Beauty Products For Busy Moms

Awesome Beauty Products For Busy Moms

Did the baby have you up all night?

I’m so sorry, I know the feeling! I would hug you if I could. Sleep deprivation is the worst as a mom and the next day doesn’t stop, you still have to keep chugging along even though you barely slept!

I’m a mom of three kids, a very, very, tired mom! Sleep has been better this year since my youngest daughter turned two. However, there are so many things that wake me at night that sleep has become a luxury since I became a mom. I have little time for myself between the kids, work, the house, kid’s activities, and my never-ending laundry piles!

Moms don’t have as much time for ourselves as we used to. We need a make-up routine that’s quick, easy, and helps us look and feel our best even after being up all night with the baby! I have tried A LOT of products and some don’t do a darn thing and aren’t worth the hype, while these listed below have helped tremendously and made my morning routine fast and easy!

Here are awesome beauty products for busy moms that will help you look awake, save you time, and feel beautiful! These are my must-haves and are easy to use while holding a baby, having a toddler go through your makeup bag, and your other one is sitting on the potty staring at you! HA!

Besides hot coffee and hot showers…..this list of beauty products will help you wake up and feel great! 🙂

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Coconut oil

I can’t live without this!

My skin became very sensitive after I had kids and I started to notice more and more all the junk in a lot of products I was using to clean my face with which didn’t make sense!

A friend raved about using coconut oil as a moisturizer but I didn’t like how greasy it was until I discovered WASHING my face with it! Yes- washing instead of using soap!

This is amazing and if you haven’t tried it, you will love it! I just take a small amount of coconut oil and use it to cleanse my skin with just like you would normal soap! Then rinse your skin and voila! Your face is clean AND moisturized!

If you’re short on time or have a toddler staring at you, this is all you need, no need to add more moisturizer in most cases! You will instantly see the difference and I swear it makes your skin glow as well! I do this every day and at night since it usually is plenty of moisturizer for my skin unless it’s the winter and it needs some more help! Any brand of organic coconut oil will work. I love this one the most so far!

Here is another brand that is a favorite. This is made from RMS and is a combination of coconut oil and a cream. This does the same thing with added moisture and less grease. 100% non toxic and removes all your make-up and makes your skin glow! Both are fast and easy to use. I keep a jar in my shower and a jar on my sink! Click the image below for more information.

Eye Creams

This is for tired moms out there! And I mean tired like you had one hour of sleep and your baby slept on top of you that entire hour and then once she fell asleep your alarm went off for work at 5am!!

There are days where I swear I was so tired from a teething or nursing baby all night that I literally shouldn’t have been driving! I’m not even kidding! But- when you have 3 kids, you have no choice! They don’t stop for anything!

I asked one of my BFF’s from back home that manages an Ulta and begged her to tell me what will help me at least “look” awake and she recommended these eye creams. Now, I don’t normally have time to put these on every morning but when it’s been a rough night, I use them!

Origins GInzing Refreshing eye cream

I mention Origins below for a face tint which is to die for. Like I said above, I don’t have time to use this eye cream every morning, but when I do, it really helps in depuffing and making me look awake! This is a best seller on Sephora & Ulta and an absolute must for those mornings you had zero sleep the night before!

We all know as moms, things change and you can’t always spend as much as you use to for that Sephora makeup! So in case you can’t, I’ll always give you an affordable option. We’ve all been there and I know I’d rather spend my last dime on my kids than me any day!

A great & affordable dupe for Origins eye refreshing gel is Garnier’s Skinactive Clearly Brighter Anti-Puff Eye Roller. This is less than $10 at most drugstores and helps with puffy eyes and dark circles. It doesn’t have all of the same ingredients as Origins, but it works great when you need to save some money!

Here are some more best sellers:

Under eye make-up/concealor

It Comestics Bye Bye Under eye Illumination

This is a MUST-HAVE for every mom out there!!!!!

I have tried tons of under eye concealors and thought all were the same until I tried this baby!

It Cometics Bye Bye Under eye Illumination is one of a kind!! I tried it for the first time and was blown away. It covers anything and everything! Makes you look awake and it even doubles it as an eye primer as well!

