Yeast diaper rash remedy


Yeast Diaper Rash Treatment

Is your baby suffering from a terrible yeast diaper rash otherwise known as thrush?

Have you tried everything to treat it and nothing is working? Not even prescribed Nystatin?

Poor mama and poor baby! I know how terrible this kind of rash can be and I’m here to tell you exactly what worked to fix my baby’s yeast diaper rash at home fast!

Babies can get all kinds of rashes as they grow up and determining which is which and how to treat these rashes can be overwhelming and stressful!

When your baby is suffering from a yeast diaper rash, it’s just one more problem we have to solve! I’m here to help you with this one so you can solve it faster than me and not have to experiment as much as I did!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor so this is not medical advice, just something that has worked great for me and my family. Please ask your doctor for further recommendations.


Diaper Rash Versus Yeast Infection

Before we get into what worked for me, let’s talk a little bit about yeast infections and diaper rashes in babies. Find out the difference between them and how they are caused to begin with!

Many of you may ask what exactly is a yeast diaper rash and how is this different from a regular diaper rash?

A thrush or yeast diaper rash on your baby is usually very red in appearance. The best way to know for sure if it’s yeast is if you’ve tried your usual diaper cream on your baby and it doesn’t help the rash at all, in fact it will make it a bit worse sometimes!

This is a sure sign that something else is happening here!

Symptoms of a Yeast Diaper Rash

Here are telltale signs it’s yeast rash:

  • skin is very red and has red dots or pimples
  • rash appears in the folds of genitals, armpits, butt, or leg areas
  • baby already has thrush in their mouth or mom has it on her nipples
  • plain regular diaper cream alone is not doing the trick!

A regular diaper rash is not as red and is normally smoother and more chapped looking. It also tends to get better with each diaper cream application.

For more information on signs and symptoms of candidiasis (yeast infection), click here.

What Causes A Yeast Diaper Rash?

There are many causes for yeast infection in the diaper area. It can be caused by too much moisture or heat in the area with an already present diaper rash. A child with a depressed immune system can also have increased yeast overgrowth or a high sugary diet. Also, antibiotics can also be a factor in causing yeast growth. A baby or breastfeeding mother taking antibiotics can cause yeast to grow. 

Yeast Diaper Rash Remedy That Worked For Us

Most doctors will prescribe Nystatin cream. This is what our doctor gave my son. However, this did not work at all! I felt like the rash kept getting worse and it was 3-4 days later and I had enough of it already! 

I tried using coconut oil alone but this also didn’t work. Coconut oil worked wonders for thrush rash on baby’s neck and between their arms and armpit folds, but not at all in the diaper rash area.

The rash in the diaper area was much worse and getting more red by the minute. 

Below is a photo of thush rash in the arm fold:

yeast rash or yeast thrush on baby's arm

Lotrimin For Diaper Rash?

I remembered years ago our old pediatrician recommend using Lotrimin or Monistat over Nystatin cream when my oldest had a yeast diaper infection!

So, off to the drugstore I went! I decided to go with Monistat7! Why did I choose Monistat7 over Lotrimin? Monistat is made with Miconazole Nitrate 2% and Lotrimin is made with Clotrimazole 1%. Both are very similar, however, after reading this study on the comparative between the two ingredients and which worked better, I decided to go with the Monistat7 since it seemed more gentle for my baby’s skin and also more affective.

However, if all you have available is the Lotrimin, give it a shot because it should work but probably not as fast.  

Best Diaper Rash Cream

I knew my baby needed a good barrier cream along with the Nystatin and we already use Burt’s Bees Diaper cream but I was running low so I went and got some more. We like Burt’s Bees because it’s all natural and great for sensitive skin. If there’s a diaper cream that you prefer more and is gentle on baby’s skin, then use whatever kind you like. This is just what really worked best for us! 

