How to stop the stomach flu in its tracks!

How To Stop The Stomach Flu In Its Tracks!

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The past few weeks have been rather difficult here….to say the least! The stomach flu has hit us hard!

My oldest daughter that has an immune deficiency came home from school looking rather pale. I gave her the usual vitamins and a few extras because I had a feeling something was brewing. Usually these vitamins work like magic but this time was different…….

The next morning my daughter woke up so sick, was vomiting, and looked even more pale. She can get sick often so at the time it didn’t dawn on me that it was something my whole family would catch.

Little did I know, this was the stomach flu in full force and it would hit the rest of my crew within a few days!

My oldest daughter spread her wonderful germs to the baby (because I can never separate those two) which was terrible since she couldn’t make it to the toilet each time. When it hit my husband and middle daughter, I knew I had to take action. Enough was enough and I had to stop this thing because if it hit me…..they were all screwed!!

I tried everything from cleaning the house like crazy, sanitizing, using my essential oils which always did the trick! But no…not this time! This time nothing worked!

Then I remembered reading somewhere about activated charcoal and how taking it for food poisoning and the stomach flu helped stop the symptoms! I thought….well what do I have to lose at this point? Theres only me left but if I could help my middle daughter and husband get better fast then I’ll try it!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or nurse, so always ask your doctor’s opinion first. This is just my experience using activated charcoal. If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking any other medications or have any serious health issues, be sure to check with your doctor! 

I read as much as I could about activated charcoal and ran down to the drugstore and picked up the only bottle they had. I said some prayers and came back home to test it out!

What the heck is Activated Charcoal??

Activated Charcoal is a black powder made from coal, bone char, coconut shells, peat, petroleum coke, sawdust or olive pits.

Weird, right?

It is actually a universal antidote and was used by Native Americans hundreds of years ago.

Activated charcoal works differently than other medicines you would take. Our bodies do not digest or break down the activated charcoal like we would with other medicines or foods.

Instead, activated charcoal binds to a variety of impurities like bad bacteria or poisons, and we then pass it through our bowel movements. It basically traps bad toxins in the gut to prevent absorption.

Activated charcoal is most commonly used in hospitals to help patients with food poisoning or drug overdoses. It successfully draws toxins out of our bodies in a way that is safe and much easier than stomach pumping.

There are many other uses for activated charcoal which include whitening teeth and helping reduce symptoms of a hangover.

How can activated charcoal stop the stomach flu?

If you or someone you love has the norovirus or stomach flu, taking some activated charcoal can easily stop their symptoms and get them back to recovery!

The activated charcoal seems to bind to whatever bad bacteria they have going on in their stomach that caused the sickness.

The biggest problem is getting the pill down! Especially for kids!

Normally, when you are sick and nauseous, the last thing you want to do is swallow a big nasty black pill!

Here are a few ways you can take this pill if you can’t swallow it:

(For children, I only used half of a capsule)

  1. Mix it with yogurt
  2. Mix it with juice
  3. Mix it with a dark-colored gatorade to blend in the black color.
  4. Our favorite way– my kids will only take it this way! Open up a capsule and split half of it into some crushed ice. I only gave my kids half of a capsule for the stomach bug and it was enough for them. They liked sucking on ice much more than drinking anything. Even if you can get them to suck on one of two pieces of ice mixed with the charcoal will help them!

In my experience-

I’m sure everyone has their own story about this but in our house, we gave our daughter a half of one pill and crushed it up with ice. She was able to slowly take a few bites and suck on the ice. She didn’t mind that the ice was black at all, she just wanted any relief she could get.

Guess what happened? She stopped throwing up!!

My husband was also sick as well and he swallowed one whole pill and was fine later that day and completely symptom free the next day!

I am the only one in the house that has not gotten sick….knock on wood. I have been drinking grape juice, using essential oils, upping my vitamin C intake, elderberry intake, and I took one activated charcoal the same day my husband did just in case.

The Verdict:

Activated charcoal definitely stopped the stomach flu in its tracks at my house.

I’m not saying this will work for everyone but I literally tried everything and this was the last straw and it should’ve been the first one!

I will now always have this on me to prevent any stomach bugs or god forbid some kind of food poisoning happens here.

It’s great to keep in your first aid kit!

This is the kind of activated charcoall I used and was actually the only brand my local pharmacy had so I was happy to get it at all! I’m sure any brand you buy will do the trick! Best $6 I ever spent!

