Best Gifts For New Moms

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Best Gifts For New Moms

After having a baby, many people will want to bring gifts or stop by and see the baby. This is always a nice gesture but usually what a new mom really needs most is sleep and a few days alone to cope with her newborn.

Here is a list of the best gifts for new moms that are honest, helpful and they will truly appreciate far more for than any newborn outfit you can buy them!!

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1. Food

This is huge! Huge!!!!  Especially if she has other children in the home!

Bring that new mom a dish of your favorite recipe or give the family a gift card to their favorite restaurant so they can get dinner delivered or dad can go pick it up.

The last thing a new mom needs to worry about is if her refrigerator is stocked and who is cooking what each night!

There are meal trains where you sign up and invite a group of her closest mom friends to make a different dish for the new mom. This is always a great idea as well, however, spread it out so she isn’t having visitors stop by every night. She may not want a new visitor every night of her first week back home.

Gift cards for restaurants are also excellent ideas if you don’t have time to cook anything special for her.

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2.Give her time alone with the baby

I can’t stress this enough…..PLEASE, PLEASE, give this mother a few days alone to get to know her newborn!

And whatever you do, DO NOT stop by unannounced unless you are her own mother/sister/BFF!!

DO NOT show up at the hospital unless you are her best friend, parents, or siblings or she personally invites you!

Having people show up after just having a baby, being half naked, and trying to nurse a newborn is not exactly what a new mom wants! I have had this happen to me and it was the longest, most uncomfortable 20 min of my life!!!

After mom gets home from the hospital, please give her a few days alone to settle with her family. I know you can’t wait to see that baby but give her a week, the baby will still be there, there’s no hurry.

If she’s just learning how to breastfeed, this can be painful and exhausting so give her some space and understand that she needs this. Even if she isn’t nursing, every mother needs some time to be with their beautiful baby and learn their new routine. Mom may have had a rough labor or c-section and needs time to recover and rest.

3.Offer to babysit

When you finally do come to visit, ask her if she needs to take a shower or get something done and you’ll watch the baby for her.

Maybe she needs to run to the drugstore quick or just wants to wash her hair, give her that opportunity because she may not get it again for a while!! You could also offer to babysit one night so mom and dad could go out to dinner and can get a little break!

4.Don’t forget the sibling!!

If she has other children, ask her if you can take them to the park, out to eat, or some place special after you visit the baby.

The hardest part about bringing home a newborn to other children is that they don’t understand why you can’t go everywhere or do all the things you once did before.

Those big brothers and sisters get bored watching mommy take care of the baby all day, so please take them off her hands for an hour! Take them to the playground or just for a walk would be great!

Also, bring them a small gift if you can! It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, some sidewalk chalk, play doh, or a new coloring book & crayons would be great! They watch the new baby get all these gifts and feel left out and bored. Please don’t forget the new big sister or brother!

5.Offer to help her clean or shop

Ask her if she needs you to pick up her grocery list for the week or see if she needs help with her laundry. She may only feel comfortable with close family and friends doing this but she will certainly appreciate it.

Ask her if she needs help doing the dishes, dusting, or mopping her floors, or even some vacuuming. If she feels uncomfortable with this, then ask if she’d rather you hold the baby while she gets a few things done around the house.

I remember feeling so frustrated because I literally couldn’t get anything done in my house! By the time my daughter got done nursing, there was such a short window of time for me to do things before she needed me to change her or nurse her again!

6.Gift Cards

Of course, you’ll want to bring a gift, so if you must buy them something, you can always purchase that one cute outfit that you had to buy her, but getting her a Gift card at BabiesRUs,Target, or Amazon is your best bet! That way, she can go pick out what she needs because she will need a lot of diapers and maybe some things for herself.

I’ve had three babies and every time I thought I had everything that I needed before the baby arrived, no matter what, I always needed something else at Target that I forgot about.

This happens all the time so gift cards are the perfect gift for that new mother!

7.Gift Baskets/Wine

Moms love wine and if they can’t have some at the moment because they are nursing, don’t worry, they can and WILL eventually drink the wine!

Give them a gift basket full of wine with some baby gear or pampering products for mom and they will be thrilled! These care packages are perfect for new moms coming home from the hospital!

If they don’t drink any alcohol, find out where mom gets her hair done and get her a gift card at a salon or for a massage/spa treatment. Trust me, she will thank you a million times and definitely use it!

8.Shop Amazon – Give the Gift of Amazon Prime

Give her the gift of Amazon Prime if she doesn’t already have this.

For diapers alone, she can save tons of money and gets free 2-day shipping on ALL items!

This is every mom’s best friend!!!

I honestly don’t know one mother that doesn’t have Prime and we all agree we can’t live without it! This is especially important for those new moms who are so busy with the little ones and don’t have time to run to the store constantly.

Let’s be honest here, packing up a newborn for a quick run to the store takes a lot of work and is completely unnecessary when all you have to do is order it online and it’s here in no time!

They have the best baby products and diapers, pretty much anything you can imagine for a great price and you never need to leave the house! What more could a new mom ask for! 😊

These might not be the most fun or cute ideas but believe me, they are the best gifts for a new mom and she will love you for them!

I appreciated the people that really helped me out with food or gift cards, played with my older children, or gave us some space more than anything. The new mom won’t forget your efforts and of course she’ll still love that new outfit you got the baby too! 😉


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Best Gifts For New Moms


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