While busy moms don’t have a lot of time to put make-up on, this one is a necessity. If you haven’t tried it yet, go to your local Ulta or Sephora and try some and you’ll see what I mean!

This stuff covers those dark circles, and makes you look like you had a full 8 hours of sleep! AMAZING! Sorry ladies, no dupe for this bad boy, I can’t find anything better so far!

Other It Cosmetics you might like:

best beauty products

Face Tint/Sunscreen

Origins VitaZing and GinZing Moisturizer/Face Tint

I’m not big on foundation and quite honestly, I don’t have much time for it!

However, I need a good sunscreen and there are days where my skin looks tired and dull or I have some break outs and my skin needs some serious help!

This is where Origins face tint comes in. I read about this a while ago and thought I’d give it a shot since I’m already taking the time to apply sunscreen on my face, I may as well try a face tint to save me some time!

This stuff is awesome! It isn’t cheap and a little goes a long way but I’m so in love! I use the orange bottle (GInZIng) because it has a higher SPF of 40. Both bottles do the same thing but have different levels of sun protection. They have this energy boosting Ginzing in it and it seriously makes my tired face look awake and glowing! Not to mention it protects it from the sun!

What more could I ask for? Another huge time and money saver!

Other Origin Products you might like:

There are a lot of dupes for a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen. None of them have the same Mangosteen or Ginzing ingredients as Origins but this one from Rimmel has been a great face tint with sunscreen on the market and much more affordable:

Benefit’s Roller Lash

Okay I’m just going to be straight forward with you here….I’m a mascara girl.

I LOVE mascara! Like love it and I mean I’ve tried so many kinds and if there is one or two products I cant go without, mascara is one of them!

First of all, I have long lashes but they aren’t very black so you can hardly see them and there isn’t a whole lot of volume to them. Because of this I’ve searched high and low to find the perfect mascara!

I’m going to tell you two of my favorites to splurge on and one dupe!

So for the splurge, it’s Benefit’s Roller Lash ALL the way! Another top favorite of mine is MANEATER by Tarte. I’ve tried Benefit’s Get Real and some people rave over it but I wasn’t that amazed by it and actually believe many L’Oreal mascaras were way better. However, Benefit came out with the Roller Lash and of course I bought the trial size first and fell IN LOVE!

Finally, a mascara that separated my lashes perfectly, gave them volume, length, and lift! All in one! I swear you will fall in love as well!

A dupe for Roller Lash would have to be L’oreal’s Paris Telescopic Original Mascara and L’Oreal’s Voluminous Butterfly Mascara. If you’re going to go drugstore, go with L’Oreal. I tried the Maybelline versions of these and even though the price was similar, it just didn’t cut it.

Blush/Cheek Color

Benefit’s Benetint

For those days that we are looking not only tired but a bit washed out and pale, this is your answer!

I have been using this for years and it’s never steered me wrong. I always used their original Benetint shade because it blends with all skin color and gives you that perfect pop of pink.

I just tried their lolli tint shade and am in love! It’s a bit of a more faint pink shade and just looks great for winter. One little bottle of this will last you a long time because all you need is a drop of color for each cheek!

I’ve read that a good dupe for Benetint is e.l.f.’s Aqua Beauty Radiant Gel.

Both Benetint and e.l.f.’s Radiant Gel are cheek and lip tints so they double as color for your lips as well as your cheeks if you have little time like myself!

I have never tried the e.l.f. brand but plan to when I run out of Benetint since this Radiant Gel is only $4! What a steal! I will update once I get a chance but for those of you that don’t want to splurge on the Benetint, the e.l.f. Radiant Gel is for you!

Lip color
It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush

I love this lip gloss from It Cosmetics! Love it!! It’s so perfect because it’s both a chap stick/moisturizer plus gives me a bit of color!

I don’t need anything fancy during the day, especially if I’m just running errands, going to my kid’s school to help out, or even have Skype calls. I just want a pop of color, nothing bold and this is perfect!

