How I got 1 Million Pinterest monthly viewers

How I Got 1 Million Pinterest Monthly Viewers!

Let me start off by being up front and saying this DOES NOT mean I get 1 million monthly blog pageviews!

I don’t want to confuse new bloggers out there. When I was starting out, I was reading everything I could about increasing blog traffic. I’d come across posts that said “How I got 300,000 views in one month” and I would click on the post and find out they meant Pinterest monthly views!

No, no, no……that’s not what I was looking for! These are totally different!!

Don’t get me wrong, these are great numbers but not as great as pageview numbers to their blog and this was confusing as a new blogger.

So, what makes 1 million monthly Pinterest views any better than 300,000 Pinterest monthly views? And why should you read this post since the other ones weren’t important?

Well, all posts are important but it all depends on where your numbers are and what you’re looking to accomplish. One Million Pinterest monthly viewers are a great thing to have, especially if the majority of your blog traffic comes from Pinterest. If you already get tons of organic traffic from Google and don’t use Pinterest, then this post isn’t important to you.

If Pinterest is a huge traffic stream for your website…then keep on reading to find out why these monthly views are important!

Do Pinterest monthly views matter?

Yes and no.

Your monthly Pinterest views shows you and the world the reach that you are getting each month from Pinterest. Pinterest is a large social media platform so it is a big deal BUT and I do mean BUT, it doesn’t mean you are getting 1 million monthly pageviews to your site.

I will say this, as my Pinterest monthly views grew, so did my blog monthly pageviews. Therefor, I do believe that without a doubt these numbers do have some relation to each other.

If Pinterest is one of your strongest streams of blog traffic, then the monthly Pinterest views that you reach will absolutely matter to you!

One Million Pinterest viewers

Do followers matter?

They used to matter years ago. Now, they don’t matter as much but Pinterest seems to be changing constantly so what might be important right now could change overnight!

At the moment, you can gain tons of followers through Pinterest group boards. Here is a detailed post that I wrote about to help you more with group boards! 👇

Pinterest Groups Boards

Pinterest has recently suggested that our own personal boards are very important and group boards may not be as important as they used to at some point. As of right now, my top group boards still do really well for me so I’m going to continue to use them!

Exactly how many pagviews does 1 million monthly Pinterest views get you to your blog?

I think this is the question everyone is wondering!

I also believe it’s a different number for each person. I personally have been getting anywhere from 50,000-60,000 pageviews with 900K-1Million+ monthly Pinterest views/reach.

I am no Pinterest expert and I continue to learn as much as I can and test out new strategies constantly. If you want to learn from some bloggers that have much more experience, then I’d advise you to check out Pot Pie Girl’s PIMP course or Mommy On Purpose’s Pinterest ebook. I learned so much from both of these wonderful women!

I’ve only been blogging professionally for a year but these are my numbers and this is my personal experience. Every website is different and everyone’s pins, pinning strategies, and content are different as well. So not one formula is the same for everyone!

If you have more time to dedicate to your website, then you can easily beat these numbers within a year!

What did I do to get 1 Million monthly Pinterest views?

A lot!

In a nutshell, I learned as much as I could about Pinterest!

I manually pinned and got amazing advice from Carly, Mommy On Purpose’s Pinterest Strategy ebook like I mentioned above. I can’t recommend this book enough! It’s perfect for beginners and advanced pinners! It will teach you so much about Pinterest and help you gain traffic quickly without having to wait for Google traffic to kick in! I’ve tested her strategy time and time again and it is the best! 👇

Pinning secret method that grows blog traffic!

I also made great looking pins and if I wrote an awesome post but it didn’t seem to get much traffic, I made a new pin graphic! Sometimes what we think looks good, may not be attractive to others or scream out to people! Here are examples of some of my pin images that do well: 👇

         Makeup Must Haves for Moms     C-Section Hopsital Bag checklist printable     Blog income report How I made $800 blogging



I use Canva to make all my graphics. I tried Pic Monkey and some people rave about it but I didn’t like the lay out of it. Canva is way easier to use and they have tons of free graphics and photos available!

I also made sure I made at least two pin images per post anyway to make sure two were circling Pinterest. It’s hard to always get your pins noticed so it’s better to rotate two images rather than just one. I do not send them out the same day because you don’t want to spam or overwhelm your readers.

I spread them out by at least a week. Here is a step-by-step guide to hiding a pin image in your blog post and why it’s important! It’s important to have images in your post but you don’t want too many to distract your readers either. This post gives you the exact code to hide it perfectly.

How to hide Pinterest Pins in your blog post and gain blog traffic!

Other tips:

I also try to pin whenever I get a chance, manually pinning from my notifications, the smart feed, and my top pins. I use Tailwind for Tribes and occasionally schedule pins through Tailwind to get my pins out there that haven’t been manually pinned in a while. I have so many pins now that’s it’s hard for me to manually pin all of them since I only do this part-time.

Blogging Resources

Here is a list of ALL of my blogging resources and what methods and courses I took to get me so many views. I would never recommend anything I wouldn’t use and trust me when I say, I only spend money on what I believe is absolutely worth it! Investing back into your website is so important for gaining traffic! There are plenty of resources on this post that are also free as well! There are tons of free valuable information out there too! However, be careful who you are listening to and which blogging products are worth it!

Blogging resources to explode your blog traffic!


I hope some of these tips help you grow your Pinterest reach to 1 million Pinterest monthly viewers soon! Pinterest is an excellent source of traffic so learn as much as you can while it’s avaiable for us bloggers! 😉

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