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Hands Down The Best Natural Sunscreens For Babies and Kids

Looking for a safe sunscreen for your baby? Here is a list of the best natural sunscreens for babies and kids that I’ve personally used!

If you’re reading this then you’re a mom like me who doesn’t like having a million chemicals on their children’s skin. Some people might call us crunchy moms but I’d say we just care about our children’s health!

There doesn’t need to be a million toxic chemicals on our babies just so they can enjoy a few hours out in the sun. American children today have so many more health issues than ever before! So for that reason alone, I watch what my kids eat and what goes on their skin!

Vitamin D plays such an important role in our children’s health! We WANT them out there in the sun and we want them soaking up Vitamin D but we don’t want them to burn! We need to use something that’s safe and works!

For example, my oldest daughter has a blood immune deficiency and can get sick often. She takes high doses of vitamin D3 which helps during the winter months. But, do you know when she feels the best? During those hot summer months when she spends hours outside getting real vitamin D! Parents want a sunscreen that still allows our children to get important vitamins, yet protect them from burning at the same time!

I tried using a few different natural sunscreens and they either didn’t work too well, needed to be applied numerous times, didn’t like the smell, or discovered they weren’t really that natural at all! Since I’m a writer at heart, what better thing for me to do than research the best all natural sunscreens so other moms don’t have to!

My source

Here is a list of our favorite best natural sunscreens for your babies and kids! This list was compiled from the EWG resource page where they rate each sunscreen and its toxicity on your skin. You can check it out here for yourself and type in any brand and it will give you a number. You want your sunscreen number in the 1-3 range, especially for kids!

Ingredients that you want to avoid are oxybenzone which is a hormone distributor and retinyl palmitate which is a form of vitamin A. There are still many sunscreen brands that have these harmful chemicals in their products and the EWG’s website did an amazing job of weeding out which ones were safe! There are so many on their list, but here are the ones that my family has actually used and found to be the safest sunscreens, provide the best protection, and won’t break the bank!

Best baby sunscreen

We are talking newborn-6 months baby age for sunscreen. A newborn baby’s skin is very sensitive and does not have melanin proteins to protect them as much as babies 6 months and up. You don’t want them to burn so it’s best to give them some sun protection while they still get the vitamins from the sun.

Badger baby sunscreen is rated a 1 on the EWG scale, smells nice and goes on smooth. This sunscreen is the safest for your little ones! Amazon has a deal right now where you can get both the sunscreen cream and the face stick which is awesome because it’s impossible getting lotion on your baby’s cheeks sometimes!

Almost ALL of Badger’s sunscreens are rated a 1 from EWG which means its products are the top rated and have the least amount of toxic chemicals in their sunscreens. What I love about Badger is that I know it works, it smells great, and it’s made from all natural ingredients! All of those things are hard to find in a sunscreen! What I don’t like is that I can’t pick it up at my local drugstore or Target when I’m out and about. However, Amazon always has great deals on it so I stock up on it before we go on vacation. Click the photos below for more information. 👇



Tom’s of Maine Baby Sunscreen is another non toxic sunscreen that is rated a 1 and actually works! This can easily be picked up at your local drugstore which makes it nice. This is amazing protection for your baby’s skin. The only downside is that when I used it, it was very thick but it did the job and was safe to use! Blue Lizard is another favorite that is rated a 1. I liked Blue Lizard a lot and even put it on my whole family and it worked great! Just be sure to get the baby version for your little one when buying Blue Lizard sunscreen.



Bare Republic is also made of natural ingredients and their baby sunscreen and sunscreen sticks are rated a 1! What I love about this brand is that even though Amazon makes my life a million times easier, Target sells this brand so if you’re there shopping anyway, you can easily grab some! Their baby lotion and stick are rated a 1 on the EWG site, but some of their sprays are rated higher which is usually the case with spray sunscreens. Be sure when you are buying sunscreen for your baby that this brand says “baby” on it because they have other sunscreens that look similar but have different ingredients in them. The photos/links below are both the baby brands. These two baby sunscreens from Bare Republic work awesome, don’t have toxic chemicals to harm your baby, and are available at Target and Amazon. Makes life easier for a mom! 😉



I love sunscreen sticks because they are easy to apply to baby’s cheeks and forehead. Coola males a great brand of organic sunscreens that also smell like heaven and are non greasy. Most of their sunscreens are rated between a 1-3 which is what you want to look for in a sunscreen. I like to stick to a 1 when searching for something for my baby so I’ve never tried Coola’s baby lotions because it’s rated a 2-3. They do have an excellent sunscreen stick for babies that works great on the whole family too! It smells nice and provides excellent protection and works great for hours! The only downside is this brand is a bit pricy and the stick is a little cakey but it works so that’s all that matters! I’ve only ever been able to find this on Amazon. Click the photos for more information.

Best sunscreen for kids

Now for those active kids you have that spend hours a day outside and you can’t keep them still! Of course, you can absolutely use the baby sunscreen on your older kids without a doubt! I use a lot of the sticks on my kids  and even some of the baby lotions. It’s just important that young baby’s have the proper sunscreen since their skin isn’t as strong as older children. Toddlers and bigger kids may not need higher protection sunscreen as a young baby. And let’s face it, our kids need vitamin D! I put sunscreen on my older kid’s cheeks and shoulders when they are at the pool. When we head to the beach, I put much more on them. My children also tan really well and only burn on occasion so not much is needed as some of their friends. Every child is different so find the right amount of protection your kids need. They say any sunscreen above 50 is useless so it’s not even worth buying. I tend to stick to using 30 on my kids. I feel like it gives them the best protection and they are still able to get the vitamins from the sun that they need.

