Best Postpartum Belly Wrap After C-section

Best Postpartum Belly Binder After C-Section

Wondering what the best postpartum belly wrap after c-section is? Confused about a postpartum girdle and which one helps the most after a c-section? Keep reading to find out what postpartum wraps helped me recover fast after my c-sections!

I’ve had 4 c-section deliveries…yes…4!

After each cesarean, I used one of the postpartum belly wraps mentioned below. C-section recovery is way different from a vaginal delivery and using a postpartum belly wrap is a must-have for a c-section mama!

Many new moms want to know what they can do to speed up their c-section recovery and get their belly back to normal? This is a common question every mom has once she gets pregnant. Our bodies are amazing what they go through to grow a baby inside of us!

However, sometimes our bodies look completely unrecognizable after we deliver! Between sagging skin, pregnancy stretch marks, belly pooch, fatigue, and the pain after birth, we really need a break!

A postpartum belly wrap after a c-section can help provide the support a new mother needs and help them recover faster!  Postpartum belly wraps have been around for years but have really become more common in the last 6 years.

Depending on if you gave birth vaginally or through a c-section delivery, getting a flat stomach is a challenge no matter what! However, I couldn’t have done it without a great postpartum belly binder! Some mothers say they don’t do much but I’m here to tell you that I’d hate to go through a c-section recovery without one!

That’s how much it helped me!

Here are the best postpartum belly wraps to wear after a c-section that worked for me! There are many different brands out today to choose from and hard to know which one is best. Below are the belly wraps that helped me and other moms get our stomach back to where it was prepregnancy….even after having 4 babies!

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Do Postpartum Belly Wraps Work?

In my experience, postpartum belly wraps do really work. I’ve only had c-section deliveries and I believe they were a crucial part of how quickly I recovered.

Belly binding or postpartum wraps claim to:

  • reduces overall pain especially in the lower back and lower abdomen
  • helps in the shrinking uterus
  • supports abdominal muscles and helps fix diastasis recti from becoming worse
  • provides back support especially when breastfeeding a newborn
  • helps to increase circulation
  • reduce swelling and excessive bleeding
  • help speed up the recovery process
  • provide protection and

There was a randomized controlled trial done in 2017 that supported belly binders to control pain, distress, and excessive blood loss which does support some of these claims above. (source, source)

Which Postpartum Belly Wrap is Best After C-Section?

I have tried a few different kinds of belly wraps after my c-sections and below are my favorites. And truthfully, they all work well as long as they fit properly and you can adjust them. I found that at certain stages during my postpartum healing, some belly binders were more comfortable than others.

Here are my top 4 postpartum wraps to support the c-section mom!


3 in 1 Postpartum Support- Recovery

This postpartum belly wrap is actually 3 wraps in 1 which makes this the best bang for your buck! What I love about this one is because I actually got it when I was pregnant! I needed the extra support for back pain and I saw that I could use this during my pregnancy and postpartum weeks which I thought was amazing!

There are 3 pieces to this belly binder and I was able to wear the lower one for back support before I had my baby. It’s also great because after you have your baby, you can add each belt on to see how much support you need. This not only helps support your stomach muscles but also your back and lower hips!

We tend to spend so much money on maternity things that we only need for a short period of time, so I loved that I was able to use this belly wrap for a while! Another plus about this postpartum wrap is that you can use it for both vaginal birth recovery and a cesarean recovery.

The downside was that the material wasn’t as comfortable as others but it did the job! I wore this one after my first and second pregnancy and was able to get my stomach back to normal within 8 weeks postpartum!


UpSpring Baby Shrinkx Belly Bamboo Charcoal Postpartum Belly Band 

I got this belly wrap after my fourth c-section because I gave away my first one to a friend! (My fourth pregnancy was a bit of a surprise for us!) After looking at all the belly binders on the market and having experience with other Upspring products, I knew this was the one I wanted to spend my money on.

This belly wrap is NOT a 3 in 1 wrap like the one above, however, it does what it’s supposed to do. It’s adjustable and I felt so much more supported in this one than any other one I’ve tried. I gained the most weight with my fourth pregnancy and to be honest, I didn’t have as much time to care for myself as I did after my other pregnancies.

