Amazing essential oils for the Holiday season!

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Amazing Christmas Essential Oils You need to Try!

You all know how much I love essential oils. I bought my first bottle of Thieves almost 3 years ago and have added so much to my collection over the years! Yes, at first I was also skeptical of what people claimed these oils could do but now, I can’t believe it took me so long to buy them! If you know a mom or friend that is curious about the oils but scared to try them, hook them up with a starter kit! You can also buy them a bottle of Thieves and trust me, they’ll be hooked and thank you over and over again!

Last year YL came out with a Christmas Spirit scent and I never tried it. Well….let me tell you, this is my new love! I finally bought a bottle this year and can’t believe it took me a whole year to get it! I’m in heaven!! No more candles in our house! During the holiday season I normally diffuse Thieves and add extra cinnamon bark oil to it or orange oil and have always loved that smell. I still enjoy it, but once I smelled Christmas Spirit, I’ll never go back! Yes, it’s that good! One of my best friends told me she actually diffuses it all year-long! I can’t describe the smell but it’s unlike any candle or stuffy perfume scent that you would think it would be. Christmas Spirit is a combination of Cinnamon Bark, Orange, and Spruce which are three of my favorite! So throw those toxic candles in the trash and grab yourself a diffuser and some Christmas Spirit instead this year!

Christmas Spirit essential oil

Young Living is having a special this holiday season and including Christmas Spirit oil for every 100PV you spend! Click here for more details! Essential oils have helped my family so much! For more information about why I love essential oils, click here.

I make my own foaming hand soap with essential oils and normally add Thieves during the winter months to help fight off cold and flu germs. However, this Christmas I am making my soap with Christmas Spirit because I can’t get enough of that beautiful scent! To learn more about making your own foaming hand soap and my recipe, click here.

foaming hand soap with Thieves

There are so many other essential oils that are perfect for diffusing this holiday season. Below are a photos of just a few of them.

Pine essential oil     frankincense & Christmas essential oilChristmas essential oils

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