Third trimester checklist


It’s hard to believe that I’m in my third trimester and trying to get everything ready for our little baby boy on his way! There is so much that I need to have done in the next 8 weeks, I could scream! 

I probably have more of a third trimester checklist than other mothers out there if they’re having their first or second baby since this is my fourth! My list of things to get done seems to be endless at the moment between getting work situated, having my other 3 children taken care of, meals prepped, house cleaned, and their crazy schedules set and ready for my husband to handle! 

However, with all of that going on, I still have the basic third trimester to-do lists that need to be done before baby number four arrives! I have experienced this four times so I’m here to help other moms trying to balance it all and get it all done!

It’s crazy how exhausted you can be in your third trimester but then something happens to you the last week or two before the baby is ready. You get this burst of energy (at least I do) and I turn into a cleaning, nesting machine! 

I’m at the point now, even though I have a little less than 8 weeks left that I’m ready for my old body back! I can’t keep up with my other 3 kids, especially the toddler anymore, and I just want to feel normal again! 

What makes this third trimester to-do list a bit different from the others is that it’s for mothers having a planned c-section. Your recovery timeline takes a bit longer than a vaginal delivery and you need to have more things prepped and ready for your return! 

Trust me, a c-section recovery is no picnic, you won’t be able to do half of the things you did for at least a few weeks! 

So, without further ado, here is the pregnancy checklist every mama needs in their third trimester to prep them for their c-section before and after!


Third trimester cleaning tips-Clean like a madwoman!

Okay, this may sound a bit intense, but I’m being totally serious here! Anything and everything that you have the energy to clean, clean it now! 

I’m talking those cabinets in the kitchen that are completely out of whack and unorganized, get to it now before that baby comes!

The carpet in your family room you’ve been dying to shampoo when you have a day off from work, do it now! Once that baby comes, you won’t have the time or energy to do these things and it will drive you insane!

This time around, my husband will be off a few weeks so I’m making him a list!

Yes, a cleaning list!

And if your hubby or significant other is also able to take paternity leave, I suggest you do the same! They don’t always see what we see or do these daily tasks to keep out houses in order!

The most important rooms I felt that had to be cleaned and sanitized the most were my entire downstairs area and all of the bathrooms in my house. My daughters do have chores and help clean our bathrooms, but they are young and often miss sections!

So, mop floors, clean every inch you can because for at least a month, you won’t have the time or energy to get to these things, trust me!

Or better yet, if you can afford to, hire a cleaning person for a day to do all the deep cleaning you can’t or won’t get to for the next few months!

For tips on a deep cleaning checklist before your baby arrives, check out this post here! 

Get your laundry all done and put away!

This tip is true for anyone because you’ll be doing a ton of laundry when the baby comes, especially if you are using cloth diapers! Make sure everything is washed, folded, and put away so it’s one less thing to worry about.

I know for me personally, having 3 kids at home plus my husband’s work clothes, the laundry piles up like crazy for me if I miss a few days! Don’t do this!

Be sure you do laundry every couple of days (depending on your family size of course) and don’t let it slide because you never know when you’ll deliver!

Even if you have a scheduled c-section, you could always go early so be prepared and get as much laundry done and out of your way now!

Plan your maternity leave

If you haven’t done this already, make sure it’s done!

Talk to your boss or co-workers and let them know ahead of time exactly when you are leaving and when you plan to be back. This way, you can get all your projects at work completed or have someone else take over your tasks while you’re on leave.

You will be so exhausted, you won’t be able to function or think clearly for at least the first week or so! If you own your own business, this may be a bit harder to do. Take as much time off as you can! Do those necessary tasks at home online or only tackle emails and things you can handle sitting in your bed on your laptop! 

Set up a reply to your emails to say you’re out of the office for a few weeks. This way you aren’t overwhelmed with 800 emails responses while you’re trying to rest! Automate or outsource whatever is possible for at least 2 weeks until you are more settled with your newborn!

Tour the hospital

If this is your first baby, make sure you take the hospital tour. This way,  you and your significant other know where you’ll be and how to get there in case of an emergency! You’ll want to know your way around so you feel comfortable there.

