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A Simple Formula for Raising Happy Children: Book Review
Rabbi Roger Herst’s- A Simple Formula for Raising Happy Children

Rabbi Dr. Roger Herst has a simple formula for the most common wish every parent has for their child. When parents are asked what they want most for their children, their answer is always the same. Parents want their children to be happy! It all sounds so simple, yet it really isn’t. What leads children to happiness and does Rabbi Roger have the answers in this book?

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I must admit, reading puts me out like a light! Yes, I am a writer, a blogger, a consultant, and most importantly a parent so I do read often. Yet, when my day is finally over and I get about 20-40 min to myself, I actually try not to read because if I do, I fall asleep instantly. However, I picked up Rabbi Roger’s A Simple Formula For Raising Happy Children and started to read it one night and it actually kept me awake! It kept me interested! Finally- a parenting book that didn’t put me to sleep! Do you want to know why? Because I am a parent to three amazing little girls and if you asked me right this very moment what I wanted most for them, I would say for them to be happy. The most precious thing to me in this world is hearing my children laugh. It honestly makes my heart melt and is music to my ears. So I continued to read how to raise happy children and all about his simple formula.

The book starts off in a casual conversation with Rabbi Roger and a new mother. Rabbi Roger and this mom are good friends and they discuss the topic of happiness and what every parent wants. My favorite part is when he asks the mother what she wants most for her children and at that moment in her life she says she’s just trying to get by every day like most parents. This made me laugh because I feel the same way! We can all relate to her answer since the daily tasks of being a parent can get exhausting and it can be hard to think of anything else but just lasting through the day with them! Finally, the mother says that she wants what all parents want which is for her children to be happy. Dr. Herst asks her a series of questions and she answers him which lead to his 9 steps/formula of raising happy children.

He points out that successful children are happy children and obviously unsuccessful children are not happy. This goes without saying, but it does make you wonder how they get to be successful in the first place. What can parents do to lead their children to success? His steps are very helpful and I couldn’t agree more with his advice. My children are ages 2, 5, & 7 and I found his formula to be vital pieces of information for any parent. Dr. Herst’s step about allowing children to make their own decisions is especially important. This can be a difficult issue with many parents, not because we don’t trust our children but because we hope they make the right decisions and we never want them to get hurt. However, if we constantly make decisions for our children, what will happen when they are out on their own? We certainly don’t want our children to become teenagers and not be able to make proper decisions without having mommy there to help them! Rabbi Roger discusses this step in great debt and helps a parent make proper choices that help guide our children to make great decisions without mommy or daddy constantly doing it for them.

As I read on, I discovered each of his steps were just as important as the next! I don’t want to give all the details and ruin the book, but I will say that his advice is something that any parent can use, whether their child is 2 or 15. Learning his formula at any age can be helpful in raising happy and successful children.

Dr. Herst has seen many generations of parents and children through his rabbinical career, and has witnessed the best and worst parenting strategies. We are very lucky to have him share these strategies with us! Many of these steps may not come so easy for parents, but it is important that we try our best to implement them as much as we can. This book actually makes me want to be a better parent and guides me in the right direction.

Rabbi Dr. Roger Herst’s book is easy to read and is a great gift for any parent! Perfect for the busy parent who doesn’t have a lot of time because it can be read in one day and the steps are simple to understand and follow.

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