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So, you’ve just had a cesarean or you’re about to and you’re wondering what the heck you can wear after a c-section??

Let’s face it, those stitches don’t exactly make wearing anything with zippers a possibility now, do they????

Depending on how your c-section was, if you went through labor first or if it was planned, even being your second or third cesarean can also impact how much your scar or stomach area hurts!

Finding the right clothes after a c-section can be harder than you think so be prepared!

After I had my first c-section, I had no clue that I wouldn’t be able to wear certain clothes!

No clue!

I also had an emergency c-section so I was completely unprepared for any of it happening.

I remember my friends saying that I’ll still look about 6 months pregnant right after I have my daughter and to pack some loose fitting shirts and clothes. So, I was lucky I had some of that at least!

However, I had no idea that the incision I had would make even some yoga pants difficult for me to wear!!

I ended up having 4 c-sections so I have the wonderful experience of telling you what will fit great after a c-section and what types of clothes to forget about!!

If you know you’re having a scheduled c-section, I recommend buying some of these clothes now. That way you’ll be able to pack them in your hospital bag and have them ready for you to wear while in the hospital.

Once you have your baby, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is your postpartum clothes after a c-section!


Girdle after c-section

This is a must have clothing item after a c-section!

I was lucky enough to have a pregnancy wrap version of this that I used for a few days after my first c-section.

I can’t describe how much this helps you! It will literally “hold you back together” as one of my friends had mentioned and it truly does!

After a c-section, you’ll feel a bit strange, as if you need support around your incision to hold you up and together so to speak. It’s hard to explain, but if you’ve been there then you’ll know exactly what I mean!

A postpartum girdle helps in more ways than one! They help speed up recovery, reduce swelling and bloating, helps shrink and return uterus to its original size, helps with lower back pain, and provides security and protects incisions. (This is a must have if you have other toddlers at home jumping on you or sitting on your lap post c-section!)

There are two kinds of girdles, there are the belly band girdle and the 3 in 1 wrap.

Both are so amazing, it’s just a preference of which one may be more comfortable to you. I literally wore these daily for the first week or two after my c-sections and they helped me tremendously!

I will say that the 3 in 1 wrap you really get your money’s worth and can use it during pregnancy and helps with back support. If you plan on having more kids, that one may be the best choice for you!

Belly Band girdle                                          3 in 1 postpartum wrap



Post c-section underwear

What about underwear after your c-section??

Yes, you’ll want to pick a high waist underwear with a wide band at the top of it so it won’t irritate your incision. Also, remember you will be bleeding for the first week or two postpartum.

Finding the best underwear after c-section is more important than you think! Below are some options that worked great for me!


(This c-panty girdle below is excellent to wear under jeans for protection. Keep reading for more about how to wear jeans after your c-section!) 


The c-panty is awesome because you can literally wear it under anything and it will protect your incision from  any type of clothing which makes this underwear awesome!

However, I’m going to be honest with you here, these aren’t cheap and there is only one pair in a box! You can’t exactly wash them every single day, can you? No new mom has time for that!

So, I recommend two things here:

1- Get a pair of these and wear them on days you need to go somewhere special or want to wear something that has zippers or is a bit tighter than other clothes.

2- You can wear a pair of low cut underwear underneath your c-panty so the c-panty still protects your incision but you won’t have to wash them daily.

The c-panty is great for days you are leaving the house and don’t want to rock a girdle or belly wrap around! I get that, been there, done that!

Girdles and belly bands are not always easily hidden under clothes or work well for dinner out with the hubby in a cute dress!

That’s when the c-panty will work great!

Another great underwear option to wear underneath is the Kindred Bravely High Waisted C-section Panties:

These underwear come in a 5 pack which is an awesome deal! However, it does not have the 100% built-in silicone panel that protects your scar like you need.

However, these are still great to wear under your girdle or belly band for the first week or two after recovery. They do come in handy the following weeks after when you don’t need a girdle and you’ll still want a great pair of underwear that are soft and high waisted!

ScarAway Silicone Strips

You could also use these ScarAway silicone strips and then wear any type of underwear you have or mesh panties. This is one item on here I never got to personally try. Some women swear by them and say how great it is to wear them under anything and others say they weren’t a fan of them.

If you ever have any questions, always check with your doctor first before using anything like this on your scar.

Best Pajamas For Hospital After a C-section

You’ll be in the hospital for a few days and will want to wear something that won’t aggravate your incision plus be comfortable in.

Your best bet is to pack some nice maternity dresses or nightgowns.

These will allow you to breastfeed your baby easily and won’t irritate your incision. Your doctors will have to check your scar often so you want something that’s easily accessible and the same thing applies if you are breastfeeding.

These maternity dresses and nightgowns below are perfect to wear after a c-section!

