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Pregnancy Belly Line Linea Nigra

As I sit here pregnant for my fourth time, I often get asked by my children about this crazy pregnancy line that goes up and down my belly. I told them it is called linea nigra and they looked at me like I had 3 heads!

As strange as this may seem, through all four pregnancies, I’ve had the line but it seems to appear darker with each pregnancy. So many questions my children had that provoked me to find some answers about this pregnancy belly line, also known as linea nigra

I’ve also asked my friends about this line and most of them have never had it! I thought this was a normal thing that all pregnant women got!

I’ve had so many questions about this line over the years that I had to find out more about it! 

So, if you are also pregnant or know someone who is and they have the same questions about the linea nigra belly line during pregnancy, then keep reading! 


What is linea nigra?

Linea Nigra which means “black line” in Latin, is a linear midline band of macular hyperpigmentation that can run from the pubic bone vertically all the way up to the chest. This hyperpigmentation is most common during pregnancy due to the increase in production of melanin and estrogen levels. 

Everyone has a faint line or band called a linea alba that runs down the midline of the abdomen. It is normally too fair to see. However, when a woman becomes pregnant, this line can get darker due to the increase in melanin production.

In 90% of pregnant women, some type of hyperpigmentation is seen. Normally, the first sign of any hyperpigmentation is the darkening around the nipples which can take place in the first trimester. 

One thing I found interesting was then linea nigra is most commonly found on women of darker skin types. Fair-skinned women, like my mother who did not have this line, develop hyperpigmentation less often than darker-skinned women. 

My mother is of Polish decent and very pale and had no signs of linea nigra. However, I’ve had it with all 4 of my babies and have more of my father’s Italian skin tone which is much darker than my mom’s. 


When does linea nigra appear?

Research shows that linea nigra does not appear on a mother’s stomach until the second or third trimester. It can appear as a faint line at first and then gradually becomes darker as your third trimester moves on. 

Oddly enough, I didn’t think I would even get the line during my fourth pregnancy since it developed later than it did with my other pregnancies.

However, it eventually appeared and it actually looked much darker than it did with my other pregnancies! So, this was surprising to me! 


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When does linea nigra go away?

Linea Nigra

Yes, I am proof that linea nigra will disappear

It may take a few months to completely go away. With my last pregnancy, it took about 4-5 months to disappear. At the very end when it was almost gone but very faint, I exfoliated it with a great lemon sugar scrub and it cleaned off any dead skin and cleared most of it up! The citric acid in the lemon will help lighten up the line! 

This is the one I used below:

Here is another great lemon brightening scrub that also works amazing! 

Get yourself a good exfoliating scrubber or sponge to apply the lemon scrub and scrub away! 



I have heard that applying Apple Cider Vinegar may help it fade but I’ve never tried this before. ACV is all-natural so it won’t hurt you in any way and if you’re really self-conscious about it, then dab a few cotton balls of ACV and see if it helps! 



You can also add some cocoa butter or vitamin E oil on your line after scrubbing it with the lemon sugar. The vitamin E or cocoa butter will help keep the line moist and lighten it as well. This will also help reduce any stretch marks you may have during your pregnancy as well. 




Can I Prevent Linea Nigra?

Studies show that folate can help prevent hyperpigmentation such as linea nigra. Therefore, eat lots of leafy greens and make sure you take a great vitamin like this one that has folate in it! 


Wear sunscreen! The sun causes us to tan which can also cause more hyperpigmentation making our linea nigra even darker.

Therefore, grab a great sunscreen that’s safe for mama and baby like this one



Is Linea Nigra gender-related?

I can tell you right now that it isn’t! I’ve had four pregnancies, 3 girls and one boy and had this line with all four of them. 

However, with this fourth pregnancy with my son, my pregnancy line took quite a while to appear which made me believe that I wasn’t going to get it at all! Like I mentioned above, once my last trimester hit, it appeared fast and strong. It is very dark now just like it was with my third pregnancy. 

So I can confirm that the linea nigra gender myth is not true! I had it with both genders!


Linea Nigra is just another reminder of our pregnancy journey and what us mothers go through! There is nothing bad about it and it will eventually fade, it just may take longer to disappear depending on how dark your line was. Enjoy this pregnancy belly line if you have it, take photos of it to show your baby when he or she is older, and embrace it! Because like everything else, this time of your life will pass all too quickly! 

I hope this information on linea nigra helped answer some questions you had! 


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Pregnancy belly line Linea Nigra

Pregnancy Belly Line Linea Nigra