I wore this as much as I could and it did the job! This belly wrap is made from charcoal bamboo and is a bit more expensive than others but so worth it! You definitely get what you pay for with this one.


Moolida- Postpartum Belly Wrap C Section Recovery Belt Belly Band Binder Back Support Waist Shapewear

The Moolida postpartum wrap is not as expensive as some of the other ones and still gives you the support you need. This postpartum binder is perfect to wear under clothes, the material is a bit thinner so it’s more comfortable to wear, especially if you’re nursing your baby. You can adjust it just like the other postpartum binders, it won’t aggravate your incision and isn’t bulky.


UpSpring Cpanty C-Section Support Recovery & Slimming Waist Panty

You’re probably wondering why I’m putting a C-Section Panty on this list and I’ll explain.

This is by far, hands-down my favorite C-Section compression support out of all of them! Yes, this is not a belly binder/wrap. This is more of a postpartum girdle and let me tell you why this rocks! There are days that we need to go out and about and can’t wear a belly wrap everywhere, this is where the CPanty comes in handy!

This C-panty has an amazing silicone panel that helps cover your incision and won’t aggravate it! I honestly loved this so much because it was the only thing I found to be most comfortable around my scar. C-panty makes just the underwear but this one here is not only underwear, it’s also a belly wrap with post-surgical compression levels to support your postpartum belly. This was specifically designed for mothers after a c-section to hold everything in! I bought one of these and wore my small bikini underwear underneath so I could wear it often.

This was what I wore when I wasn’t home and I had to run out with my other kids. This protected my incision from the pants I wore, held everything in and together, and made me feel normal postpartum! It was also a huge benefit to have when trying to find the right clothes to wear post-c-section!

Do Postpartum Belly Wraps Help You Lose Weight?

The jury is still out on this one. In my personal experience, I felt it helped me get my stomach back into shape. However, many doctors say that no studies are showing that postpartum recovery belts help with weight loss. (source) However, I truly belive that with the help of a good diet and an exercise routine that fits your lifestyle, many mothers including myself feel that adding a postpartum belly wrap was an important component to getting our bodies back in shape faster than without one.

Is A Postpartum Belly Wrap Safe?

Yes, a postpartum belly binder is safe to use. Some hospitals actually give out a postpartum belly binder to their patients before they leave the hospital. However, every mom’s delivery and postpartum experience is different so always be sure to check with your doctor and see what they advise first. 

When to use a postpartum belly wrap?

I used a postpartum belly wrap as soon as I got home from the hospital. Once I was home and moving around, it helped me tremendously. The stomach support that the postpartum wrap gave me alone after my c-sections was honestly the biggest factor in using it so soon for me. It is especially useful if you are breastfeeding, have toddlers at home who love to jump on you to give you hugs, and want to sit on your lap during your recovery process! A postpartum belly wrap does an awesome job of protecting you from all their love! 🙂

How long should you wear a postpartum wrap?

Some doctors recommend wearing one right after birth and continue to wear it for up to 6 weeks postpartum. (source) I personally wore it for about 6 weeks after my first baby and longer with each one after that! After my 4th c-section, I wore my wrap for up to 10 weeks until I felt my muscles didn’t need the extra support.

It all depends on what is most comfortable for you. I wore mine on and off for up to 3-5 hours a day. I did not sleep with one on, I felt it was most needed during the day when I was up and walking around.


There are so many postpartum belly wraps and binders out there to choose from. If you do choose a wrap or binder, rather than a girdle, make sure that it’s adjustable and has a smooth fabric surrounding your c-section incision. Most postpartum girdles are not adjustable but do offer a smooth lining panel for your c-section. Those are certain things you’ll want to consider depending on how well your scar is healing.

Also, try a few on, if it isn’t comfortable, then you’ll never wear it!

You want it to feel good against your incision so that you’ll wear it for many hours throughout the day and not get annoyed by it. Like I said earlier, the support alone that a postpartum wrap provides your stomach muscles is really worth the money! Try a few out and see which one you like best! Let me know in the comments if there’s a postpartum girdle or wrap that you loved that I didn’t mention!

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