The Ekouaer Women’s Nursing dress and nightgown in the middle below is my favorite! It comes in so many different colors and is super comfortable and still make you look cute!

Click on the photos for more information!



Post C-section Dresses

Once you are out and about and want to wear something a little nicer, these maternity dresses will do the trick! Especially if the weather is nice, you will live in these dresses. They will be both comfortable and cute!

Buying loose fitting dresses will get you through the first month postpartum without having to worry about irritating your incision.

You won’t be as big as you were when you were pregnant but you’ll still have a belly! So you won’t be able to fit right back into your old clothes and some of your maternity dresses will be too big now.

The ones below should still flow nicely over that postpartum bump but make you look sexy and stay comfortable!

Here are a few of my favorites below from PinkBlush Maternity!


Post C-section Leggings

We moms love our leggings and why shouldn’t we?

They are the most comfortable pair of pants we have and yet we can make them look cute, stylish and still chase after our toddlers in them!

However, there’s a HUGE problem with leggings immediately after you have a c-section!

What is that problem you ask?

Well….they are too damn tight!

Yes, too tight and I don’t mean you won’t look good in them but trust me, you don’t want to show off that bulky period pad you’re rockin’ underneath those tight leggings!

After a c-section or even a vaginal delivery, you’ll be bleeding for several days and are advised not to use a tampon. That means you’ll have those lovely pads to wear!

Oh joy, right?!

No, not really!

Not to mention, if you just had a c-section, most leggings have a very uncomfortable waistband. It’s usually pretty tight and not at all what you want the first days following your c-section.

So, what the heck do you wear then?

You want to make sure you get either a cute pair of joggers or yoga type pants that aren’t super tight with a high waistband.

Here are some awesome ones below! If you still want to wear a pair of tight leggings, then I’d reach for maternity leggings so the waistband won’t bother you.

This brand below has a nice high waistband and you’ll be more comfortable in the hospital wearing these with the bulky pads underneath 👇



Best Jeans After C-section

The infamous question we all wonder and ask…..

When can I wear jeans after my c-section???

This answer is honestly different with everyone depending on how their c-section went, how their scar is healing, and their overall health of course.

My first c-section was my toughest because I was in labor for 48 hours and pushed like a mad woman until things got complicated and I ended up needing an emergency c-section. I was super sore all over after and I wasn’t able to wear jeans for at least 12 weeks.

Honestly, anything with a zipper bothered me!

However, I was able to wear maternity jeans after my c-sections!

Maternity jeans?

Yes, pull those jeans back out because trust me, that high waist band is just what you need after a c-section! They don’t have zippers and the waistbands are soft and high!

Rock your favorite pair of maternity jeans for a few weeks after a c-section! They will not only be comfortable and won’t aggravate your incision but they will give you the jean look you miss! Below are a few of my favorite cute maternity jeans!

***BUT WAIT- What if you want NOTHING to do with your old maternity jeans??? Keep reading….


I totally understand this, then here’s where the c-panty is necessary to have!

Just pull out your c-panty and wear them under your favorite pair of jeans and you will be able to protect your incision and still wear jeans or any pants with zippers!

If you’re looking for the perfect jeans to wear after a c-section, I’ve got the answer!

If your body is ready to fit into a regular pair of cute and stylish jean and want nothing to do with your maternity jeans, then try these jeans out by Levi’s!

Levi’s makes jeans in an easy pull-on fabric that is soft and perfect for mom’s who just had a c-section and want nothing to do with zippers near their incision!! They come in different colors and two styles, sculpting slim fit skinny leg pull-on and pull-on regular fit.

Both are really cute!

Be sure to wear your c-panty underneath for extra protection and rock those jeans!

Click on the photos below for more info!


Comfy Cardigans

Get yourself some comfortable cardigans to wear over those nursing shirts or maxi dresses to keep you warm. These are also great to wear with pants or maternity jeans.

The first few weeks your stomach changes a lot and these will cover your stomach and make you feel more comfortable.

The best part about these cardigans is that you can wear them all through out your pregnancy and after so you aren’t wasting your money!

Click the photos below for more information.


Compression Nursing Tanks

And finally, you’ll need something to support your girls!

Buying a great compression nursing tank tops are a must have after having a baby! They especially make life easier after a c-section!

Compression tanks like this one help your stomach muscles by increasing circulation, slimming your belly and waist, supporting your stomach, and even helps increase your metabolism! All while being able to breastfeed with ease!

Not only do compression nursing tanks offer all these things but they also look and feel great under a pretty cardigan!




I hope these tips on what clothes to wear after a c-section help you find what works best for you!

If you have any other ideas or clothes that helped you with your c-section recovery that you loved, please let me know in the comments! I’m always willing to add more items to the list to help moms find the perfect postpartum clothes after a c-section!


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