Blogging Resources that bring me blog traffic!

Blogging Resources

Blogging Resources

Here are my blogging resources that I have used to help grow my blog so quickly! There are tons of blogging information out there, some helpful and some a waste of your time! I have bought a lot and learned as much as I could! This is a list of what actually helped me and what was worth every penny! These blogging resources also help me earn a great part-time income! I made $800 last month and my income continues to grow each month!

Free Resources

Here are some amazing free resources to teach you everything you need to know about SEO! SEO is super important so make sure you take advantage of all this free amazing knowledge!


This website is packed full of info! SO much to learn that you could spend days on it! I know I have! Check it out!


For an excellent source of blogging tips and tricks, you can’t miss this! This guy knows what he’s talking about and give you the best advice out there! They are constantly updating their blog with new information and videos to help you grow your audience and get your blog the traffic you need!


Dude….it’s free and so easy to use. Enough said! I tried Pic Monkey, it wasn’t for me and fell in love with Canva. There’s a paid version that I’m sure I’ll use at some point but right now, this works great for me and my budget. If you want to make amazing Pinterest images and blog images, this is the place to start!

Coschedule’s headline analyzer

I use coschedule to help me find the best keywords for my blog titles. It’s free and super easy to use! I’m sure I will start using SEMrush eventually when I can afford a better keyword provider but right now I’m using coschedule and it’s been great.

Remember, SEO is King! It’s so much to learn in the beginning but make sure you optimize all of your posts correctly for SEO. It takes a while to build organic traffic but if you follow all of the SEO basics, your site will gain the organic traffic eventually! Just watch and see!

Paid Blogging Resources

Traffic Transformation

I bought this and read it cover to cover. It helped me realize what I needed to focus on and gave me some excellent tips to grow my blog and gain traffic! Lena Gott gives you a wealth of information plus worksheets to jot down notes to help you organize your ideas and goals. This ebook is one of the best out there and is $97. I thought I could find most of the info I needed online for free but I was wrong. This ebook and Carly’s below is a must have for new bloggers and advanced bloggers! She offers discounts on occasion, I will update if I get a coupon for her ebook.

Core Affiliate Strategy –

We’ve all heard of Rosemarie Groner and The Busy Budgeter and if you haven’t, then you’ve been living under a rock as a blogger/writer! She’s made record numbers on her blog traffic and is just such an inspiration to all of us out there trying to make money from home! I followed all of her advice right as I was in the process of setting up my blog and easily made profit from affiliates from her advice within the first month! She also gives you worksheets to print out and help you decide which affiliates are the best for you! If you aren’t sure of all the ways your website can make money, this ebook breaks it down for you and helps you tremendously. I was able to make $100 my second month my website was live due to this ebook! This ebook also helped me earn $800 in one month! You can read more about that in detail in my blog income report below if you’re interested!

                           How I made my first $100 Blogging           Blog income report/ How I made $800 from my blog

Update***I now make over $1,000 a month! The best part is every month as my page views increase, my income increases with it! 

Pinteresting Strategies

This is hands down my favorite! It really is because without Pinterest, my blog traffic wouldn’t be where it was so early in the game. I feel like this ebook is a MUST have for new bloggers that want traffic and need to learn the Pinterest game! Without Carly from Mommy on Purpose’s advice in this awesome packed ebook, my traffic would be nothing compared to what it is. This ebook is a steal and if you take any of my advice at all, take this here! Get her ebook, you won’t be disappointed! I have purchased a lot of blogging information and this is hands down worth every penny and should be priced much more! Carly sells this for a very affordable $32!! Get this now before she realizes it should be worth much more! You can read all about how I got a viral pin here due to this ebook.

viral pinTo inspire you even more, you can read how I tested Carly’s strategy and what happened to my blog traffic here and why her advice skyrocketed my traffic!

Pinterest Secret Method that works!

