Third Trimester must haves


I can’t believe I’m already in my third trimester, it seems unreal!

Being pregnant the fourth time around with three other little ones has been no picnic, to say the least! However, I’m so busy with work and my 3 kids that time is really flying by!

The problems I had in my first and second trimesters have almost disappeared, thankfully! However, with the third trimester, new issues arise and there are different products and necessities I need to help me get through the third trimester

My biggest issue I’m having in the third trimester is that I’m incredibly uncomfortable!

This baby is way bigger than my girls were, maybe it’s because he’s a boy or it’s my fourth, I’m not sure but either way, it hasn’t been fun! I’m as big as I was at 9 months with my girls and I’m only in my 7th month with this little guy here! 

The thought of the next few months scares me a bit, I will admit! 😳

Besides being uncomfortable, I’m also having terrible leg pains that include cramping, restless leg syndrome, and even varicose veins on my one leg.

Not to mention, I’m peeing CONSTANTLY!!! I’m not even kidding here! 

I thought I peed a lot in the beginning but this is crazy! He is pushing on my bladder and it’s making me run to the bathroom every 15 minutes!

Okay, that’s enough of me venting about my pregnancy pains!

Here is what has been helping me survive my third trimester! These third trimester must haves have helped me get through all four of my pregnancies and I couldn’t live without them!! 

Pregnancy Belt

As I mentioned above, I’m super uncomfortable. Doing normal things around the house hasn’t been a piece of cake and when you already have three kids, you’re constantly cleaning or doing housework. Not to mention, the kid’s school activities or after school activities seem to be never-ending.

Literally, the only time I sit down is to work or sleep! Other than that, I’m always on my feet.

When I was pregnant with my first daughter my doctor mentioned a pregnancy belt to me to help support my belly and give me a little relief and let me tell you, it is amazing!

So, if you’re uncomfortable like I am, get yourself one of these pregnancy belts, it will make your life much easier!

I love this belt below because it gives not only your belly some relief but your back as well. If you’re experiencing sciatic nerve pain, then you’ll NEED this! This comes apart so you can use the parts of the belt that you need the most. I was also able to use it postpartum too!


Maternity Leggings for Third Trimester

I believe I mentioned these in my post about first trimester favorites as well! So, if you haven’t gotten them yet, believe me, you’ll want these ASAP! 

Maternity leggings can not only be worn during pregnancy but you’ll need them for a while postpartum as well.

If you happen to be having a c-section and are wondering what clothes to wear after your c-section that won’t aggravate your incision, click here! 

Here are a few of my favorite maternity leggings and pants that will help you rock your third trimester! You can live in these and dress them up or down and still look sexy and be comfortable! 

For a dressier pant for the office or going out, try these below:

Jogger pants for postpartum recovery are a must have! GET THESE NOW and you can comfortably wear them around the house and after you have the baby.

Tight leggings won’t work during the first few weeks postpartum, especially if you had a c-section. Even after a vaginal delivery, you’ll have to wear pads for a few days so you won’t want to wear tight leggings. Get yourself some cute joggers like the ones below and you can rock in there hospital and a few weeks after! 


If you’re having a scheduled c-section and are worried about what to wear after your delivery so you don’t irritate your incision, click here or the photo below for more information!

Clothes after c-section


Comfortable Shoes for Third Trimester

Of course, during my third trimester, it happens to be holiday time! That means dressing up a lot! This isn’t ideal for a pregnant woman in her third trimester who is trying to stay comfortable! Did I mention I also have a wedding to go to as well?

Oh yes, this should all be fun! 

Here are my go-to slippers that I literally live in when I’m home! The second I walk in the door, I put them on and am in love with them! Once you buy Ugg slippers or boots, you can’t go back! The price is worth the comfort and they are simply amazing! 


If you’re looking for cute little booties, here are a few great ones below:

Or you can always reach for your flats! Or choose a shoe made by Sperry or Toms and you’ll be so comfortable! 



Stretch Mark Cream

Yes, I’m STILL putting this on!

Trust me when I tell you, it’s needed throughout your entire pregnancy! Your body is growing all over the place and to keep those stretch marks at bay, you’ll want to put some cocoa butter all over those areas that are expanding! 

For more detailed information on how I was able to prevent stretch marks through all of my pregnancies, click here! 

Here are my favorites:



Compression Socks for Leg Cramps and other Leg Pains

Oh, the joys of motherhood! 

If you are battling with leg cramps, restless leg syndrome, or varicose veins then these compression socks are a pregnancy must-have! 