It adjusts to anyone’s lip color naturally! I normally keep this in my car so I always have it. They also have a more moisturizing version of this with less color that I’ve read great things about. I love the one I have now so much that I’ll try them all eventually.

I also have their lip gloss vitality which is pretty much the same thing but provides more gloss. It just depends what you’re looking for. I prefer to wear that one for more dress occasions or at night. The other one is awesome for daily use! Saves me tons of time every day! Smashbox also makes a version of this which used to be my go-to but it isn’t as moisturizing. Once I discovered It Cosmetic’s Vitality, I was hooked!

A more affordable dupe: e.l.f Gotta Glow Lip Tint is very similar to the one above but the color is a bit different. It goes on smooth just like the one above and you can’t beat the price of $6!

Dry Shampoo

What mom doesn’t need this??? Seriously, this sh&# is awesome!

Dry shampoo is a busy mom’s best friend! You can spray this stuff in your hair when you don’t have time to wash it and it helps soak up the grease and feel refreshed! I even use it the day after I wash my hair to give it a little life/volume and it works wonders! Batiste is great because you can spray it exactly where you need it and has many different scents so it makes your hair feel and smell awesome! You can also use it on any hair color! They even have dry shampoos for blondes and brunettes which I heard add a little shine/color to your hair and look amazing! Click the photos below for more info.

Easy dupe– For those of you that don’t have dry shampoo, you can always use baby powder if you have that on hand.  Be sure to rub the baby powder in your hair really good. It works great but is best on blondes/lighter hair because it can really go on thick. If your hair is on the darker side, you really need to rub it in, otherwise it might look a little gray which is not what you want at all! Of course you can always rock a baseball hat but that doesn’t always look great for work!


Serums/night creams

Motherhood can do some serious damage to our skin. Besides the fact that there are SO many sleepless nights, there’s also the added stress that comes with being a parent. Combine those two and guess what you get? Yes- wrinkles!! Here are some excellent sreums and face creams to put on your face at night to help with the stress on your skin! No matter how little sleep you get, these serums and creams are sure to help you look better in the morning!

I’m in love with Rosehip oil and have used it for years! This all natural 100%organic rosehip oil is awesome and soaks right into your skin and doesn’t look greasy at all. I use this at before bed if I’m not too exhausted and remember! The kind I loved is

If you’re anything like me and love essential oils. Here is a kick-a$$ DIY night serum you can make that is even better!  Here is a recipe I use to make my own here:

2 Tablespoons of Rosehip Oil

10 Drops of Lavender Essential Oil

6 Drops of Frankincense Essential Oil

4 Drops of Vitamin E Oil

A dropper or small glass bottle to store it in.

For more information about essential oils and where to get the best quality from, click here.

Night Cream

So we’ve all heard of La Mer. Yes, it’s super crazy expensive. However, if you can afford it, give it a shot. It has been claimed to show incredible results and is great for aging skin, sensitive skin, and just over all moisturizing glow! The man who made this product was a NASA scientist burned badly and took him years to make a cream to help burned, aging, and dry skin. Stars swear by this stuff and use it by the gallons! I have a small sample and so far am in love but I’m not sure I can keep up with the hefty price tag. I’ll update this once I get more results! So far, I’m loving it and it’s only been a week. Part of me wishes I never tried it because it’s so expensive!  If any of you have used this product, let me know in the comments what you think! You can try LA Mer here:

For a La Mer Dupe- Nivea Creme is apparently very similar to La Mer but for half the price!! I heard there are differences in the antioxidants in La Mer which makes it more costly but for the most part these two seem to be a lot alike! Once I run out of the sample I have, I’ll test Nivea and see the difference. The price is a huge difference and it may take time to even notice it. I’m not one to spend a lot of money on myself but I’ve learned that in some cases you need to in order to get the results you want. And what you use on your skin should be incredibly important but seriously….look at the price difference below! Crazy!


For those mamas out there as tired as I have been and desperately trying to get yourself together on those exhausting days, give these beauty products a shot and let me know what you think! If you have any other beauty must-haves that you love, let me know that too! I’m always ready to try anything new that helps me get ready fast and look awake!

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