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How To Easily Hide A Pinterest Image In Your Blog Post

Are you new to the blogging world?

Or have you been around for some time but are just getting into Pinterest and realizing all the amazing traffic it brings to your site?

Then you know that you can make not one, but two, maybe even three or four if you need, pin images for Pinterest! Awesome, right??

Why more than one pin image?

I  also didn’t realize this in the beginning until I was on Pinterest one day and clicked on a pin and it brought me to an article I already read. I discovered the author made a couple different images to bring in readers to her website.

Brilliant, I thought!

Making more than one image (or pin) is not only a great way to test your pins and see which design brings in more traffic but it also helps you get your pins out there. Maybe one pin didn’t reach enough people, so try another one and see if that one does. Or switch your design or size up a bit and see if something new works better! If you know your post you wrote is pretty good but not sure why it isn’t attracting the traffic it should, that’s when you need to take a look at your pins and update them!

How many pins should I make?

That’s up to you. I normally do 2 pins per post. If I feel I need to update a post, then I’ll update the pin as well. If I notice I have a great post but the pins I made aren’t doing well, then I’ll make a 3rd image. Some bloggers make at least 3-4 per post, it all depends on how much time you have.

How to add the code to your blog to hide the extra pin images:

On your post, click on the “text” version at the top right hand corner. You are normally in the “visual” version. Find your image that you want to hide and place this code before and after it:


<div style=“display:none;”>THEN THE IMAGE GOES HERE</div>

The </div> goes right after the image like I have above.


Here is an example below:


How to hide a pin image in a blog post


And that’s it! Once you add this code and hit save, you won’t see your image there anymore but it will still be in your post. This allows you to have as many Pinterest pins you need for a blog post without filling up your post with images!

Hope this helps some of you!

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