How I made $400 in 2 Weeks Cleaning Out My Closet!

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How I Made $400 in 2 Weeks Cleaning Out My Closet!

I have 3 daughters that keep me very busy, I work part time as a moderator/consultant, plus I run this little website called Italianpolishmomma 😉.  My husband works very hard around the clock and is hardly ever home so most of the time I am a single parent. I don’t live close to any family either so when it comes time clean or do some big time organizing and go through my girl’s closets, it takes me forever. It’s even worse with a toddler trying to assist and is just nearly impossible sometimes. Many of my friends do those big baby consignment sales that come around every season. I tried to do one once and it took up SO much of my time! Therefore, I expected a great return when I was done. What I got back wasn’t AT ALL worth my time and energy! (Honestly, I was really pissed off to say the least! Pardon my French lol) Bottom line is, if you have VERY LITTLE time like me, I’m talking like a daily shower ALONE is sometimes impossible to get, then take my advice and sell your clothes online! Selling your clothes online was way easier for me, plus whatever I didn’t sell was donated and I didn’t have to spend hours tagging things or pricing them just to donate them anyway. I normally give my daughter’s clothes that were really cute to friends or family that just had a baby anyway. However, my clothes, I sell online and there is a HUGE market for women’s consignment sales online. My closet was full of clothes I don’t wear anymore, like brand name business suits and things I just don’t need now that I work from home. I HAD to declutter and I found an awesome way to do it without sacrificing so much of my time.

Sell Online!

Here are some of the websites I used and was able to easily sell our clothes and make some serious cash in just 2 weeks!

  • Poshmark– This is where I sold most of my clothes and accessories that were hardly used and still in great condition. I sold a lot of shoes, dresses, and name brand clothes here. Poshmark has a great community and everyone is very nice and helpful.This is the place to sell all your top brands! All you have to do is download their free app, take a photo of what you want to sell and post it to your virtual closet. You pick the price and they will tell you how much you can make off of it. People can bid offers to you and it’s your call if you want to accept or counter their offer. It’s super easy and even kind of fun! (Poshmark does sell kid’s clothes but women’s and men’s fashions tend to sell the best here.) What I loved about Poshmark was the shipping fee was already applied to the buyer unlike other online sales companies. This was great because it was hassle free yet you have to remember that this cost is added to the buyer when you are setting your price. Each order is shipped using a 1-3 day USPS Priority Mail. You can use the free boxes they have at the post office or your own. They also send you the labels, you print them out, drop it off at the post office, mark in your app that it was mailed out and you’ll get a confirmation when it was delivered. Once delivered, and the item is accepted by the buyer, your money will be deposited right into your account. You can check all of this in the app they provide which is super easy to use. You can either spend your earnings at Poshmark by buying an item from them or you can deposit all of it through your paypal account, whichever you choose! So how much does Poshmark make off of your stuff, you ask? Poshmark makes a flat fee of $2.95 for all sales under $15. If sales are over $15 then you keep %80 of your sales, and Poshmark keeps %20. It is hassle free and they provide you with the shipping label and cover any credit card transaction fees available. I liked Poshmark because I didn’t have to deal with so many offers/bidding and the labels were straight forward and it was all so simple. I don’t have time for much more! Ha!
  • Mercari-  Mercari is very much like Poshmark but there are a few differences. I sold so many more children’s clothes and men’s clothes/shoes on Mercari than on Poshmark. So if you’re looking to sell your kid’s clothes, Mercari and a few others I mention below is where you want to sell it! Their app was also very easy to use and all I had to do was take a few nice photos of what I was selling and boom-it’s listed! Easy peasy! The difference with Mercari is that there is no listing fee so you can make a little bit more money on Mercari than Poshmark. However, the buyer can also request that you pay for the shipping, which you can deny of course but it’s more of a bidding war here. Poshmark is easier yet, you can’t sell toys on Poshmark. You can sell any of your kid’s stuff here and it does really well on Mercari. There seems to be more buyers available on Mercari. I used to collect tons of sneakers and baseball hats back in my day (I was a little skater punk 😜). I decided it was time for me to let a few things go since I don’t have time or space for them anymore and those sneakers and hats sold great on Mercari! On Mercari, you can even sell electronics as well. It really is an open market. When you sell an item on Mercari, you get to choose the shipping method. They will provide you a label and deduct the cost from your sales. You can also choose to ship it yourself and pay at the post offie as well but this may cost you more in the long run and be more of a hassle.

How I made $400 in 2 weeks!

  • thredUP-  I never personally used thredUp but I’ve heard a lot of good things about this company and I’m definitely going to give it a try this spring when I clean out my closet again! ThredUP is supposedly the largest online consignment shop there is. ThredUp works in a much different way than the other consignment sites. You go to their site, order their Clean Out bag, once you get their bag, you fill it with your “like new” clothes and you estimate your pay out amount by using their Clean Out Calculator. You don’t have to pay for anything, they cover all the shipping costs. Once thredUp receives your bag, their professionals review everything you have and decide what they will keep. Whatever they keep, you get 40% of the retail value back to you. Anything they don’t use gets donated and does not come back to you unless you pay a fee for returned items. ThredUp only sells clothing and accessories much like Poshmark. This is not the place to sell your kids toys or your husband’s clothes. ThredUp specializes in only women’s and kid’s fashions.
  • Kidizen- This is awesome and pretty much the equivalent of Poshmark but for kids clothes only. You set up a shop, snap a photo of what your are selling, set a price and sell! Kidizen gives you 90% of the purchase price! Kidizen is not just a place to sell clothes, it is more of a community where parents also share photos of their children in their favorite clothes and share ideas about fashion trends as well. So if it’s your kid’s closets you want to clean out first, then check out this app!
  • reCrib– This online consignment is the place to sell all your baby gear that you no longer use. Do you need to upgrade to a double stroller? Did your son barely use his bassinet? This is the place to sell it! Take a snapshot of the crib you no longer need and list it here on reCrib. RECrib is like the Craigslist of baby gear. Best part about reCrib is that if you don’t like your purchase for whatever reason, you can return it for a full refund, hassle free! ReCrib charges a 20% commission for every item you sell. This is automatically deducted once you sell an item. So go through your old baby gear that was gently used, take a photo, sell it and make some room in your house!

Hope some of these ideas help you clean out your closets and make some extra cash! I personally found this way easier than other consignment sales and more worth my time as well. Let me know if an online consignment shop has helped you clean out your closet too! ☺️

How I made $400 in 2 Weeks Cleaning Out Our Closets!

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How to make money selling your clothes online
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