Blog Income Report


Blog Income Report for November

Here we go, another blog income report!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep up with these but I’ve decided to do them until I make a full-time income and then I’ll probably stop.

Let’s be honest, after that it just gets weird telling the world how much money you make!

For right now, I know I’m helping others see that making money with a blog can be done. I’m also showing you how it’s possible to achieve this goal while only putting in part-time hours.

Reading blog income reports when I first started this website is what motivated me to keep going. I would see some bloggers make $5,000-$10,000 a month and was so impressed that I had to learn everything I could about it!

I’m not anywhere near those numbers yet but I sure hope to be someday! I’m so blessed to make the amount I am making today and have so many more big plans in the future of this website!

November 2018- $1,636

I made $1,636 this past November from my website.

Not too shabby for putting in part-time hours and some days even less!

Honestly, I was incredibly worried about how I would juggle my website, my other job, and my kids during this time of year.

Once mid-October hits, it’s all hectic here at my house with birthdays, holiday events and just so much going on with my kids. My husband isn’t always around because of his busy job so I literally have to squeeze time in to work on my website.

I can’t tell you enough about how being dedicated to putting the time into your blog can really show amazing results! The more time I can put into this, the more it pays!

It’s not as easy as people think it is and the beginning is the toughest part because there is so much to learn!

It literally makes your head spin!

I launched this website in April 2017 and by June of 2017, I hit 13,000 views in one month. Within 6 months I was able to apply to Mediavine which was huge for me!!

I credit so much of it to being dedicated, the support of my husband, and God.

Not to get all mushy but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve prayed asking God to give me the energy to wake up an extra hour earlier (yes, sometimes 3 or 4 am!) or help me stay awake an hour later to work on my website.

A few things that changed my income and made it jump from $1,000 a month to $1,600 was writing more, switching host companies, investing in more SEO courses, and pinning a little less on Tailwind.

Writing more

Yes, I don’t have time to write which sounds insane since I love writing and I was a freelance writer before this!

I’m not even kidding you here, I really don’t.

I love writing but it takes up most of my time. I’m super picky and I feel like editing it takes me the longest. I realize I need to just write it, publish it to get it out there, and can fix it later.

However, it’s something I seriously struggle with!

I spend most of the time I do have on my blog promoting what posts I already have published. I’m trying to write at least 4 posts a month, 6 would be perfect but as I said, I only do this part-time so it’s hard for me to keep up with.

Once I’m able to do this full-time or even next year when my youngest is in school 3 days a week, then I’ll be able to dedicate more time to it.

The more good content you write, the more traffic you will get.

It’s plain and simple.

I Upped My SEO Game

That’s right, I upped my SEO game!

It sounds funny but it makes sense for those SEO gurus out there who know what I’m talking about!

Let me tell you, I read a lot about SEO when I started but I’ll be honest with you….

At the beginning of creating your own blog or website in order to make money and grow traffic, you learn soooooooo much. Your head spins and you can forget a ton after the first few months!

You have to go back often and read it all over again and redo some of your posts!!

I have done just that and even some more!

Now of course once my posts I’ve written are done, it takes me even longer to make sure it’s SEO optimized!

I’ve learned how important this is to do! Since I started implementing that in my posts, my organic traffic has increased a great deal!

Remember, I started out writing everything for Pinterest. My goal was to get enough pageviews from Pinterest to apply for Mediavine and then optimize my posts later on for SEO.

Now, I’m slowly going back through and redoing my old posts one at a time to make sure they are SEO optimized!

It’s a lot of work! I don’t necessarily recommend it!

Resources I have used to help me learn more about SEO are:

  1. PotPieGirl’s courses (I LOVE everything she has and bought a bunch of her stuff already and learned so much from this wonderful woman!)
  2. MOZ -Their blog is packed full of great information about SEO and pretty much everything under the sun about running a blog.
  3. Traffic Transformation- Lena Gott’s Traffic Transformation was one of the best ebooks I bought!
  4. Mike Pearson’s free SEO ebook called SEO For Bloggers: The Definitive Beginners Guide (he also has an amazing course which I’m hoping to get the next time it’s available. I’ve heard nothing but great things about his course and I’ll update here more once I take it!)
  5. Anything Neil Patel has to offer! I’m not kidding, read anything you can on his site, it’s all so valuable! Whenever I’m waiting in my car for one of my kids at their school activities and have 10 minutes to spare, I go on his site and it’s all pure gold! ***TIP- you want to make money with your blog? Get off Facebook and other social media sites that suck up valuable time and read his stuff! Knowledge is power!!! 😜


Below is an image of my organic growth over time. It’s a slow burn but it’s getting there! The dips where it falls happen to be when my site crashed. It actually happened three times over the last year and a half and I had to switch hosting companies which I’ll get into more below.

Guess what happened once I switched hosting companies? (If you look at the very end of the graph below in the last month, that was when my site was completely hosted by Lyrical Host.)  My site speed increased and so did my organic traffic! 😜👇🏻

Organic search traffic


Switching Host Companies

When I started my blog, I signed up with Bluehost like every normal blogger in the beginning.

Now, I will say that they were great for me in the beginning. I didn’t have a ton of traffic and the price was right for me.

Like any new blogger, you might not have a lot to invest at first or are scared to waste money on something you might not get back in return! I knew I would eventually make money but I didn’t have a lot of extra cash to invest in the beginning so I did what I could afford.

Bluehost worked for me until I started to gain more traffic.

