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Best Gift Ideas For Girls Ages 6-10!

*Updated for 2021-2022

I have three daughters. Yes, I know what you’re thinking….my poor husband!

We hear it all the time!

Because I have 3 daughters and their friends who spend most of their time here, I have a pretty good idea of what to get a 6 to 10-year-old girl for Christmas! These gifts are great for birthdays or other celebrations as well!

These 15 cool gift ideas for girls will keep them busy and very happy!

For the past two years, these are the gifts that my girls have wanted the most. They also happen to be hot-ticket items as well.

Some of the gifts our kids ask for can be expensive and a waste of money! We all know that we get our kids certain gifts and after a week, they outgrow it and it’s more money wasted!

I don’t want that to happen to you!

So here are 15 cool gift ideas for girls ages 6-10 years old! Many of these gifts will even suit girls up to age 11!

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gifts ideas for girls ages six and up

Dance Mat

Get your girls moving with one of these dance mats! These are great for parties and just a good time to get them to burn some energy! Your girls will love this! Click here or below for more details:



Sketch Pad and Fancy Markers

My daughter received one of these for her birthday with a bunch of cool markers. At the time she wasn’t that thrilled, but let me tell you….she started sketching in that book and hasn’t put it down since!

In fact, my older daughter also loved it so much that I had to go out and get her one too! Sometimes the simplest things are all a young girl needs!

So if your daughter or niece loves to draw, you can’t go wrong with one of these! They will fill up the pages and have such a good time! The best part is, they use their imagination and no electronics are required! 🙂



Some cool markers or gel pens to go with it!

Writing Tablet

Or forget the paper altogether and get them a writing tablet! Kids love these things and they can draw for hours on them!


Cozy One-Piece Hooded Pajamas

My girls LOVE these! Honestly, you can’t have enough of these in the winter! As soon as they home from school, they can’t wait to change into these! They’re that comfortable! I want some for myself!!!

Rainbow High Dolls

Rainbow high dolls have been the craze recently! here are a few my girls love!


LOL Surprise Dolls

My girls were into these a little bit last year but this year they seem to still

be all over the place and they’re really excited when they see these pretty pink balls at the store!

Now, I have an issue with these LOL surprise dolls, there’s not a lot inside for what you pay for them. I know last year many parents complained about how expensive they were with these tiny dollar stores like dolls on the inside. I won’t be getting my girls the big LOL Surprise balls because of that reason. I’m sure they would love it but I know for a fact that once they open it, after two weeks they won’t play with it anymore! However, they still WANT them!

So then what do you do if your daughter wants one of these LOL Surprise balls?

Get the small balls for them! They sell small balls and even some $3 LOL Surprise gifts in the dollar section at Target! I say, skip the big balls and get them one or two of the little ones and stuff them in their stockings!

Another option is other LOL products. My daughter got the LOL board game for her birthday which was so much fun for them to play and not a waste of money! Here are a few of the LOL Surprise toys that are affordable and fun below! 👇🏻

Here are the small LOL balls that aren’t as expensive as the other ones. They make great stocking stuffers or little gifts!


These LOL Fashion Plates are an awesome idea as well and they won’t break the bank! Your daughter will play with this and design new outfits for her LOL dolls and get more use out of this than those bigger expensive balls!

Rainbow Surprise Fantasy Friends

If your girls are completely over LOL Dolls, then try this adorable rainbow surprise doll! All 3 of my girls thought this was cool, even the 10-year-old who isn’t into dolls much! The packaging alone was super cute and it turns into a little perfume glitter spray bottle! Be careful because it also contains slime, so if you do get this, make sure you have them open it in a room without carpeting or at a table where they can make a mess and it won’t matter! This was very affordable as well!


Slime Kits

I know, I know…we are all sick of slime but our kids love it!

I love making slime with my older girls, not so much the toddler! 😩

Slime making is still the rage and something my girls love to do! There are a bunch of slime kits out there but here are a few of the best we’ve tried!

Doll House

This is more for ages 4-8 but I will tell you that my 9-year-old daughter still plays with this and even her friends do when they come over! This thing is so large and fun to use that girls are just drawn to it at any age! It’s perfect for all their Barbie size dolls! We got this for my middle daughter when she was 5 and it was a HUGE hit for all the girls!

