C-Section Hospital Bag Checklist

Printable C-section packing list


A Simple C-Section Hospital Bag Checklist

Getting ready to have a c-section and not sure what to pack?

Let me make this journey much easier with my free printable c-section hospital bag checklist!

This checklist includes everything that you need to pack for you and your new baby! I had 4 c-section deliveries and this is everything I needed!

It is a simple checklist with all of the basics and none of the fluff!

No need to overpack but be sure to bring these essentials! You can read a more detailed list here for all of your necessities or just click the photo below!

Packing hospital bag for a scheduled c-section


You can also use this checklist for a vaginal delivery but there are a few extra necessities in here for c-section mamas that a vaginal birth may not need.

Having a c-section is no joke, it’s major abdominal surgery. On top of it, you have to start taking care of a brand new baby the minute your surgery is over instead of resting like normal surgeries! It’s kind of a big deal!

I’ve never been lucky to experience a vaginal birth with my kids because of complications so having a cesarean is all I know about. Hopefully, I can help other moms prepare for their scheduled c-sections so they have everything they need!

If you pack all of these hospital bag necessities for your scheduled c-section, you’ll be prepared for whatever journey that baby leads you to!

I’ve also added a section for breastfeeding moms as well. Skip or cross off that section if you don’t plan or are unable to nurse your baby.

If you do choose to breastfeed your baby, there are a few extras you will need that you’ll want to have packed!

Breastfeeding & Postpartum Help

For more help about breastfeeding after a c-section or C-section Recovery Tips only your BFF will tell you, check out this post here or click the photos below. 👇.              Breastfeeding after a c-sectionC Section Recovery


Free Printable C-section Checklist

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Here is a glimpse of the printable.


hospital bag checklist printable


Be sure to print this out and take this with you if you need to! Trust me, these come in handy when you have mommy brain and so much to remember before your c-section!

Good luck mamas and remember to hang in there and all this pain and anxiety we go through will be so worth it in the end once you’re holding that precious little one!

For more information about where you can get all of these must haves on your list, click here or the photo below!C-section hospital bag


Wondering what to expect for your c-section? Click here or the photo below so you know what you’re getting yourself into!

Preparing for a scheduled c section


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Printable hospital bag list for c-section


Last minute checklist before c-section
C Section hospital checklist
C-Section Hopsital Bag checklist printable
C Section hospital checklistC-section hospital bag checklist