Tick repellent for kids

All Natural & Easy To Make Tick Repellent

Spring is here and usually that means the ticks start to make their appearance!

I hate ticks……like really really hate them!

Ticks carry so many nasty little diseases and are just all around creepy to me!

We used to live closer to the city and I barely ever even thought about them. Once we moved out to the country we discovered they were all over the place!

My kids loved exploring in the woods and I hated it because I was constantly worried about ticks. It’s such a shame that I have to worry about ticks every single time my kids want to run outside to play. My oldest daughter had one on her head and a friend of the family had to help me get it off because I was freaking out and didn’t know what to do!

That was our first encounter years ago. I finally said, enough is enough and researched what to use to make my own tick spray that ACTUALLY WORKS! I can honestly say since I started making this tick repellent, I haven’t seen any ticks on us! 

I also make sure to spray our lawn with eco safe tick spray after we cut the grass. This in combination of the tick repellent works like magic!

I only use the best oils from Young Living which are 100% pure. You can use your favorite essential oil brand, just be sure they are 100% otherwise, it won’t do the trick! For more information about the purest oils around, check out this post Young Living Essential Oils and how they help keep my family healthy here! 

Essential oils for beginners

The recipes below all include essential oils. These essential oils are all natural which make them safer to use than other toxins or bug repellents with DEET in them. Those bug sprays on the market that include DEET or other chemicals tend to last longer than the all natural tick sprays with essential oils. The only difference is that the essential oils are so much safer on your skin but you will have to reapply them more often than the store bought chemical brands. No biggie, just be sure to reapply every 30 min or when you notice the essential oils scents wearing off.

Tick Repellent Recipes

There are so many tick repellent recipes out there so I’m going to give you 3 different ones! Certain ones are safer for older kids than babies. I also add an easy to make recipe as well!

Tick Spray recipe for babies/kids ages 2 and under:

One spray bottle

2 oz of water

2 oz of vinegar or witch hazel (this helps combine the oils)

15 drops of lavender oil

15 drops of lemongrass (or tea tree oil)

*NOTE: I have made this spray without the vinegar and it still works well

Tick Spray for kids and adults ages 3+

One Spray bottle

2 oz of water

2 oz of vinegar

10 drops of lavender oil

10 drops of lemongrass oil

10 drops of peppermint or eucalyptus oil

***Important- EASY RECIPE

If you happen to have Rose essential oil and Geranium essential oil, these two mixed together are an excellent combination for fighting off ticks. I tried finding Rose Geranium essential oil together but Young Living didn’t carry it mixed. I did not have these oils, however if you combine these two oils with water, this is all you need! You won’t need the other oils 👆 above!

I was able to find the Rose Geranium oil from Eden’s garden on Amazon here and Artizen essential oil here.

2 oz of water

15-20 drops of geranium or rose geranium essential oil

Click the photos below for more info:


Shake well and spray on clothes, hats, ankles, feet, wrists, neck, arms, and behind the knees. Ticks are attracted to human sweat. These essential oils mask the sweat smell and won’t want anything to do with you!

Other tips

I mentioned that we also protect our lawn from ticks. Ticks hide in tall grass and warm, dark, wet areas like woods and leaf piles. However, they can still crawl over to your grass so there are a few several ways to protect your lawn from ticks.

Cedar Chips- Laying cedar chips down between a wooded area and your lawn works great at preventing ticks from crossing over into your lawn. Ticks aren’t a fan of cedar chips, so they will walk away from them. Click the photos below for more information on cedar chips.

Diatomaceous Earth- Applying Diatomaceous Earth all over your lawn is a toxic-free and easy way to repel ticks. DE is made up of tiny fossilized aquatic organisms and kills when the ticks walk over the DE powder!

Eco Lawn Spray- If you prefer to spray your lawn after you cut it, rather than spread a DE powder all over it, here are a few brands that are all natural and safe for pets!


Hope some of these tips help you to keep the ticks away from you and your family this summer! There are so many benefits to using essential oils and how they can help keep your family healthy! One of my favorite ways is using them our immune boosting detox baths! You can read more about them here or click any of the photos below. 😊Detox baths for kids-immune boosters


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All Natural Tick Repellent for Kids