Once my traffic increased, my site would constantly have issues and crash in the middle of the night and it would suck!! I will say that their customer service was great and I only ever used the live chat and had no issues with them. I’ve heard other people say they’ve had problems with customer service but every time I had an issue they fixed it for me as soon as they could!

The problem is, I just kept having issues because I was having more traffic. They tried to get me to on a better plan that could handle my traffic increase but it wasn’t worth it to me.

The last issue I had with them they did fix but ended up somehow erasing my ad codes and plugin. This meant I didn’t have any ads on my site for two days which I wasn’t even aware of!! And guess what??!! That costs me money! So, not only did I lose one day of downtime but I also lost two days of ad revenue!!


I needed a host that would grow with me. I looked into Siteground but noticed once you hit 50,000 page views you had to switch hosts again to a bigger host company! I was already over 50,000 page views a month so this wasn’t even an option for me.

Remember, I don’t do this full-time!

I don’t have extra time to mess around and keep switching hosts once my pageviews hit a certain number! I want fast customer service, great speed, and a hosting company that can grow with my site! Not to mention, I NEEDED an unlimited email box and the option to add more websites to my hosting company all for one price!

I found all of that and more with Lyrical Host.

They also have a huge support system and Facebook page! Honestly, it’s more than I could ever ask for and I still have more to learn about how much they offer!

I’m no tech geek and still have a ton to learn so this was the best option for me and I couldn’t be happier. They have a bunch of plans but I went with the Boss plan because of their unlimited monthly visits. I also plan to add more websites in the future.

You can check out their hosting plans here:

Lyrical Host plans


I’m so happy with Lyrical host and not only do I never worry about my site crashing again but the speed increased dramatically and so did my organic search results!

And remember, google favors fast websites over slower ones!


*****If you’re interesting in signing up with Lyrical host, I have a special promo code that gives you 10% off your first hosting plan payment!

Just use promo code: JENNI77 

My Pinterest Strategy

My Pinterest strategy hasn’t changed a whole lot. Many of you that have read my posts before, I credit all my traffic to Pinterest and what I learned in Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies.

I am still using her Pinterest Strategy but I’ve also implemented a bit of Tailwind and another strategy to it as well.

At first, I added a lot of pins to Tailwind and noticed my traffic dropped! Even though I was still using Carly’s method with my top posts, I was using Tailwind for the rest.

Well, apparently I was using Tailwind too much!

Either Pinterest saw I wasn’t manually pinning as much or didn’t like how many pins I sent out to Tailwind. Something changed and I wasn’t getting my usual Pinterest traffic. Of course this all happened during the update so Pinterest does tend to get whacky during that time!

Then one day I accidentally let my Tailwind queue run out!

And guess what happened?

My traffic jumped again! 😳

I have to admit though, I love using Tailwind because it’s so easy and works while I sleep!

So, what did I do?

I decided to only schedule a minimum of 30 pins a day to Tailwind. I keep hearing from Facebook groups that pinning more than 30 is a waste of time so I thought I’d give it a try.

How true this is, I really have no idea but I’ll tell you what happened when I did that….

My traffic increased again! It went right back to what it was and more!

I have a lot of pins now and wanted to keep them rotating while still using the manual Pinteresting Strategies method I learned from Carly. I still needed something else to give me a boost and didn’t want to give up Tailwind just yet.

I found a strategy that uses both and has even more great tips for pinning that I’ve never seen anywhere else!

It’s called Pin Cycle Strategy from Allie at Vigor It Out!

I needed help with Tailwind badly and learned a ton of valuable information on how Allie uses Tailwind and her unique pinning method! Her pin cycle is incredible! She actually has a Pinterest Strategy Book Bundle packed full of information for a great deal!

In here book series you get the key components of a viral pin, a definitive guide for mastering SEO for Pinterest, and her awesome Pin Cycle Strategy!

Allie shares her secrets in her ebook bundle about what she did to increase her Pinterest views from 0 to 4.3 million views in under a year! It also brought her blog from 0 to 170,000 page views a month! Incredible!!

The tips from her ebook also kicked things into high gear for me and helped increase my traffic which in turn increased my income! 🤑

****Best part is that Allie gave me a coupon code just for my readers! If you use the code SHERRI10OFF when you check out, you’ll get a discount on either her entire book bundle or you can use it on her ebooks separately!


Tailwind Tribes

I’m still using Tribes and although some days it feels a bit time consuming, I have seen the results and feel they are worth it.

In November alone, I had almost 10,000 sessions all from Tribes!

Not too bad, huh?

I’ll stick with Tribes as long as I can or at least until my SEO game improves!

Here is my screenshot from my Tribes Traffic 👇🏻

Tailwind Tribes traffic


If you are new to Tailwind Tribes and don’t know where to begin, I recommend reading Hairs Out Of Place Tribes For Traffic ebook! It explained everything to me and was reasonably priced!

This ebook will help you get the Tribes traffic you need in no time fast!

If you don’t have a Tailwind account and would like to learn more about it, click here!

Blog Income 

So here is the breakdown of exactly how I made money this month!

Amazon: $331.35

Ads: $1,275.28

Other affiliates: 30.00


So, there you have it! Another blog income report! I honestly can’t describe how thankful I am to be able to make this much money from something I truly love doing and am passionate about!

If you also love to write, are a little artsy and enjoy web design and creation, then what are you waiting for?

For a step-by-step guide on how to start a blog, click here 👇🏻

How to start a blog and make passive income


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