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What Dads Really Want For Father’s Day

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Every year we ask ourselves what on earth our husbands or dads really want for Father’s Day or Christmas? We try to get them something cool and not the same old gift ideas that are boring and they never use!

Stop searching for gift ideas everywhere else because the answers are right here!

Here are What Dads Really Want for Father’s Day or Christmas or any occasion! 

Trust me, they’ll love these ideas and thank you for them! Your father is sure to want at least one of these gifts for Father’s Day or Christmas this year! 

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Awesome Gift Ideas for Dads:

Golf certificates

Does your dad like to golf?

If your dad is retired and enjoys golfing, then there’s nothing better than getting him a golfing gift card. I normally get my dad one where he goes golfing the most, this way when he goes there every week, he doesn’t have to pay and can enjoy his time.

Golfing can get pretty expensive so buying a gift card for a few rounds is a huge hit for dads!

Amazon sells Go Play Golf Gift cards where your dad can use the card at almost any golf course in the US! You could also get him some nice new golf shoes, balls, or accessories that he might need along with the golf card! Click the photos below for more info 👇


Fishing Gear

Maybe your dad is more of a fisherman?

You can catch big savings at Amazon right now on all their fishing equipment! Check it out!


A nice bottle of whiskey/beer-

I’m obviously Italian and Polish.

Most of the men in my family happen to be Italian and I don’t know about your family, but in our family, what my father and husband are drinking and eating are VERY important to them!

They love their food and drink!

My dad really enjoys a nice bottle of whiskey for the holidays. My husband also enjoys a nice bottle or a case of his favorite beer.

You can never go wrong with one of these to get a smile on your dad’s or husband’s face! If your husband needs some rocks glasses, here are some cute ideas below from Amazon!

I know my husband would get a kick out of these!

Some men prefer to have whiskey stones in their drinks instead of ice cubes. These are a huge hit for whiskey drinkers as well and also make the perfect gift!




New Grill or Grill accessories

Dads love to grill!

See if he needs a new grill or any accessories that he doesn’t have.

If your husband is anything like mine and thinks he belongs on the FoodNetwork, then invest in a smoker! He will love it and use it often! It will surely give you a break from cooking every once in a while as well! 😜



Amazon Fire Stick/Amazon Fire TV

Is your husband or father sick of paying for cable?

Hook them up with an Amazon Fire TV or Stick this Father’s Day!

Enjoy over 15,000 apps, games, tons of TV episodes, movies, and so much more! If they are a Prime member, they also get exclusive Prime videos, tv shows, music, and games with their membership! Shop Amazon – Give the Gift of Amazon Prime!



NFL Ticket

If he loves to watch all the football games but can’t get all of the ones he really wants to see, then hook him up with the NFL ticket!

This is a must for those die hard football lovers!

Beer Fridge

Does your Dad or husband’s beer take up all the room in your refridgerator? Maybe he would like his own personal beer fridge?

These are great for man caves or any house that could use the extra cooling space for beverages! Nobody likes a warm beer!

Sports tickets

Is your dad a big football or baseball fan?

Get him tickets through StubHub to see his favorite team this year!

You could also get him a jersey or new hat to wear along with the tickets!



Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are always sweet and most men love them if they are done really well.

If you have a beautiful photo of your dad with your children all together, then you could make a great canvas gift or engrave a frame and give it to him.

Below are some other unique ideas for dads that are sweet and a little more personal.




Men love their food! I mean really, who doesn’t?

Taking your dad or husband out to his favorite restaurant is a given. This is always something that you can do to make them happy.

If for some reason you can’t take them out to eat on Father’s Day, then get them gift cards to their favorite restaurant! This is a great option if none of the gift ideas work for your dad.




Last but not least, let dad relax on Father’s Day! I know my husband would love nothing more than a day off from work just watching some baseball and relaxing on the couch.

These gift ideas are what dads really want for Father’s Day! You can find all of these gifts on Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime, you get free 2-day shipping so it will get there fast if you’re a last minute shopper like myself! 😜

I hope this list of gift ideas helped you get your dad or husband what he really wants for Father’s Day this year!

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