Enough of me babbling… are the best rated, safest sunscreens for kids! We love these!

Badger Sunscreen for Kids smells like heaven and works great! Badger is my favorite which is why I put it at the top of the list! You can’t go wrong with this brand, it’s water-resistant for up to 40 mins, won’t irritate sensitive skin, and give your kids excellent protection. This is one brand that I know has safe ingredients and provides excellent UVA protection. Even their adult versions have a 1 rating! I so badly wish this came in a spray bottle but it doesn’t. Maybe they’ll make one eventually but for now this will do!



Goddess Garden Organics Kids Sport Sunscreen is also rated a 1 but what I like the most is that ALL of their  sunscreen lotions are rated a 1! This brand is just as good as Badger! They also carry spray sunscreens and all of their sprays are rated a 3 which is great for an aerosol sunscreen! I have only been able to find Goddess Garden on Amazon. This sunscreen isn’t too expensive either for how natural it is. I have never personally used their spray and have heard it can clog up and not spread as well as the lotion. Be sure to shake your lotion up well because this is a thick sunscreen.



Kiss My Face Organics Kids Mineral Sunscreen is another favorite! This brand is the only brand that has all natural, safe ingredients, rated a 1, smells good, works, and guess what????? It comes in a safe non-aerosol spray bottle!!! They also make an aerosol spray sunscreen as well pictured below but I haven’t tried that one yet. Why is this important to me as a mom? Because my kids won’t stand still for very long and if any of you have active toddlers….then you know exactly what I mean! They don’t stay put so you need to act FAST when applying sunscreen!

**I will note that only the Kiss MY Face Organic version is rated a 1. Their other sunscreen line that is not organic is rated higher.

We love this sunscreen but I will say, if you go to the beach, be sure to reapply every 40 minutes. Badger and some of the other brands seem to last a bit longer from my experience. However, this stuff is great and non toxic. Perfect for pool days or playground adventures! I was able to find this at my local grocery store too! Of course, you can get it on Amazon if your grocery stores don’t carry it.



I picked up Alba at our local Target last year and we fell in love! It smelled great, had natural ingredients in it, and it worked good on the kids! I was a bit disappointed to learn that most Alba sunscreens were rated between a 1-4. It’s still in the range that’s safe but I like to see a 1 on all products that claim to be natural. However, I’m still adding this sunscreen to the list because we loved it and it worked. It was also easy to pick up at Target when we were low on sunscreen.

The Alba Kid’s sunscreen is rated a 2 which is still much better compared to many other brands on the market. They also have a great spray sunscreen that’s rated a 3. It gets the 3 rating because it is a spray and with any spray sunscreen they pose an inhalation risk. If I use a spray sunscreen, I normally use it on my children’s back and legs and always tell them to take a deep breath and close their eyes. This way they aren’t inhaling anything and also won’t get anything in their eyes just to be safe! They have a non-aerosol spray as well which is rated a 4 for moderate protection. I have used both and found the aerosol to be more effective and I didn’t have to apply as often. Another reason why I liked Alba is because it costs just as much as Coppertone or Neutrogena sunscreens that have double the toxic chemicals in them. Alba won’t break the bank and we all know when you have active kids, you go through tons of sunscreen in the summer and don’t want to spend that much money on it!


Blue Lizard Sensitive SPF 30+ is great for kids and adults. Honestly, you can use most of the baby sunscreens mentioned above on your whole family if they tend to burn easily. My family does not so I use a stronger/baby version on the baby and a lighter version on the rest of my crew. Blue Lizard Sensitive is the only other kind of Blue Lizard sunscreen that rates a 1 besides their baby version. The rest of their selection is rated a 2-4 on the EWG website. This is a good brand and provides amazing sun protection but they don’t offer a spray of any kind. That’s something I need for my fast-moving kids!


Awesome sunscreen sticks for Kids! I mentioned a few sunscreen sticks for babies above that will absolutely works on your kids as well. Here are a few more of my favorites that your kids will actually like using! They’re also safe to use and rated a 1! 😎

Bare Republic has super cool sunscreen sticks that are colorful! They have a bunch of colors and all are rated a 1. I did look over the ratings and noticed the colors purple, goblin green, and lightning yellow were the safest colors out of all of them. Still, all of their sticks had a great 1 rating!


Coola and Badger both mentioned above for their baby version of a sunscreen stick works great! Their kid versions work just as good!

Make your own

Oh yes, I’m totally that mom that’s adding this! Another option is to make your own natural sunscreen. Yes, it might be a pain and if you have more than one kid, you probably don’t have time to do that but it’s an option. I was totally that mom making my own sunscreen back in the day before I had 3 kids….now, give me the easier thing to do and I’d rather do that! HA! I don’t have my own recipe but Wellness Mama has a really good one you can check out!

I hope this list of the best natural sunscreens for babies and kids help out some of you this summer!

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Best sunscreen for kids!


Best sunscreen for kids!