coding at the time so I searched high and low and fell in love with Bluchic’s feminine themes. They had so many beautiful themes available but once I saw their Adelle theme, I knew I had to have it! If you love my theme, you can check it out below and get the same one for yourself right here! Blogging is a hidden gem which can lead you to so many other opportunities if you are dedicated! For more step-by-step details on how to start a blog and how I earn passive income while I sleep, click here! 

Love my Adelle theme!Bluchic feminine themes


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list of freelance writing jobs for beginners
Awesome list of freelance writing jobs for beginners
Beginner Jobs for New Freelance Writers



Awesome list of freelance writing jobs