Mothers usually stay in the hospital after a c-section for at least 3 days after birth. Once your doctor says you and baby are in good health and ready to leave, you can be on your way! 

Is this your first c-section delivery? Wondering what to expect? Click here or the photo below to prepare you for your cesarean section! 

Preparing for a scheduled c section



Pack your hospital bag

Make sure this is packed and ready with everything you need! Have this done early especially if you’ve been having some early contractions.

Even if you have a scheduled c-section, God may have other plans for you! So, always be prepared and pack that hospital bag!

There are certain things you’ll need to pack for a scheduled c-section that you’ll want to have while you’re in the hospital. You’ll need clothes that you can comfortably wear that won’t aggravate your incision, your own postpartum pads that you like, and so much more! 

To get a more detailed list of c-section hospital bag must-haves, click here or the photo below! If you follow that link, you can also get a c-section hospital bag printable for free! 

C-section hospital bag must haves


Prepare for your postpartum return! 

I have to say, besides getting the cleaning all taken care of and the baby’s room ready, this has to be the most important thing you need to tackle!

As I said before, the most difficult part of having a c-section is the recovery! It takes weeks until you can finally move around and do the things you were able to do before. You aren’t able to lift anything heavier than your baby for weeks at a time.

Having these c-section postpartum essentials to help you heal fast is a must-have on your third trimester checklist

Stock up on a few of these before you deliver! 

For more information and a few other important items you’ll need in your c-section recovery kit, click here or the photo below! Cesarean recovery tips


Have car seat ready and installed

Be sure to get your car seat ahead of time and have it installed appropriately. I have a Britax car seat along with the stroller and love it! Make sure you shop around and see which one fits best for your family and car type!

This is a great item to add to your baby registry if you didn’t already do so! 


Find a good family doctor or pediatrician you trust 

This tip is very important if you’re about to be a first-time mom. Obviously, this isn’t something I need to do this time around since it’s my fourth baby. 

I’m lucky enough to have a great doctor that we trust but it wasn’t the case years ago with my firstborn daughter. I went through a few doctors until I found the right one for our family and her situation.

Talk to your closest friends and moms that you trust and see who they recommend. Also, do your own research and look up those doctors online and see if that pediatrician or office is right for you and belongs in your network.

You may not think this is that important now, but trust me, you’ll be visiting them often over the years! Hopefully, not too often! LOL 


Stock up on the baby items you didn’t get on your registry!

There may be some baby items you really need and didn’t get on your registry after your shower. Or maybe you have a lot of gift cards left over to use! Be sure to get all these baby products you need ahead of time so you aren’t running to the store when the baby comes! 

For the top baby items you will need, click here!  This post also gives you a free printable baby registry checklist in case you need it! Top baby must haves with baby registry checklist


Wondering what baby items you won’t need and are a waste of space and money? Click here or the photo below to find out which baby items I never used after 4 kids and which ones you need!

Baby registry items you don't need!


Be sure you also have these baby medicine cabinet must-haves in stock! Trust me, babies can get sick at any age and it’s better to be prepared for anything than having to run out to the store with a sick newborn! If you didn’t get any of these at your shower, get them now! 

Sick baby kit


Get your baby’s room ready and wash all of his/her new clothes

This is something I haven’t finished yet and need to get done in a few weeks!

Be sure to get everything in there you need and ready for baby to arrive! Wash all of his or her clothes in safe unscented laundry detergent since the baby’s skin is very sensitive! 

Have everything ready where it needs to be so when you get home with the baby, it’s all done and easy to find! If you have a few items you aren’t sure you should unpack or use right away, store them in their closet and wait to use them.

There are a lot of things I got on the first baby registry that I didn’t ever use or need! In case you have some baby items like this, store them for now and if you don’t use them, you can return them once the baby is here! 


Cook and have meals planned!

This one is a bit tough for me because my husband is not a big fan of meals that are frozen. Yes, he can be a handful at times when it comes to dinner! Ugh!!

