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Baby Trend Double jogger stroller review

Baby Trend Double Jogger Stroller Review

If you are a mother with twins or more than one child and are in need of a good double stroller, preferably a jogger, then you will search high and low for the one that is best for your needs. You will compare prices online and reviews from other mothers and still be confused! This is an honest review on the Baby Trend double jogging stroller Navigator. Hopefully, this review will help make your decision a little bit easier.

The Baby Trend Navigator is not a light weight stroller by any means. If you are a small woman and are looking for something that will be easy to put in and out of your vehicle, then I would pass on this product. I would recommend the Baby Jogger City Mini double stroller.


  • PRICE -Baby Trend Navigator is affordable! There are many double jogging strollers out there on the market and most of them are anywhere between $300-700!! So if you are on a budget, then this is a great stroller for you.
  • GREAT FOR TALL CHILDREN– If your children are above average height then this stroller is perfect because the foot rest is long and wide enough for taller kids and most double joggers foot rest is not long enough and a tall child’s foot will hang over the edge. That won’t happen with this stroller. In fact, there is enough room on this foot rest that a third child would be able to sit on it if needed.
  • INDIVIDUAL CUP HOLDERS AND SHADE COVERS-This is great to have, especially since the sun can hit your kids at different angles and one may be asleep. I also love that they have their own cup holders so then your children will not be arguing over sharing any cup or snack space.
  • LOTS OF STORAGE– There is so much room to put beach towels, bags, snacks, diapers, and all kinds of things. That is one thing that I love about this stroller, you can bring it all with you and it is still easy to push.
  • MP3 PLAYER– Not all of the strollers have this capability, but this one does and my kids really like the music. The speakers are only at the top, but it’s better than nothing!
  • EASY TO PUSH– The first thing I noticed about this stroller was how easy it was to push. It is a smooth ride for the kids and it is very easy to push on sand, grass, hills, dirt roads, rocks, and just about anywhere you need to go, this stroller will get you there.
  • ROOM FOR YOUR CHILDREN TO GROW-Not only is this a great stroller for tall children, but there is plenty of room in the stroller for your babies and toddlers to grow into. So you will be able to use this stroller with your kids for a while.
  • IT NEVER FEELS LOPSIDED-Some strollers can seem difficult to push due to different weight sizes in children, this will not happen with this stroller. My 3 year old and 7 month old both fit fine and balance out well, there are no problems steering the stroller when my 3 year old decides to get out and walk.
  • CAN USE AN INFANT CAR SEAT-You are able to use a Baby Trend infant car seat for this stroller which is great! There aren’t many double jogging strollers that are able to fit an infant car seat in them.
  • GREAT FOR NAPS- The seats can be adjusted so when your little one gets sleepy, all you have to do is loosen the straps behind the seat and they can lay back and relax. This also comes in handy for changing diapers!!


  • HEAVY AND WIDE– As with most jogging strollers, they will be heavy and wide, but this one takes the cake. It is about 40lbs in weight and about 10lbs heavier than your average double jogger. But, like I said, this is common and if you need a stroller that is big enough for taller children, you will have to sacrifice the weight amount. This is very difficult to lift in and out of an SUV. This will not fit in your average size car trunk unless you remove all of the wheels (which is actually pretty easy to do). The Baby Trend Navigator cannot fit through your standard single doorway. So if you live in an apartment, you will be folding this bad boy up a lot and carrying it through the doorways.
  • THERE IS NO HAND BREAK-I didn’t think this would bother me at first but after realizing how many times I start and stop jogging with my kids, it is definitely an option I wish I had on this stroller. In order to jog you need to put the front wheel breaks on so the stroller moves smoothly without the wheels shaking, however it becomes very difficult to steer the front wheels, so if you need to stop for you children or make a sharp turn, it difficult to maneuver if you are no longer jogging and constantly reaching down near the front wheels becomes a pain in the butt!
  • WHEELS GO FLAT AND CAN SHAKE– This may just be happening to mine, but I keep having to fill air in my wheels and I’ve only had it for two months now. This is not a big deal if you own an air pump, but if you don’t this can be a pain in the butt as well. Also, the front wheels can shake even after putting the break on.

Overall, this stroller does not have many cons, if you can get over the biggest one which is how heavy and wide it is, then you can benefit from all of the pros. If you are a serious jogger who runs miles a day, I would not recommend this stroller. I would spend a little bit more money and get a BOB or something that will last the you longer and the wheels are a bit more sturdy. However, the Baby Trend Navigator is excellent for the the average jog around the neighborhood, great for long walks on back roads, beat up sidewalks and pavements, and awesome at the beach!

Baby Trend Double Jogger Stroller Review

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