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Free Chore Chart Printables For Kids

Free Chore Chart Printables For Kids

Summer is fast approaching and we all know what happens when it’s here! Our kids get bored and drive us bonkers at times! My kids only have two days left of school and I need to keep them busy so I can get work done in the mornings since I work from home. I tell my kids every summer that if they get all their chores done, then we will go to the pool or do something fun the rest of the afternoon. I grew up having to do lots of chores every day for my parents. Yes, it sucked at times, but it taught me to be responsible and learn how to do things for myself! 

If you sign up for my email list here you can receive all kinds of free printables along with the free chore chart printables for kids I made for this summer to keep them busy! Different ages require different chores so I have two chore charts. There is a chore chart for ages 2-4 and a chore chart for ages 5-7 who can read and do a bit more than the younger kids. Feel free to write in some other chores or cross off what works for some kids and what doesn’t for others. If you are just interested in the chore chart printable, you can download them below. 

Click here for your summer chore charts along with other free printables! 

Below is just a small preview of part of the chore charts!


Hope these can help some of you start off your summer with some sort of schedule! I tell my kids that if they do all of their chores for the week, on the weekends we can go get ice cream, go out to dinner, or do something special. Even if your child is young and only able to pick up their toys, it’s a good way to start teaching them to clean up and show them that they have to help out around the house too!

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