Pregnancy symptoms for a girl

Pregnancy Symptoms For A Girl

Are you pregnant and wonder if you’re having a baby boy or girl? Here are the most common pregnancy symptoms for a girl!

I’ve been pregnant 4 times with 3 girls and one baby boy. The difference in my pregnancies was unbelievable!

I’m here to share with you the common pregnancy symptoms for a baby girl that many moms have to see if they’re just a myth or really gender-related!


Morning Sickness is Worse With a Girl!

I was so sick with my girls, I don’t mean just nauseous, I mean I couldn’t eat and everything made me feel terrible! Mornings were the WORST and usually by mid-afternoon (around 2ish) I felt a bit better.

The biggest difference between being pregnant with my girls and my boy was that even though I was very nauseous with my boy (at night for some reason) I did not vomit during my boy pregnancy. With all three of my girl pregnancies, I was vomiting. I was without a doubt sicker with my girls. I also literally looked sick as well with them.

I used to say they sucked all the beauty out of me while pregnant with them and I swear it was true! They came out gorgeous and healthy so that’s all that matters!

Is morning sickness a myth with girl pregnancies?

Maybe not! Studies show that women who are diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum in the first trimester give birth to a higher number of female newborns. 

Want to know how I survived morning sickness and what remedies helped my terrible nausea? Click the photo below for more info!

morning sickness cures


Heart Rate is Faster With A Girl Pregnancy

With all 3 of my girls, their heart rate was 165 and up! With my boy, he was around 142-145! My first girl was around 176, the second was 167, and the third was almost 180. Old wives’ tales say that most baby girls have a fetal heart rate of 160+ and boys are below that range.

This was a huge indicator for me that my fourth baby was a boy. However, this may not be true for everyone!

Studies show that there is no truth in this myth once again! They found no significant difference in female and male heart rates during their first and third trimesters. 

Everyone’s body is different, you will have to decide yourself if that is a myth or not, I truly believe the heart rate isn’t a myth, though!

Skin Changes During your Pregnancy

When I was pregnant with my girls, my skin broke out a lot. I was also so sensitive to different kinds of cleansers and soaps! This soap was the ONLY brand I could use that was sensitive enough and didn’t make me break out!

Let me tell ya, my “glow” was more of a green tint because I was so sick with my girls all the time. I can honestly say when I was pregnant with my son, my skin looked great and I finally had that beautiful pregnancy glow I always heard about!

Again, this was just my personal experience, however, there is no scientific evidence that backs up this myth. Doctors claim that the pregnancy glow is due to an increase in hormone levels and greater blood volume. (source

For more information on skin changes during pregnancy, click here

skin changes in women pregnant with girlsegnant

Craving Sweets

Once I was able to actually eat something by my second trimester with all 3 of my girls, I craved chocolate, ice cream, and anything sweet!

THIS WAS NOT the case with my baby boy!

I remember going to a family member’s house for dinner and having steak which I normally like! I could not swallow this steak! It was too salty for me and just something that I wasn’t able to eat at the time. My husband looked at me strangely because I usually enjoy steak but my baby wanted no parts of it! All I wanted was sweets and maybe some pasta.

Is craving sweets while pregnant with a baby girl a myth?

Once again, they say this is just a myth and there is no actual science to back this one up. Doctors say craving certain foods is your body’s way of telling you what it needs!


Baby Girl Bump Shape

Is there such a thing?

Honestly, I’m not so sure about this one.

Many moms swear they carried a boy differently than they carried their girls. I didn’t feel like the shape of my belly was any different from my boy. The only difference I had was that I gained more weight with my boy, he just felt heavier but that was it for me. 

I can’t tell you how many times during my pregnancy (with my girls) that people would tell me I look like I’m carrying a boy and they were wrong! Some women say a baby boy pregnancy belly extends out more like you’re carrying a basketball and is lower than usual. A girl pregnancy belly seems to appear wider and mothers say they gain more weight in their butt and hips. 

Is this one a myth?

There are no studies that back this one up and I think this one depends on the mother’s body shape to begin with. I’m tall and I felt like my belly was the same for all of them but I believe the shape of your body has more to do with it than anything else. Also, diastasis recti can also play a major role in your pregnancy belly shape. 

For more information on symptoms of a baby boy pregnancy, click here or the photo below!

Pregnancy symptoms for a boy

Hair changes

My hair looked beautiful with all 4 of my pregnancies so I don’t believe there was any difference in this myth. Some people say that your hair looks better while pregnant with a boy than a girl. 

I will tell you that my overall appearance looked better during my boy pregnancy than with my girls. However, with all 4 of my pregnancies, I did experience postpartum hair loss but I noticed it seemed to be worse with my girl pregnancies than my boy.

Wondering how I treated postpartum hair loss? Click here or the photo below!

Postpartum Hair Loss

Urine Color

So, I must admit, I didn’t think this was a thing until I was pregnant with my boy.

With all of my girl pregnancies, my urine color looked completely normal to me, so I never questioned this. However, once I was pregnant with my boy, my urine was incredibly darker in color!

Now, I know what you’re going to say, this obviously means that I was dehydrated because research shows that the darker your urine is, the more dehydrated you are. Many doctors indicate it could be a change in medication or prenatal vitamins that may cause a dark urine color.

However, I’m here to tell you that I took the same amazing prenatal vitamins with the last 3 pregnancies prior to my fourth, was never on any medications, and drank more water with my fourth pregnancy than my other 3 because I wasn’t as sick!

Looking for a great prenatal vitamin? These are my favorites below:

Linea Nigra Belly Line

Do you have this dark line on your pregnant belly?

I had linea nigra with all 4 of my pregnancies. The only difference I noticed was that it seemed darker with my boy pregnancy than with my girls.

The myth believed about this belly line is that if it appears darker and it extends from the mother’s rib cage down to her uterus, then the mother is pregnant with a boy. If the linea nigra is fainter in color and starts at the belly button down to the uterus, then the woman is pregnant with a girl.

In my experience, the myth that the line is darker with a boy pregnancy than a girl was true for me. The myth that the line extends past the belly button was not accurate in my situation.

To learn more about linea nigra and answer all your pregnancy belly line questions, click here or the photo below!

What is linea nigra- pregnancy belly line


Breast Size and soreness

The old wives’ tale says if your left breast appears bigger than your right, this means you are pregnant with a girl. This may be true for some moms but this was not the case for me.

The only thing I noticed was that my breasts felt sorer while pregnant with my girls than they did with my boy. However, many moms swear by this breast size change while pregnant with their girl.

Is this a myth?

Studies show that women a woman’s breast volume may indicate if she’s having a boy or a girl more than the asymmetry or breast size. Women who carried a boy had somewhat larger breasts in each trimester than women who carried a girl. Therefore, the pregnancy-induced volume may be a better indicator of a fetus’ sex than if one breast is larger than the other.

How did you know you were having a baby girl?

The two biggest symptoms for me that let me know I was having a baby girl were the severe morning sickness I had with my girls and the breakouts on my skin.

My skin looked so clear and beautiful while I was pregnant with my boy! I was nauseous with him but everyone told me I looked great and I didn’t feel as if he sucked the beauty out of me! HA!

My craving for sweets and high heart rate was also more indicators they were girl pregnancies!

I hope this helps some other moms determine what gender their baby is! If you agree or disagree with any of these pregnancy symptoms and have experienced these, let us know in the comments!


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