How I Made My First $100 Blogging

How I made my first $100 Blogging in my second month

I launched this website the end of March 2017. Most of April I spent designing the site, coding and tweaking it the way I wanted. I didn’t even add posts or do any promoting until the end of April.

I added about 10 posts on my blog the end of April and tried my best to promote on just a few social media platforms, focusing on Pinterest the most.

It was difficult because I have 3 kids and work part-time so I didn’t have full-time hours to dedicate to this website like I wanted.

I truly believe that if you have that kind of time, you can honestly make much more than a $100 by your second month of blogging.

However, I made a little over a hundred dollars in my second month. I was pretty damn happy about it since I only dedicated a few hours to it and it literally paid for my hosting within the first two months.

The best part is, as you write more, you grow more traffic which helps you make more money each month!


So here’s what I did……

Social Media

Like I said above, pick one social media platform and rock it the best you can!

I focused on Pinterest the most which I felt was perfect for my niche.

Honestly, Pinterest is awesome for any niche, especially those food, home, and parenting bloggers! However, if you’re more familiar with Instagram, then go with that one. Whichever platform you are more comfortable with or are able to grow a big following, start with that platform first!

I started up business accounts for at least 4 of the major platforms but I focused primarily on one. When I had extra time, I’d post here and there on the other ones.

You will get overwhelmed trying to focus on all of them at once and ignore your blog which isn’t what you want to do!

Below is a screen shot of my Pinterest profile, feel free to follow me at  italianpolishmo!

Pinterest business account/blogging


Once I understood Pinterest well enough ( I studied advice from Mommy On Purpose’s ebook Pinteresting Strategies), I implemented those strategies which helped my blog traffic grow and increase my income! I also used Boardbooster to schedule any new posts/pins which helped me so much as well! Both of these techniques used together really helped grow my traffic!

Secret manual Pinterest strategy


Join Groups!!

Once you decided which social media platform is right for you, then you need to join groups ASAP! Honestly, you should join Facebook Groups regardless of what your niche is!

Facebook Blogging Groups will help you meet other bloggers, grow your blog, and learn so much information! These groups will give you the support you may not get from family or friends that don’t understand the blogging world!!

Most importantly, after you join Facebook groups, then join Pinterest Group Boards! When you first start out you won’t have much of a following (unless you added all your friends & family) but the best way to get readers to see your work is by contributing to Facebook and Pinterest Group Boards! To learn more about these group boards and how they can boost your traffic, click here!

Pinterest Groups Boards


The more you write and post, the more Google recognizes your site and footprint and will help you get recognized in the google atmosphere! So keep on writing and promoting!




I purchased The Busy Budgeter’s Core Affiliate Strategy guide pretty early in my blogging career and I’m so glad I did! Rosemarie really knows her stuff and with the help of her affiliate strategy, it gave me the confidence and guidance I needed to use affiliates correctly.

Choose affiliates that are right for your blog and your niche. I chose Amazon right away because I worked with them years ago and felt that they have the most available products that are easy to find and their link/photos are simple to work with. I also knew that I could use their links in a ton of my posts on parenting/motherhood. Some bloggers aren’t a fan of Amazon and say you don’t make a lot of money. This isn’t true, you can absolutely make some good money with Amazon, but also the more traffic you have, the more money you will make. Obviously when you first start out and have a small following, you may not make a lot with Amazon. Just give it time, you will eventually as your numbers continue to grow.

I also looked for other affiliate programs for products that I love and use constantly. I will never recommend anything to my readers that I don’t personally use myself. I feel being honest with your readers is very important. Other affiliates I used were Bluehost which is my hosting site that has helped me start this blog! I searched for a great hosting site for quite a while and felt that Bluehost had the most affordable price for me and not only that- their affiliate program is awesome!! I didn’t even find this out until later but definitely look into Bluehost or your current hosting affiliate program! For more information on why I chose Bluehost or if you need a more detailed step-by-step guide to walk you through starting up your own money making blog, click here.

****BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL! BLUEHOST is $2.95 a month!!!!

Step-by-step guide on how to start a blog and make money online!


So without further ado…here is a breakdown of how I made an easy $100 my second month of blogging!

Amazon – $40.23
Bluehost- $65.00
Google Adsense- $2.41

Total= $107.64

As you can see, I actually made a little over $100! And this was my second month blogging! Not bad at all!

Email List/Following?

If you’re wondering, I do have an email list but I haven’t used it much yet. I will eventually when I add my own ebooks and products. At this moment, I offer free printables on my email list. I don’t have the extra time to send out newsletters to my list just yet. The size of my email list hasn’t been necessary for me to make an income from, like other bloggers claim to be.

****If you ARE interested in the free printables I offer and upcoming ebooks and products from italianpolishmommma, be sure to sign up here or click the photo below for more info! I don’t have time to spam you so no worries! HA!

Organize Your Life With Free Printables

Be Patient

Since my second month, I‘ve added more affiliates and advertising companies to work with. I will update with more income reports soon! For those that say you can’t make an income with your blog, you absolutely can! And like everything good in life, it takes time and patience but it will come. Just keep writing and promoting to your favorite social media platforms and rest will come! Hopefully this advice helped some of you and you’ll be writing about how you make your first $100 or even $1000 soon too!


Since writing this post I’ve made much more than $100 a month! After one year of blogging I make between $800-$1000 a month! Here are the blogging resources I use to get 50,000-60,000 page views a month and they keep growing each month!!

Blogging Resources

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