Potty Training Success Charts & free printables

Potty Training Success Charts For Boys & Girls

For those parents going through the potty training stage….god bless you.

I know it can be exhausting and you want anything that can make this process go easier! These potty training charts are so helpful for potty training your little one, you’ll be happy you have them!

For the best potty training secrets and hacks, read this post first or click the photo below!

Potty training tips



One of the most important parts of potty training is the rewards! 

Kids love charts and rewards and if they see how excited you get when they do well, it will encourage them to do even better! Consistency between both you and your child and little rewards will make potty training a success!

Some kids love little M&Ms after they use the potty, some love snacks, or just stickers. I personally used both a potty chart with stickers to show them how well they were doing and some M&Ms or little treats every time they went. I got the baby M&Ms since you may notice your child will run to the potty constantly for an M&M and you don’t want them to get all sugared up!

You can use anything they like though, it doesn’t have to be candy! It can be small crackers or even fruit! My one friend went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of dollar toys and used those for poop prizes. This worked great for her daughter!

Potty Training Charts

Use the potty charts in combination with any rewards. Hang it where your child can see it the most. Some parents hang it right in the bathroom or on the refrigerator.

Buy some cute stickers and every single time they use the potty, place a sticker on the chart.

Tell them at the end of the week, if they have all stickers, you’ll do something fun like go for ice cream or to the park.

Anywhere that they love to go and will work hard for!



Here is a photo of the free printable potty training charts: 👇

potty chart printables

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Some other items you will need to potty train successfully:


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Potty Training Chart Printable


Potty training charts


free potty chart printables