Best Breastfeeding Tip!


Best Breastfeeding Tip I Ever Got!

Breastfeeding is no joke, it can be damn hard! Especially the first time around as a new mom.

But here’s the thing:

There’s a way to make this journey SO much smoother on you!

I’ve written a bunch of breastfeeding posts and I may not be a lactation consultant, however, I did breastfeed all four of my babies for at least 2 years each.

I’m sharing with you the tips I used to help me breastfeed for as long as I wanted even when I had breastfeeding issues that should’ve stopped me!

Honestly, if you really want to breastfeed but the pain is too much, there are so many things to help you fix the problem and get you nursing comfortably again!

If you are having some health issues, and breastfeeding is not an option, you can always pump and find a way to give your baby your milk. Some women find pumping way easier, but I personally hated pumping and thought it took up too much time. I pumped whenever I worked or was away from the baby but it was so time-consuming to me and I’d much rather have my baby nurse.

Breastfeeding may be uncomfortable at first but once your nipples get accustomed to it and your baby latches correctly, the pain will disappear.

You’ll see how much easier nursing your baby is than pumping!

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Always be sure to contact a lactation consultant first for any problems with latching your baby. A lactation consultant may or may not advise you to use a nipple shield and can help you get to the root of the problem. 


#1 Breastfeeding Tip To get you Through Nipple Pain!


So, what is my number #1 tip?????


Besides telling you hang in there, it will get easier after two weeks…..


A nipple shield!


Yes, I wrote about using a nipple shield to help you breastfeed in all of my breastfeeding posts which you can read here:👇



Nipple Shields

A nipple shield will help you along your journey the first few weeks of nursing, especially if you are struggling with pain and latching.

Trust me, your girls will thank me when you buy it!

A nipple shield is great to have on hand and will help you through any painful issues you are having if you can’t get to a lactation consultant for help!

Always try to contact a lactation consultant first!


Use a nipple shield with caution!

I do not recommend using a nipple shield for more than a few days or a week!

Use the shield only if you absolutely need to and until your nipples feel better or you baby is latching on correctly.

If you are pregnant now and plan on breastfeeding, buy it today so you have it on hand. It’s better to not need it and return it later than be in pain and have to have the hubby go get it for you later when he’s clueless!

I’ve totally had this happen to me! UGH!

Two types of nipple shields I recommend:

The first one is made by Medela and it’s what I used and they were awesome!

Always order one size bigger than you think you might need. If it’s too small it won’t work for you, so always go up a size just to be safe if you aren’t sure.

This nipple shield below has been recommended by many moms as well.

This one is great because it comes in a pack of three so it will save you money and headaches when you lose one! It also comes in a cute carrying bag to keep them clean in.

Click the photo below for more details.

What can a nipple shield help you with?

A nipple shield got me through blistering, bloody nipples, thrush, poor latch, and the overall pain I was feeling after an emergency c-section.

This helped me so much and trust me, I’ve had just about every breastfeeding problem there is!

This should be on every mama’s baby registry if they intend on breastfeeding their baby! And please……do not worry about your baby using it forever because he/she won’t!

Once your baby learns how to latch correctly, (and this shield perfectly shapes their little mouths to form the correct latch no matter which way you hold the baby) you won’t need it to use it anymore.

Your baby should be able to make the switch back to your breast with no problems since they’ll like the softness of your breast/nipple much more than the nipple shield.

However, some women have had issues getting their baby off of a nipple shield which is why I recommend only using it for short periods of time.

I have never personally had this issue but all mothers and babies are different.

Again, always consult a lactation consultant or your doctor for any questions or concerns.

For more information about using a nipple shield to see if it’s right for you and your baby, read this post below for the pros and cons of using a nipple shield! 👇

breastfeeding with a nipple shield

Nipple Shield Tips

If possible, I recommend buying a pack of shields because I remember I only had one and it was a pain because I was always washing it and didn’t want to lose it!

We all know how often a newborn baby nurses the first few weeks! You are literally stuck on the couch for what seems like an eternity! The second your baby is done and you get to get up and run around or shower, she/he pooped and then you have to change their diaper, then of course they are hungry again!

It’s like a never-ending cycle so buy a couple of these if you can!

I hope this breastfeeding tip helped some of you!

I was honestly in so much pain with my second baby because I couldn’t get her to latch correctly and my nipples started to blister bad! And it wasn’t like I didn’t know what I was doing either!

She was my second baby to breastfeed but she was a stubborn little thing and nursed very hard which caused many tears on my part! The pain was unreal but thankfully, I was able to fix the blister and still nurse her with the shield comfortably.

To learn about the 7 effective ways to treat milk blisters and thrush naturally, click here or the photo below!

Treating milk blisters


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