Other home remedies we used to help fight off the stomach flu:

Essential Oils:

I love my essential oils. While the oils I used did not cure the stomach flu, it definitely gave us some relief and probably helped my kids get better quicker!

I rubbed DiGize oil all over their little tummies and they loved how quickly it calmed and soothed their stomach pains. My husband also said he liked it as well!

I also rubbed a mixture of Thieves, Oregano, and lemon oils on their feet and spine for immunity support (diluted of course) and gave them plenty of detox baths that always help them feel better when they’re sick. You can read more about my immunity boosting detox bath recipe here! 

Detox baths for kids



Grape juice: 

Drinking grape juice at least 3 times a day when exposed to the stomach flu is supposed to  help keep you healthy and not get it!

I learned about this theory a bit late but when I found out I started drinking it and kept it here on hand just in case! Let me know in the comments if anyone has tried the grape juice theory and if it worked for their family!


Vitamin C, D, and Elderberry syrup:

I can’t express enough how important vitamins C and D3 are! I believe my kids stay healthy for most of the year due to the vitamins they take.

However, sometimes, the stomach flu takes over no matter what you do! Even if it does hit you, be sure to keep up with your vitamins and take a teaspoon of elderberry every day in the winter/flu months!! To read more about immune boosting vitamins for kids, click here! Below are some great brands that we use!



One of the best ways you can prevent any kind of stomach issues is to take a good probiotic daily! I made sure to stay on top of my probiotics the entire time they were sick and I did not get the stomach bug!

Our family doctor swears by probiotics and I give them to my whole family.

Ironically, the week the stomach flu hit our home, I ran out of my children’s probiotics and they didn’t have any the week before! This winter I will be sure never to run out of probiotics!

There are several kinds of probiotics on the market today. My kids are very picky when it comes to this type of vitamin. Some of our favorites are Florastor, Bio-Kult, Garden of Life, and Naturewise.

These probiotics vary in pill form or powders. The powders are awesome to mix into smoothies for your little ones and they won’t know the difference! My older daughter likes to take the pils rather than the powders.

Animal Parade has a multivitamin with a probiotic included. This is huge for me because it’s hard to get my kids to take several vitamins every morning. This brand is top quality compared to others and has so much of what they need included! One of my daughters does not like the last so I can’t get all of them to take this!

A few cleaning supplies that I found incredibly important to have on hand when getting rid of the stomach flu germs in your home:

Cleaning tips:


I only had one pair of these and they went quick. I learned the hard way so do yourself a favor a buy a pack of 100 so you always have these on hand for emergencies because trust me, you’ll be cleaning that toilet area a lot!!!


A good cleaner-

This is the cleaner I use on a daily basis and it’s nontoxic, smells amazing, and does the job. You can only order this through the Young Living website but it’s worth the money because a little goes a long way! This is what I clean my entire house with! To learn more about Thieves household cleaner, click the photo below:

Thieves cleaner



Oh yes, I said bleach.

Now hear me out, I’m old school with this.

When it comes to the stomach flu, you need to pull out the big guns and kill that bad bacteria in your house and bathrooms.

Even though I use nontoxic cleaner throughout my entire house, I keep bleach in the home on hand for emergency situations like this one. Hydrogen Peroxide is another power cleaner but something about bleach makes you know you’re killing that bad germ once and for all and trust me, you want it out of your house so buy this and keep it on hand even if you only use it for stomach flu situations.

Nothing else will work as strong.



An excellent carpet cleaner- 

Because most likely your kids won’t always make it to the bathroom, especially if they are little. You’re going to be cleaning that carpet up quite a bit and it won’t be fun.

For spot cleaning, I have used Folex for the last ten years and it works like magic, no joke! Gets anything out but be sure to spot check first so it doesn’t bleach out your carpet if you use too much. I can usually get this at Target but sometimes they are out of it and I have to order it on Amazon.

When I get a chance when everyone is a bit better, then I shampoo the carpet to make sure all the stains and germs are completely gone! I have this carpet shampooer and am in love! I have a burber carpet in our family room and it works amazing on it and even better on the regular carpets in our upstairs bedrooms.

Clean the air- 

First of all, open all the windows in your house if you can and air that place out!!

Even if it’s the dead of winter, open the windows for a little bit to air it out. After that, get yourself a great diffuser and add some Thieves, Purification oil, or lemon oil to clean out and sanitize those rooms!! You can get some great diffusers here on Amazon or click the photos below!
Magnesium detox baths for kids

Young Living essential oils & diffuser


Good luck and I hope this article helped out some of you fighting the stomach flu!


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