No need to get those Barbie Dreamhouses! They are expensive and don’t have all the great qualities these wooden dollhouses have by KidKraft. We couldn’t be happier with our dollhouse and my husband said it was easy to put together as well! They have spent hours playing with this and it was one of the best gifts my girls ever got!

We have this one below with the elevator but there are so many other kinds to choose from! Click the pictures for more info 👇🏻

Aqua Beads

My girls LOVE Aqua Beads! They are pretty cool and they would spend so much time making different figures with the beads! This is great for all ages! They have some beginner kits and more advanced ones for older kids as well!



Unicorn Ear Muffs

What girl doesn’t love unicorn earmuffs?

My 6-year-old got these for her birthday and hasn’t taken them off! She literally wears them all the time!


Bath Bombs

You can never go wrong with bath bombs!

What girl doesn’t love spa products?! It doesn’t matter what her age is, she will love to take a hot bath with these bath bombs! It’s even more fun making her own bath bombs!

There are so many brands out there but I like to get my girls bath bombs that have all-natural and safe products in them if possible! Here are some great ones below!

Get Them A Camera!

My oldest daughter has this exact camera below. She loves it! I don’t like that the film goes so quickly so I definitely recommend this for ages 7+ because they’ll understand more that you can’t just keep taking photos and deleting them. This was a very cool gift and she loves taking photos of her friends and sisters! Great to take to parties and holiday get-togethers!

Gumball Machine

If my daughters had to choose which gift was their favorite out of all of these, this would probably be it!

My middle daughter asked for this when she was 5 and once she got it, her older sister and younger sister both asked for their own as well!

They LOVE this gumball machine! It was such a huge hit and it’s the first thing they show their friends when they come over to their house!

If you have no idea what to get a young girl for a gift but want to make a great impression, get her a gumball machine! Trust me when I say she’ll love you forever for it! 😍

My daughter has this one below and they all go crazy over it because the gumballs spin all the way down!👇🏻

Here are a few other ones that are great as well!


V-Tech Watch

My 9-year-old asked for this year. I was surprised because I feel like this is more of a gift for a 7-year-old but a lot of her friends at school have this watch and love it! They can take pictures and videos of their friends and it really helps them learn how to tell time. Also, there are free games to play on it as well! The watch says it’s best for ages 4-9 but I honestly feel like maybe 6-9 is a better range.



Color your own purse or water bottle gift!

My girls have both the purse and water bottle and loved them! This gift is great for any age of 5+!

They can take the water bottle to school with them and show off their design to their friends! They also have color your own backpack and umbrella too! Click the photos below for more details.




For the Active Girls……


My girls all love their scooters! They even ride them more often than their bikes!

Here are some great new scooter designs out this season that make riding even more fun! 👇🏻

Our daughters begged us for a motorized/electric scooter last year. We decided to try one out and honestly, they can’t get enough of them! Make sure your kids have some protective gear to wear if you do purchase one of these. They don’t go super fast but they go fast enough, that’s for sure! They absolutely love them and rode them every day during the quarantine last year!


Sneaker Skates

My 7-year-old asked for these sneaker skates for her birthday. At first, I will admit I wasn’t too sure about them, then I saw one of her friends use them and they were the cutest thing ever! She loves them and they can be worn as regular sneakers or used for skating. She skates all over the place outside and down in our basement and really enjoys it!

We have this pair below which only has one wheel and the wheel is easily retractable. They light up and she loves it!

This pair below has a double wheel, it all depends on how advanced your child is and what you’d rather them have. They both have lots of colors to choose from, just click the photos for more information.



My oldest daughter really wants a skateboard! I’m thrilled with this because I loved riding my skateboard when I was younger and even in my college days!


My husband got my 8-year-old daughter this hoverboard and at first, I have to say, I wasn’t thrilled. However, he was smart and got her one that doesn’t go very fast and is super easy to use. We made a deal that the girls would try it and only use it with a helmet when one of us is around. I have to tell you….this is a HUGE HIT!!! If you get a hoverboard that isn’t too fast, it’s a great gift and your girls will go nuts over! Boys too! I  even jumped on it myself and it’s so much fun!


Pogo Stick

Last year we got our daughter a pogo stick and she loved it! Again, this is for the active girl in your house! My middle daughter won’t go near this so it all depends on your daughter’s personality!



I hope these 15 cool gift ideas for girls helps you find the perfect gift you’re looking for! If you have any others to add, let me know!


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