PIMP course (Pinterest Improvement Master Plan)-

I’m still taking this course from Jennifer at Pot Pie Girl and it is amazing! It has taught me so much about Pinterest and how I’m spending my time on there! Pinterest is very important to learn for bloggers because it can give you tons of traffic so be sure to learn as much as your can with a course like PIMP! I will update this once I get through her entire course and can give you more details about it!


At the moment I only use Tailwind for their Tribes and to schedule other’s content from Tribes. I heard all the rave about tribes so I thought I’d give it a try, I didn’t really expect much. After a month, I checked my google analytics and noticed I was getting over 300 page views from tribes in just a few days! I realized it’s better than Facebook or Twitter for me at the moment. I also bought Tailwind for a year because I have so many more pins/posts than I did in the beginning and I know if I have a busy week or go on vacation and can’t manually pin, I can schedule through Tailwind and don’t need to stress! You can get a $15 credit to Tailwind by clicking this link here! And remember, Tribes are free so you can try it first to see if you like it!

Tribes for Traffic ebook-

I bought this ebook because it was affordable and it helped me understand Tribes and Tailwind quickly! It also added some great tips which is exactly what I needed since I have such little extra time for anything with 3 kids! I literally didn’t know what to do with Tribes at first and I didn’t have time to figure it out on my own the wrong way! This ebook is packed with helpful information about how to drive traffic to your blog with the help of Tribes and which Tribes to join that are great for mom bloggers or any bloggers! This ebook is only $17 and is so helpful and affordable for those who are new to Tribes! Jennifer from Hairs out of place explains everything to you easily and also gives you a list of the best tribes to join! What more could you ask for??


I went with Bluehost to self-host site because….let’s be honest here, they had the best rate and every top blogger was using Bluehost so I didn’t want to go wrong. This is where you will have to invest in your blog, but it won’t cost you much, however, it IS necessary if you want to monetize your blog and be on Bluehost has been terrific for me so far and I had one minor hiccup on my blog and they helped me right away and it turned out being something on my computer anyway. Right now Bluehost is running a summer special price for my readers for $3.95 for 36 months! Bluehost comes with a free domain name and is the easiest and most affordable hosting site to use available today! This is an amazing deal and if you’ve been thinking about starting your own blog, this is 60% off their original price so take advantage of this deal now! *** $2.95 a month!!!!

Bluchic themes

I am pretty picky and knew I wanted my blog to be my business and really wanted other brands to take me seriously. I needed a more professional feel to my theme so I bought one from Bluchic. I researched high and low the different types of themes available and I fell in love with all of Bluchic’s feminine themes. You can check them out here! I choose the Adelle Pro theme because I loved the slider look and just felt it fit my taste perfectly. Bluchic has so many others to choose from! Again, you don’t have to pay for a theme at all, and most beginners start with a free theme and eventually move on to a paid theme. A paid theme is easier if you don’t know much about coding because you can get the look that you want and not spend hours trying to figure out how to do it! I did design my own logo and added that to my paid theme and tweaked it here and there. If you are great at coding, then I suggest stick with a free theme and play around for a while until you know what you want for sure.
Bluchic feminine themesLove my Adelle theme!

Final Tip

So yes, this is it! I did not take any expensive blogging course that cost me hundreds of dollars. Maybe I should have but I read as much as I could that was free and I also had some idea of blogging, marketing, and social media managing in my background which has helped me tremendously!

If writing is something you love to do and comes natural to you then definitely start a blog and don’t give up! Running your own website is much more than just blogging as a hobby and if you treat it like a serious business, you will make serious money. I was able to make $500-600 a month by my 7th month of doing this part-time! (I’m talking 12-15 hours a week, not even a full 30!) After almost a year of working on my site, I’m now making $1000+ a month and every month my income grows! The best tip I can tell anyone interested in starting up their own website is read as much as you can before you launch it! Give up that nightly NetFlix binge! That won’t make you passive income! Take an hour or two for yourself and learn everything you can about SEO and running your own website! It will make things so much easier once you get it launched!

If you have any questions or are interested in how I’m able to make a great income blogging, feel free to email me here!

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