Pregnancy symptoms for a boy

Signs You Are Pregnant With a Boy

Wondering if you’re having a baby boy? Here are the most common pregnancy symptoms for a boy many mothers have! Are these just myths? After having 3 baby girls, I explain in detail the different pregnancy symptoms I had with my baby boy compared to my girls! 

As soon as a woman finds out she’s pregnant, the most common question she asks herself is what gender will the baby be?

There are many myths and old wives’ tales that can give us some hints about the gender of our baby but are they actually true?

Keep reading below to hear about the most common pregnancy symptoms for a boy and what I experienced personally that let me know I was finally pregnant with a boy after having 3 girls!


Morning Sickness isn’t as bad with a boy

So, this is a big symptom here!

I had terrible morning sickness with all 3 of my girls! In some cases, I had all day sickness that just never seemed to let up!

When I got pregnant with my boy, I was nauseous but only at night! This was a huge difference for me and I did not vomit at all! Every night, like clockwork, I got incredibly nauseous around 6 PM and it wasn’t nearly as bad as it was with my girls!

Is this one a myth? Maybe not! Studies show that women who are diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum in the first trimester give birth to a higher number of female newborns. 

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morning sickness cures


Change In Urine Color

Okay, I realize this one is a bit weird!

However, the first thing I noticed when I was pregnant with my baby boy was that my urine was WAY darker than usual!

Now, I know what you’re going to say, this obviously means that I was dehydrated because research shows that the darker your urine is, the more dehydrated you are. Many doctors indicate it could be a change in medication or prenatal vitamins that may cause a dark urine color.

However, I’m here to tell you that I took the same amazing prenatal vitamins with the last 3 pregnancies prior to my fourth, was never on any medications, and I drank more water with my fourth pregnancy than my other 3 because I wasn’t as sick!

I pointed this out to my husband immediately because it was a big difference for me, it may not be true for everyone and just an old wives’ tale, but this was the case for me! In fact, since my husband is the only male in our household, my girls and I always know when he uses the bathroom and doesn’t flush the toilet because his urine is so much darker than ours!

Yes, this is weird and probably TMI for some of you! HA! But, I’m telling you this was a huge difference for me and a red flag that this baby may be a boy!

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Heart Rate

This was also a huge indicator for me that I was having a baby boy. Old wives’ tales say that most baby girls have a fetal heart rate of 160+ and boys are below that range.

With all 3 of my girls, their heart rate was in the 170s and up. With my boy, he was around 142-145!

Is this one a myth?

Studies show that there is no truth in this myth once again! They found no significant difference in female and male heart rates during their first and third trimesters. 


Craving Salty Foods When Pregnant With a Boy

I love my sweets, especially chocolate! When I was pregnant with my 3 girls, once the 4th month of pregnancy started and I could hold down my food, I wanted lots of ice cream and sweets!

THIS WAS NOT the case with my baby boy!

Again, I knew something was different here, I couldn’t even have sweet lemon candies that helped with my nighttime nausea! Nothing and I mean nothing that was sweet could enter my mouth!

I craved salt and one of my favorite things to eat was tomatoes! I would literally sprinkle salt on a tomato and eat a whole bowl of them! I couldn’t get enough! My husband and daughters would laugh at me! I craved guacamole which I never even liked before I was pregnant this time around! All I wanted was spicy and salty, or fatty, keep me away from the sweets! 

Once again, they say this is just a myth and there is no actual science to back this one up. Doctors say craving certain foods is your body’s way of telling you what it needs!

craving salty foods during pregnancy


Changes in Your Skin

Another big difference I noticed was that my skin looked great while I was pregnant with my son.

During my pregnancies with my daughters, my skin broke out a lot! I was so sensitive to different soaps and creams that I normally used and I just DID NOT have that glow everyone talks about!!

Let me tell ya, my “glow” was more of a green tint because I was so sick with my girls all the time. I can honestly say when I was pregnant with my son, my skin looked great and I finally had that beautiful pregnancy glow I always heard about!

Again, this was just my personal experience, however, there is no scientific evidence that backs up this myth. Doctors claim that the pregnancy glow is due to an increase in hormone levels and greater blood volume. (source

For more information on skin changes during pregnancy, click here

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Itching During Pregnancy

It’s very normal to have an itchy belly while you’re pregnant. Your skin is glowing and stretching so this was normal for me with my first 3 girl pregnancies to be a little itchy. 

However, when I was pregnant with my boy, my belly was incredibly itchy! I thought it was the stretch mark cream I used even though I used the same product for all of my pregnancies so that wouldn’t make sense.

I went to my doctor because I started to get worried it could be cholestasis and she assured me I was fine and it was just my skin stretching. Cholestasis is normally present in the third trimester and makes your hands and feet very itchy, this was not the case for me at all, so I was good!

If you are having this issue, please talk to your doctor! For more information on your skin itching during pregnancy, click here.

I later learned this is another old wives’ tale that if you’re very itchy while pregnant, it could mean that you’re having a baby boy! 

Unfortunately, again, there is no scientific evidence to back this one up either. Being itchy during pregnancy is just another normal pregnancy symptom that can happen when pregnant with both genders.

Baby Boy Pregnancy Belly

Many moms swear they carried a boy differently than they carried their girls. I didn’t feel like the shape of my belly was any different from my boy. The only difference I had was that I gained more weight with my boy, he just felt heavier but that was it for me. 

I can’t tell you how many times during my pregnancy (with my girls) that people would tell me I look like I’m carrying a boy and they were wrong! 

Some women say a baby boy pregnancy belly extends out more like you’re carrying a basketball and is lower than usual. A girl pregnancy belly seems to appear wider and mothers say they gain more weight in their butt and hips. 

Is this one a myth?

There are no studies that back this one up and I think this one depends on the mother’s body shape to begin with. I’m tall and I felt like my belly was the same for all of them but I believe the shape of your body has more to do with it than anything else. Also, diastasis recti can also play a major role in your pregnancy belly shape. 


Linea Nigra is more present

Do you have that dark pregnancy line on your belly? That’s called linea nigra!

The old wives’ tale is that if linea nigra appears darker and it extends from the mother’s rib cage down to her uterus, then the mother is pregnant with a boy. If the linea nigra is fainter in color and starts at the belly button down to the uterus, then the woman is pregnant with a girl.

I have to say for all 4 of my pregnancies, my linea nigra line was the same. The only difference I noticed between my boy pregnancy compared to my girls was that the pregnancy line was darker with my boy. The myth that it being longer wasn’t accurate in my case.

To learn more about linea nigra and answer all your pregnancy belly line questions, click here or the photo below!

What is linea nigra- pregnancy belly line


How did you know you were having a boy?

I got asked this one a lot and the bottom line is, after having 3 girls, I just knew I was having baby boy pregnancy symptoms. There were soooo many differences and signs! Overall, I think it all depends on the mom and her health but it was pretty clear to me my fourth baby was a little boy!

They can call these old wives’ tales or myths, but the majority of them were very accurate for me!

I hope this helps some other moms determine what gender their baby is! If you agree or disagree with any of these pregnancy symptoms and have experienced these, let us know in the comments!


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Pregnancy symptoms for a boy


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