Here is a list of everything you’ll need:



How to Apply Yeast Diaper Rash Remedy

Once you have all the ingredients you need, be sure your baby is clean and dry. Then apply the Monistat7 all over your baby’s rash area. Once it is all covered, then add a layer of Burt’s Bees diaper cream. The Burt’s Bees will then act as a barrier here on top of the Monistat7. Using the Monistat7 alone will do the trick but you’ll notice your baby’s skin may get too dried out or chapped. 

Be sure to change your baby’s diaper frequently throughout the day! Every time your baby is wet, use the natural wipes to clean your baby off, dry the area with a soft towel or paper towel, then apply the Monistat and then the Burt’s Bees on top. 

This should work and you will notice a difference by day 2!

This yeast diaper rash formula worked for my baby and he looked great by day 3, however, it may take some of you a bit longer. Once my baby’s rash was cleared up, we no longer used the Monistat7. I did not need it for the entire 7 days and you shouldn’t either! 

A baby getting his diaper changed and getting treatment for yeast diaper rash


What happens if Monistat doesn’t clear it up?

If the yeast diaper rash remedy above does not work for your baby, then I recommend trying gentian violet in place of the Monistat7.

However, I’m hoping you won’t need to resort to that and let me explain why:

Gentian violet is MESSY A purple explosion everywhere and doesn’t come off of anything!

I’m talking incredibly messy and stains like a b*%$h!! I had to use it for my nipple thrush which I explain in this post here. I was only putting tiny amounts on my nipple and that was messy enough, I can’t imagine having to put it all over my baby’s diaper area. 

Most likely, the Monistat7 and diaper cream will work so you shouldn’t have to use the gentian violet remedy but I wanted to add it here just as a LAST resort because it also works excellent in fighting yeast. 


Tips On Preventing Yeast Diaper Rash

The first question I had when all this happened was how the heck do I prevent yeast diaper rash from happening again??

So, here’s what I discovered and some things we also used to help us treat and prevent it from happening again to our baby.

Treat the first sign of thrush as quickly as you can!

If your baby has thrush in their mouth or you have a terrible thrush pain on your nipples, then trust me when I say, treat this first! This can spread and cause a yeast diaper rash or vice versa! 

For tips on how to treat nipple thrush fast, click here or the photo below!

nipple thrush treatment

Keep baby dry as much as possible

Yeast loves moist areas, so change their diaper as often as you can. Avoid them sitting in wet clothes or wet diapers for long periods of time. Let them run around without a diaper for a few minutes throughout the day if you can! Air them out whenever possible! 

Check your baby wipes

Most babies have sensitive skin and may not be able to handle regular store bought baby wipes with the added chemicals. You can either make your own baby wipes like I have before or buy non toxic, 90% water based natural wipes instead. You can also just use a plain paper towel and wet it in warm water. Be sure to pay dry baby well afterwards.

Give baby LOTS of yogurt!

My babies have all been a fan of Stonyfield or Mama bear yogurt which doesn’t have any extra sugar in it. If your baby is old enough to eat this yogurt or any all natural yogurt, give it a try! 



Try some Probiotic Drops

If you can’t get your baby to eat yogurt, give them some baby probiotic drops. Always be sure to check with your doctor first!

Our doctor recommended adding some baby probiotic drops on my nipples just before I nursed my baby and I truly believe this helped speed up the healing process! These are the baby probiotic drops we used. If your baby is a little older, you can give them a chewable gummy probiotic! My older girls like this brand.


I also took probiotics myself because I’m still breastfeeding my baby, so this also helped move things along faster as well! 

Say NO to sugar!

Babies shouldn’t be having sugar to begin with but if your baby is a bit older trying new foods, than this may be part of the problem. Take notice if your toddler is eating more carbs or sugary treats than normal. Keep sugar away from them for a while until the yeast infection goes away!


Final Thoughts On Yeast Diaper Infections

I hope this yeast diaper rash home remedy helps other moms out there struggling to find a solution when the prescription Nystatin doesn’t work! This yeast infection diaper rash remedy will help your baby within just a few days so you and your baby will be much happier in no time! 

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