Postpartum Hair Loss


Postpartum Hair Loss- What Can I Do About It

Postpartum hair loss is no joke!

It is very common and happens to most women after they’ve given birth. You would think after 9 months of exhausting pregnancy that we’d get a break once we recovered from our deliveries?!

Oh no, no breaks here! Being a mom is an endless job, a rewarding one, but one that comes with many obstacles!

Our bodies are ever-changing and once we start to feel better and get closer to looking back to normal….our hair begins to fall out!

Seriously??? Like we haven’t had been put through enough already?

That’s why I’m here to help you with postpartum hair loss! Find out why postpartum hair loss happens, when it starts, how to prevent losing your hair after having a baby, and most importantly, some vitamins and remedies for postpartum hair loss!

I just had my fourth baby less than 7 months ago. This time around I was ready to prevent and treat the hair loss debacle!

However, after I had my first baby, I was nowhere near prepared! It was scary and I thought I was seeing things until my hairdresser noticed it, which made me feel even worse!

So, here are some answers to your questions you might have about postpartum hair loss and what you can do about it!


Disclaimer: Remember, I am not a doctor, I can’t prevent, cure, or diagnose any illness. Always be sure to ask your doctor for more information and what they recommend!

What can I do about Postpartum Hair Loss

When Does Postpartum Hair Loss Start?

Postpartum hair loss can start anywhere between a few weeks after giving birth up to 6-7 months. Hair loss after birth is completely normal…so don’t freak!

The AAD says that dermatologists describe hair loss after giving birth as excessive hair shedding and not true hair loss. Reading that honestly made me feel so much better when I first went through this!

The excessive shedding is caused by the dropping of our estrogen levels.

It can be intimidating the first time you have this happen to you but just remember, this is normal and yet another part of motherhood!

Why Does Postpartum Hair Loss Happen?

Our hormones increase and change dramatically during pregnancy. Many women tend to think that their hair grows much more during pregnancy, but in reality, what’s actually happening is that you aren’t shedding any hair like you normally would.

The hormone that affects us most is called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) or otherwise known as the pregnancy hormone. Normally, this hormone will double every 72 hours for the first few weeks of pregnancy. You can read more about the HCG pregnancy hormone here.

So, the hair that you normally lose every day is staying on your head because of the rise of hormones. Then all of a sudden you give birth and the rise in hormones you had with HCG…drop!

So, guess what happens to your hair? Yes…it sheds like it used to but so much more now!


 Aren’t we lucky?

How to prevent postpartum hair loss

How Long Does Postpartum Hair Loss Last?

Hair loss after having a baby can last anywhere from a few weeks up to a few months. Don’t worry, it doesn’t all come out at once!

That would be scary!

It really all depends on the person but it will fall out gradually over the first few months postpartum. I noticed mine came out mostly after I washed my hair and combed my hair out when it’s wet. We all lose some hair after we wash and comb it out but you will probably notice much more hair in your comb/brush after giving birth.

Don’t freak out…this is normal!

Your hair should regain its normal fullness within a year or two. In my case, I noticed my stop falling out by 7 months postpartum and it grew back in completely by the time my baby was a year and a half.


How To Prevent Postpartum Hair Loss

First of all, I’m going to be straightforward with you and tell you there’s no surefire way to completely stop hair shedding after having a baby.

Your hair will start to shed no matter what!

However, you can slow the process down a bit and you can also do things to help your hair grow more! Trust me, after having 4 babies, I’ve learned a few things about my hair and pregnancy hormones along the way!

I’ve figured out a few tricks that work and many that are a waste of my time and money! Below are a few things that helped me prevent such a drastic postpartum hair loss!

Adding some vitamins, a healthy diet, and a great shampoo to your regimen can help ease the loss of your hair after delivery!

Eat a High-Protein Diet!

Eating a diet rich in protein can help reduce the loss of hair. This may be difficult when you are exhausted with your newborn! Making your diet rich in protein is very important for both mom and baby, especially if you are breastfeeding!

Here are some foods to eat that are protein-rich and have B vitamins and iron to help minimize hair loss:

  • Eggs
  • Yogurt- or any fermented dairy products
  • Red meat
  • Beans
  • avacodos

High protein diet can help prevent postpartum hair loss

Vitamins For Postpartum Hair Loss

The first step in preventing dramatic postpartum hair loss and to make sure you continue to take your prenatal vitamins!

Do this especially if you are still breastfeeding! You and baby can only benefit from the extra vitamins!

There are many prenatal vitamins on the market and I understand they can get costly but if you can splurge a bit anywhere, this prenatal brand is my favorite! It has the best ingredients and never made me sick while I was pregnant!

Click the photo below for more info:

Or you can take a Postnatal Vitamin like this one from Actif Postnatal Organic Vitamins. These vitamins are perfect for breastfeeding mamas and have known to increase breastmilk by 50%!

Postnatal vitamins like these give new moms the protein and important nutrients we need for energy and slow down the excessive hair shedding!

Add some Collagen to your diet!

Collagen can not only help your hair, but it can also help your skin, nails, and joints! You see, collagen makes up a large part of your dermis, almost 70%! As we age, our bodies produce fewer amounts of collagen which is why our hair gets thinner as we get older.

Adding a collagen supplement during those postpartum weeks may help boost your skin’s elasticity and hair growth! For more information on the benefits of collagen, click here.

Here are 3 high-quality collagen powders that are grass-fed and my favorite to use!

(Always consult your doctor before taking anything if you are breastfeeding or currently taking other medication)

Click the photos below for more information:


Serums for Postpartum hair loss

If you are breastfeeding and don’t feel comfortable taking a supplement, try adding a hair thickening serum or shampoo to your styling regimen!

My hairdresser suggested this serum from ColorProof Biorepair to me after I had my second baby. I loved the smell and I did notice the shedding slowed down a bit and it made my hair feel thicker.

If you’re looking for an all-natural solution, then castor oil is your answer! Castor Oil has been known to thicken hair and even eyebrows! So easy to apply and safe to use!

I’m literally addicted to this Redken anti-snap stuff below! I started using it after my first baby because my hairdresser said it will help stop breakage and add protein in my hair.

The smell is amazing and it helps calm my frizzy, thin hair fast!

Try a Shampoo For Postpartum Hair Loss and Thinning hair:

Both Purador and Biotin Shampoo and Conditioners below were recommended by my hairstylist as the best anti-thinning shampoos around!

Adding these to your styling regimen can help thicken your hair and regrowth and make your postpartum hair loss much less noticeable!

Click the photos for more info:


Postpartum Hair Loss Styles

Women tend to lose hair around the face and hairline area the most.

Ask your hairdresser for a flattering new cut! You can also style your hair in braids, low ponytails, and using cute bandanas can hide your flyaways until they grow out!

Here are some options below that I’ve used:



Final Thoughts On Postpartum Hair Loss

Some women tend to lose more hair after giving birth than others. I know many of my friends that didn’t have an issue with losing their hair postpartum and some that lost much more than me! Everyone’s postpartum experience is different. However, I can tell you that these tips above helped decrease the amount of hair that I lost dramatically compared to the first and second time I had a baby and didn’t use any of those products.

The most important advice I can give you to limit postpartum hair loss is to eat a healthy diet, continue to take a great prenatal or postnatal vitamin, add collagen to your diet, and limit excessive amounts of stress.

Yes, stress can play a major factor in our body’s response to things and we all know having a newborn is stressful, especially when you have other little ones to care for! Ask for help from family and friends when you need a break!

I hope these postpartum hair loss tips helped you as much as they helped me!



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