Thankfully, today they make some cute ones!


For more information on how to treat leg pains during pregnancy, click here or the photo below:

How to treat leg pains during pregnancy


Panty Liners for Third Trimester

This one has been a pain in the you know what! I always seemed to pee often before I was pregnant but this pregnancy took things over the edge for me! 

I’m not sure if it’s because it’s my fourth pregnancy or because he is so big and pushing on my bladder more than my girls did? Either way, I’m up all night having to pee or going to the bathroom almost every 20 minutes during the day! 

It’s such a pain because we live about 15-20 min from a store or my children’s school! This means by the time I get somewhere, I have to find a bathroom! It’s so annoying…but I tell myself he’s worth it!! 🙂

Another issue I’m having is that if I cough, laugh too hard, or jump/run, I’m leaking a bit of urine! Yes, so embarrassing!

However, it’s totally normal having urinary incontinence during pregnancy! If you want to make sure what your experiencing is normal and nothing to worry about, read more here

Therefore, panty liners are a must have for my third trimester this time around! Two of my favorites are below that are organic and made with no toxins or synthetic chemicals!


Heart Burn Relief during pregnancy 

It’s funny, I had more heartburn with my second baby who barely had hair and hardly any with my third who came out with a ton! Those wives tales are just that, tales! 

In the last few weeks of this pregnancy, the heartburn has been hitting me pretty bad. Here is what I reach for when I can’t handle the heartburn any longer!

Peppermint tea for heartburn! This tea has helped me ease heartburn and is safe to drink for both mama and baby! If you don’t like tea, then try some peppermint drops!


Many pregnant moms reach for the Tums and if that’s your favorite, then go for it! Sometimes taking too many Tums can cause constipation and that’s another issue you don’t want to deal with during pregnancy!

I never felt like Tums did much for me and I didn’t like that it wasn’t all-natural. Eating some yogurt before I head up to bed can help the heartburn as well! When the yogurt doesn’t work, then I reach for this all-natural option made by Maty’s that’s safe for pregnant moms and I felt it worked better than Tums! 

Comfortable clothes for your third trimester

As I mentioned above, I have a wedding to go to. I’ve tried a bunch of different maternity clothes but I have to say that my favorite dresses and pants are anything made by Pattyboutik, H&M, or Blanqi. The quality is there and the clothes are so cute and sexy. There are a few Motherhood Maternity favorites I have but I haven’t loved everything they carry. 

Here are a few of my favorite dresses below, perfect for weddings or those holiday events:


Cardigans are a must have and the best part is you can wear them after you have the baby! Here are some comfortable tops and sweaters I live in during my third trimester:


Bath Salts for Third Trimester

I mention Epsom salts and how much your magnesium intake can improve a lot of pregnancy leg and back pains and issues you may be experiencing in my other posts.

Trust me when I say to take out some time for yourself now and take a nice long bath now while you can! You won’t have much time to do this after the baby is here! 


Are you suffering from pregnancy headaches? Click here for 9 surefire ways to treat those terrible headaches during pregnancy! 

pregnancy headaches


Heating Pad

If you are experiencing terrible back pain or sciatica, then a heating pad will be your best friend!

Even if you think you might not need it now, you probably will during those postpartum weeks! Pregnancy back pain is horrible but with some help of warm Epsom salt baths and a heating pad, you’ll feel so much better the following day! 


Red Raspberry Tea

Red raspberry tea has many health benefits and drinking red raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy has been known to strengthen the uterus which can lead to a shorter and less intense labor. You can read more about the study done on the tea benefits here.

Red Raspberry leaf tea can also help with morning sickness, the balancing of postpartum hormones, and help bring in a mother’s breastmilk quicker. 

Most doctors recommend not having the tea until later on in your pregnancy, preferably the third trimester. Always be sure to discuss trying this tea with your doctor first if you have any questions or concerns. 


Essential Oils for Sleep During Pregnancy

Finally, last but not least, get yourself some essential oils and a cute diffuser and get some rest! If it weren’t for my pregnancy pillow I mention in my first and second-trimester favorites, my Epsom salt baths, and essential oils, I’d probably never get any sleep! 

Try adding a few drops of lavender or gentle baby time oil and you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time! I also diffuse this in my children’s room and I swear it helps them fall asleep faster! 





And that’s it, ladies!

I hope these third trimester must haves help some of you moms out there trying to get through your last few months of pregnancy! I know this is an incredibly uncomfortable time but that sweet baby will be here before you know it! 


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Third Trimester Must Haves