Blog income report/ How I made $800 from my blog

Blog Income Report – How I made $800 blogging last month!

First of all, let me start off by saying I can’t believe I’m actually writing one of these! I’m thrilled yet slightly nervous to say the least.

A blog income report is pretty personal. It tells the world how much money you’re making and what you’ve accomplished with your website! It’s a kind of a big deal once you’re able to write one.

However, I’ve read other people’s income reports for the past year and it motivated me and helped me learn exactly how I could make money with my own website. So I’m hoping I can motivate others to do the same with my income report!

I started this website almost a year ago and in that time I’ve learned so much about myself and even more about SEO and the power of Pinterest.

Within just a few months I started making a couple hundred dollars from Amazon. Honestly, I knew what I was doing because I had a blog years ago so I knew how to add affiliates and what helped drive income and traffic. I also have experience freelance writing and I’m a social media consultant so these things were added bonuses for me. I did get some amazing advice from the Core Affiliate Strategy as well which helped guide me even more.

My goal was to quit my part-time job and work on my website within a year. Don’t get me wrong, I have an incredible job but I’ve been writing and managing social media for other big companies and websites for years! It’s my turn to make the big money, I’m sick of making money for other companies! I’m very close to being able to quit my part-time job. I’ve had a few family emergencies/set backs that pushed my goal back a bit. However, I believe by July, 2018 I will be able to reach that goal.

I’ve only put in about 10-15 hours a week working on my website. Not too bad since the outcome has been awesome and I plan on making more each month.

10-15 hours a month may not sound like a lot, but it is a lot when you have another job, 3 kids to take care of, and a husband who works around the clock. This means that any “free time” I would have, I spent on my lap top!

There are sooooo many nights that I would’ve much rather spent watching NetFlix with my girls or a Yankees game but I gave it all up for a year and it paid off! My family wasn’t happy but they all understood, especially my husband who I couldn’t make this dream a reality without his confidence in me. 😍

Launching a successful website isn’t as easy as just having a hobby blog and I think that’s where people tend to get confused when they find out you run a blog. There’s so much more work involved and tons of coding and designing to learn, especially when you aren’t a computer geek at heart! This journey actually turned me into one and now I’m obsessed with web design and coding! HA!

So, finally after tons of hard work and a lot of reading and learning. I’ve made $798 last month. I will break it down for you how I accomplished this goal and what I did.

Ad income

Mediavine- $457

I had a huge win a few months back and was able to qualify for Mediavine ads. This is major for all of us bloggers out there! You have to reach 25,000 sessions or 29,000-30,000 page views to apply to Medivine and they pay so much better than Google Adsense. What I was making from Google Adsense in a month, I now make from MediaVine in a day! I was so happy to have Mediavine because they are excellent to work with. Some Bloggers don’t agree with having ads on their site but I feel it’s important because it’s passive income that’s easily there and most readers get used to it. If you treat your blog like a business, put ads on there and make sure you’re getting paid for your hard work and time!


Carly on Purpose’s Pinteresting Strategies– $24.00

I can’t say enough about this ebook. It is literally what gave me almost 20,000 views in my fourth month. I’ve read it over and over, and even wrote about it! It’s so affordable and priceless for a new blogger! I only promote what I truly believe works! I also want my readers to have that same feeling I got when I had so many views early on with my website. To learn more about Carly’s book, click the photo below! 👇

Pinterest Secret Method that works!

Amazon- $297

I became an Amazon affiliate as soon as I could. I knew it was perfect for my readers since my niche is mostly motherhood and I as a mom LOVE Amazon because it’s super easy to shop with 3 kids who hate shopping and returns are a snap and everything gets here in 2 days! Plus, I knew everything I mentioned I used was from Amazon so I started with them immediately. I’ve been earning a few hundred a month consistently with them and hope that rises each month as my page views increase.

Bluchic– $20

I use the Adelle Bluchic theme and love it. I have tweaked it a bit but overall love every theme Bluchic has to offer. I believe if you want to take your blog seriously, then buy yourself a great theme. Yes, it might cost you a few bucks but most likely you’ll make it back and thank yourself! You can check out Bluchic’s feminine themes here and below.

Love my Adelle theme!Bluchic feminine themes

I have a few other affiliates but for this month’s report this was all the income was from. I’m so thankful for every penny and in the beginning was thankful for each and every view and I still am! It’s amazing to be able to write and help others and have people from all over the world read your work!

My goals for June are to make $1000 from my blog and quit my part-time job by July. I’d also like to start up another website and create my own product. I have big dreams along with raising 3 kids but I’m hoping I can accomplish all of this!

Blogging tips

The best part about having your own passive income like this is that the more posts you write and the more your website grows each month, the more money you make! I expect my income to double over the next year. I will update as I can!

I hope I was able to help any of you out who dream of working for yourself, writing for yourself and starting a blog. Blogging, or what I like to call owning, producing, writing, designing, your own website is much harder than people think it is. You have to stick with it, give yourself some major goals, work on that sh%$ every damn day, and be patient! This is the honest to god truth! You will not make yourself rich overnight unless you go in it full-time and know exactly what you’re doing right off the jump.

I believe once I launch my second website, things should go smoother since it won’t be as much of a learning process for me.

Like many have said before me, your first year you might make some money but be sure to invest it right back as much as possible. I plan on switching hosting companies soon and upgrading a ton. This all costs money but I know in the long run it will pay me back. Don’t expect to make money over night! This can be a long process especially if you do it part-time, but it will happen!

Want to start a blog? Read my step-by-step post that will guide you to start your own money making blog in no time! Step-by-step guide on how to start a blog and make money online!To learn more about how I learned how to make money with my blog, check out my blogging resources I used here. This resource page gives you everything I used to make money within the first few months of blogging! 👇

Blogging Resources

I don’t have a lot of extra time to run my website perfectly and I’ve only accomplished this doing part-time hours, maybe even less. If you are able to spend full time hours on your own website, love to write, and know a few things about SEO and social media marketing, then you can absolutely make more money in a quicker amount of time!

If you have any questions at all or need any advice, feel free to email me! I may not get back to you ASAP but I will get to you eventually! 🙂

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