Best Holiday Planner For The Overwhelmed Mom

Best Holiday Planner For the Overwhelmed Mom

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Are you a Mom that’s completely overwhelmed during the Holidays?

Too many to-do lists? Too much going on? I have an answer for you!  This is how I am able to manage it ALL this Christmas!

Like most of you reading this, I’m also a mom and being a mom during the holiday season isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be! I feel the pressure and the pressure is on right before Halloween hits!

What pressure you ask?

The pressure to do IT ALL during the holidays! Yes, I said do it all because Dads don’t nearly have the to-do it all lists that moms have! (At least, most of the dads I know!)

What do moms have to do for the holidays? We have to do the baking, the cooking, the decorating, the organizing, the cleaning, the activity planning, the shopping, the budgeting, oh and did I mention work and take care of kids as well? Yes, that’s a lot and then some! Don’t get me wrong, my husband is awesome and helps out as much as he can WHEN he can. He works a ton so he isn’t home much and I don’t have family close by to watch the kids which leaves me juggling everything with 3 kids!

I absolutely love Christmas time, so don’t take this the wrong way, I really do but it’s pretty stressful for moms. We try to do everything and there’s so much on our plate normally that when the holidays come we tend to lose our sh*$!

So, what’s the answer?

I do have an answer for you my dear friends……..a planner!!

Oh yes, not just any planner but an awesome Christmas planner that’s perfect for mommas out there like us! The overwhelmed mom with SO much to do and can’t seem to squeeze it all in every day! This planner from The Pragmatic Parent rocks and not only does it help you out with the 19 budget & planning templates but it even has 25 pages full of activities for the kids to do! This gives you more time to get all the stuff done you need without having to put the kids in front of the TV! Genius!!! I’ve never seen anything like it! Check out the photos below for a sneak peak!

Holiday Planner

Best Holiday Planner for Busy Moms!

There’s also a week-by-week to-do lists to help you stay organized all month long, 5 budget trackers, 9 gift certificates and gift cards, a beautiful advent calendar, 250 stocking stuffer ideas, weekly to do lists and this isn’t even including the 25 kid activities!!!  Kid’s activities include letters to Santa, Elf on the Shelf ideas, adorable lunchbox notes, magic reindeer food and recipe cards, and I Spy Game and so much more!! You get all this for only $9.99! A steal! You’d pay so much more in a store for all this! Click here for more info! ***BONUS-When you buy the 2017 HOLIDAY PLANNER by 11:59PM EST on November 12th, you’ll also receive a 30-page Christmas Mandala Coloring EBook.  

So instead of freaking out every holiday, get yourself a glass of wine, sit back, and feel more prepared and organized this year! Start off your holiday season less stressed and more organized with this Ultimate Holiday planner!


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