However, there are certain things I can cook and have planned ahead of time that he’ll still enjoy so I’m going to try and have those ready. A few recipes that I make often and my family loves are sausage and homemade meatballs, baked ziti, jars of homemade sauce, pasta fagoli, and a few other soups that I know my kids wear tear up! 

The best gift someone could ever give me or any mom who is about to give birth and already has a few kids at home is a gift card for take-out! Coming home from the hospital, being exhausted with a newborn, and dealing with recovery is no picnic.

The last thing moms want to worry about is what to feed our hungry crew! 

Having meals planned that first two weeks is a huge time and stress saver! So, if anyone asks you what you need for the baby or the first few weeks, tell them food or gift cards for take-out! This will be a huge relief not having to worry about cooking and cleaning up when you’re already so exhausted those first few weeks. 

For more meal planning ideas and some great freezer meals, click here

And if anyone asks what you need, send them this post or click the photo below! 

Honest & Helpful Gift Ideas for new moms


Get prepared to breastfeed

If you plan to breastfeed your baby, make sure you are also prepared for this! When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I told myself I would just wing it! I laugh at that now! Winging it didn’t go so well for me so I don’t recommend it!  

My firstborn went to the NICU and I was trying to so hard to teach her how to breastfeed and it wasn’t an easy task by no means! I didn’t give up and it finally worked after lots of help from a lactation consultant. I wish there was a breastfeeding course I could’ve taken then to help me prepare for what I was doing! 

Today, there is an awesome breastfeeding class that you can take in your third trimester right in the comfort of your own home!

Click here or the photo below for more information! 

Breastfeeding class

I also wish I stocked up on all the breastfeeding supplies I needed beforehand! I remember needing a breast pump so badly and having my husband run out and get me one along with all the essentials!

Don’t do this to yourself!

Go get the breastfeeding must-haves you need now, you can always return what you don’t use later! Click the photo below for more info! 

Breastfeeding products


For tips on breastfeeding after a c-section, click here or the photo below!

breastfeeding after c section


Prepare your other children or pets for the new baby

If you have pets at home, bring home a baby blanket first so they can smell the new baby and know what’s happening. My dog always got very excited when I brought home the baby blanket! It was the cutest thing! 

If this isn’t your first baby and you have other children at home, make sure they’re ready for all the big changes as well. Children and even adults can sometimes forget what it’s like having a newborn around all the time.

Let your kids know that no matter what, you love them all just the same. Tell them that the first couple of weeks will be different and mom will be super tired. The activities you always did with your kids previously may have to be put on hold for a few months until mom and baby are adjusted and healed!

If you are lucky enough to have friends or family come over during your recovery period, ask them for help! Tell them to take your other kids for a walk, to the park, or the movies to give you a break and adjust with your newborn!

For more tips nohow to survive a c-section recovery with toddlers at home, click here or the post below!

c section recovery with kids


Take some time and do something for yourself!

Last but certainly not least, take some time out for yourself if this is possible! If this is your first baby, it shouldn’t be an issue. However, if this is your second or third or so on, then taking time for yourself may be hard but something you definitely need to do before that baby arrives!

Take a hot bath every night, indulge in your favorite food, have dinner with a friend, and enjoy some quiet time. Go on a date with your husband and do something you truly enjoy because once that little one comes along, it will be hard to have any time to yourself at all! If you do get any spare time to yourself then, you’ll probably spend it taking a nap anyway! 

One of my favorite things to do which has been helping calm my Braxton hicks and leg cramps in my third trimester is diffusing some oils in my bathroom and taking a nice warm bath with Epsom salts! Even if I can lay in the tub for 10 minutes without children coming in needing me, it’s well worth it! I know soon enough it will be even more chaotic at my house! 

 For more third trimester essentials, click here or the photo below!

Third trimester essentials



I hope this third trimester checklist has helped some of you! This checklist is great for moms about to have a scheduled c-section but mothers having a vaginal delivery can get lots of help here as well!

Remember to enjoy every second of the end of this last trimester because it will be over before you know it! I know how uncomfortable the end can be! In just a few short weeks, you’ll be holding your little bundle of joy! 



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Third trimester checklist